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  • Title: Iskon a tv miracle / Commercials / 3D2D Animatori
    Descriptive info: .. 3D2D Animatori.. HRVATSKI.. ENGLISH.. NASLOVNICA.. FILMOVI.. PRODUKCIJA.. REKLAME.. TV.. VFX.. RADIONICA.. O NAMA.. POSAO.. KONTAKT.. Iskon - Čudo od televizije.. 13.. 04.. 2009.. Kako bismo spojili miša i telefon u ljubavni klinč, te porodili bebu daljinski, trebali smo tim od približno 20 ljudi raznih profila.. Sve te ljude  ...   tome uspjeli, procijenite sami.. Finalni proizvod kombinacija je snimljenog materijala i stop animacije.. Scenarij:.. Tonka Lujanac.. Režija:.. Višnja Skorin, Saša Budimir.. Montaža:.. Višnja Skorin.. Producent:.. Lado Skorin.. Direktor fotografije:.. Branko Linta.. Compositing:.. Saša Budimir, Goran Mitrović, Darko Kokić.. Agencija:.. DIGITEL.. Klijent:.. Iskon.. 2008 3D2D Sva prava pridržana.. Dizajn 3D2D..

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  • Title: Page not found / 3D2D Animatori
    Descriptive info: Stranica nije pronađena.. Neki od mogućih razloga su:.. Tražena stranica više ne postoji,.. pogrešno ste upisali adresu tražene stranice,.. stranica s koje ste došli ima krivi link.. Preporučamo:.. vratite se na.. naslovnu stranicu.. ,.. vratite se.. nazad.. izaberite neku stranicu iz glavne navigacije.. Hvala na razumijevanju,..

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  • Title: Home / 3D2D Animatori
    Descriptive info: HOME.. FILMS.. PRODUCTION.. COMMERCIALS.. WORKSHOP.. ABOUT US.. JOB.. CONTACT.. The Cat and ghosts on festivals.. 23.. 03.. 2012.. The Cat.. A short story about three completely different beings - a cat, an old woman, and a bird.. Watch the trailer.. 26.. 01.. Closing credits for the movie "Koko i  ...   take a peek at David's workshop.. caution advised!.. 11.. 2010.. Intro animation for production house "Spiritus Movens".. Ants - Preserve the Environment.. What's all that commotion in the field?.. 15.. 09.. 2006.. Iskon - a TV miracle.. It's a handset and mouse game.. 2008 3D2D All Rights Reserved.. Design 3D2D..

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  • Title: Films / 3D2D Animatori
    Descriptive info: Films in which the 3D2D crew took part.. All the films in the production of which the 3D2D crew took part while still in Kenges, whether as animators or producers, have received awards on numerous domestic and international festivals.. 03.. 07..

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  • Title: Production / 3D2D Animatori
    Descriptive info: The Arctic Pirate.. A story about altruism and exploitation, in the true spirit of Christmas.. 01.. The Island.. Is it possible for a Mediterranean island, so noisy, cheerful and full of life during summer, to put on a threatening, almost dangerous face?.. 24..

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  • Title: Commercials / 3D2D Animatori
    Descriptive info: DUKAT bAktiv "A whiff of Brazil".. 06.. Juicy vitamin C.. One orange, two oranges, three oranges.. 12.. T-Com Playstation 2.. 1, 2, 3.. fight!!!!.. 22.. 05.. T-Com MAXadsl Lightning Bolt.. First come first served.. INA Sponsorship.. Fill 'er up!.. 09.. 12.. 2008.. Wrigley's Juicy Fruit.. Rubber animals eating rubber cola? Please!.. prethodna.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. sljedeća..

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  • Title: Tv / 3D2D Animatori
    Descriptive info: Creative Workshops.. A series of short DIY projects that shows how to build fantastic things out of supplies found in each household.. PLASTIC BAG PURSE.. Recycle! Melt plastic bags into a new purse, a pencil-case, or even a raincoat!.. PRACTIC TIN CANS.. Cleaning time? Turn old tin cans into tool handles.. A PRINCESS COSTUME..  ...   - build a majestic costume for less than 4 Euro!.. AN UMBRELLA STAND.. A creative umbrella stand, built out of sewer pipes.. SEXY TOP.. Check out the way to turn any old T-shirt into a summer top!.. A GEL CANDLE.. Building a candle that stands out is simple and fun.. Why wouldn't you try it?..

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  • Title: Vfx / 3D2D Animatori
    Descriptive info: Opening Segment for the 78th Annual Academy Awards.. Oscar-O-Saurus in action!.. Opening Segment for the NBA Finals!.. Quiet Before the Storm.. Crows for The Blacks.. Visual effects for Zvonimir Juric's and Goran Devic's debut film.. VFX for Nije Kraj.. Visual effects for Vinko Brešan's film..

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  • Title: Workshop / 3D2D Animatori
    Descriptive info: LOG IN.. You have an idea for a movie? You have no professional equipment? Sign up and bring your friends! The new creative workshops start during the Christmas break.. Instead of sitting at home and renting movies, let others rent yours.. Make your mama proud!.. 07.. short film "BOOK".. Be careful what you wish for - it just might come true!.. ROUGH FOR MOVIE 1.. Somewhat voyeuristic, a story filmed behind the corner..  ...   second.. 06.. IF I WERE A TEACHER.. Fantasy about what it would be like to become a teacher for a moment.. You think you'd do better?.. 20.. WAITING.. What happens when you have to run to the toilet, right before the last bus arrives.. THE THEATRE TSUNAMI.. Every summer Petra visits the island Zlarin.. She gathers up locals and their kids, and they start creating a performance.. It's a tsunami no one can stop..

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  • Title: About us / 3D2D Animatori
    Descriptive info: 3D2D Animatori d.. o.. was founded in.. 2008.. as one of two successor production companies to.. Kenges d.. We're a full service production company, and the scope of our activity includes production of short films, experimental films, TV commercials and made-for-TV shows, but our main focus is development and production of animated films.. Our specialty includes 2D, 3D classic and computer animation, stop-motion and puppet animation, as well as visual effects for film and television (Vinko Bresan's Nije Kraj , Zrinko Ogresta's Iza Stakla , and.. ).. currently has 6 full-time animators, a dozen associates (directors, editors, animators, designers and sound designers), an array of permanent clients, which include the leading Croatian marketing agencies, companies and television networks.. Lado Skorin - Komarac.. manager, producer.. e-mail:.. komarac@3d2d.. hr.. Camps in dark corners.. Curses rarely, but quickly loses temper when TK-d.. Likes to sneak up from behind, observe patiently, and make a comment (not necessarily a constructive one).. Knows a lot!.. Višnja Skorin - VVV.. manager, editor.. visnja@3d2d.. Does not appreciate or understand the concept of sitting behind a computer and playing COD4,  ...   verified and rarely available.. Allegedly, he likes to animate in dark and cramped places.. Alen Vuković - w0lf.. animator, compositing artist.. alvukovic@gmail.. com.. Graduate at setting of his decadent (deviant?) student's life.. He rides his bike whenever, wherever.. He wears a hat.. From preventive reasons, he always carries his backpack.. He carries it properly on both shoulders, also from preventive reasons.. As a role model to every animator he draws everything he sees, no mater are they old ladies in fur coats, colleagues or pink bunnies.. You may remember him as a maker of movies.. Pink Carrot.. or.. Pink Carrot 2: Party Time.. If you want to know from where comes fascination with pink bunnies, you must to ask him personaly.. Goran Stojnić - g0rki.. lead visual concept artist, animator.. gstojnic@yahoo.. Gorki, but not Maksim! Equally deadly with pencil, brush or RPG.. He constructs time bombs from hair spray and light bulb.. In his spare time he pilots Mi-24 Hind without license, and in his working hours he paints and animates (and sometimes he animates the paintings).. On Fridays he drinks rakija..

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  • Title: Jobs / 3D2D Animatori
    Descriptive info: Looking for Creative Professionals.. We're always looking for creative professionals in the fields of animation, TV and film production to join our team, whether as employees or associates.. These are the creative areas we're interested in: 2D and 3D character animation, design, modelling, texturing, rigging, illustration, matte painting, storyboarding, compositing, visual effects, and motion graphics.. We're also open for cooperation with independent screenwriters and production companies..

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    Archived pages: 70