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  • Title: VROSE
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. About Us.. Development.. Features Implemented.. Features in Progress.. Gallery.. Shop.. Dev Blog.. Select Page.. VROSE.. Virtual Reality Operating System Environment.. for Windows.. Built for Microsoft Windows.. SpaceSys.. is a.. full 3D desktop.. user.. interface.. for Microsoft Windows.. It.. completely replaces the standard Windows 2D UI.. giving you.. unlimited workspace.. It is easy to use and and you are given fantastic new ways of using your OS.. Oculus Rift support.. We wanted to have a.. deeper 3D experience.. so we dived into virtual reality.. SpaceSys is.. fully compatible with Oculus Rift.. now Our.. rich 3D environments allow users to be fully immersed as they browse their OS.. Engine Migration.. Providing users with the.. richest graphic experience.. is what we want.. To make SpaceSys shine, we need to take on the heavy artillery.. We need your support to help us transfer our technology.. Multi platform support.. We want to get it  ...   with places for placement of all your files.. available also to create your own environments.. Customise your workspace inside your 3D environments.. Arrange all your Favourite Icons, files and folders in Spacesys 3D.. environment with no need to remember where things were placed.. never loose your important information again!.. Next Gen UI.. This is the.. Next-Gen user interface.. SpaceSys aims to change the way you use your OS, and finally have some fun while you do it.. We are.. transforming your everyday PC use.. to a playground and opening up countless new possibilities.. Get your copy of SpaceSys now!.. Join today and get early access to Spacesys.. Demo Download.. Purchase License.. Support us on Steam.. Support us on Kickstarter.. 3DEA.. 3Dea.. 21000.. Split.. Croatia.. tel: +385.. 91.. 445.. 6019.. User area.. Forum.. Downloads.. Steam.. Other Links.. Twitter.. Facebook.. Youtube.. Indiedb.. Riftenabled.. Google.. RSS.. Designed by.. Elegant Themes.. | Powered by.. WordPress..

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