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  • Title: CAIR-CENTER - Business Services
    Descriptive info: .. Visualization in Scientific Computing: Recent CAIR Center Pilot Project for the Croatian Bureau of Statistics, Census 2001..

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  • Title: Industry News
    Descriptive info: CAIR Center Pilot Project for the Croatian Bureau of Statistics, Census 2001.. Industry News.. News.. |.. Company.. Products.. Services.. Contact Us.. Site Index..

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  • Title: Company
    Descriptive info: Mission.. Our Philosophy.. Helping navigate today's treacherous business waters.. C.. AIR Statistical Research Services Center was founded by two Ph.. D's, one in Computational Statistics (Stanford, et.. al) and the other in Marketing Research and Strategy (Univ.. of Colorado, Boulder).. CAIR researchers are qualified to help you and your staff members with all of your advanced DATA MINING, statistical experiment, and scoring algorithm needs of every type.. Our areas of consulting competency include (but are not restricted to):.. Pharmaceutical statistics.. (clinical trials, QC/QA reporting requirements,  ...   Cpk indices, etc.. Finance (credit scoring, loan application profiling, customer relationship management, etc.. Insurance (risk analysis, fraud detection, sales analysis, competitor threat analysis, etc.. Telecommunication (churn analysis, lifetime value assessment, cross-selling research, etc.. ).. Human resource management and development (employee selection, profiling, and testing).. We provide software and training support if desired, or we can do everything for you on a project by project basis (using data from any source).. Software design, development, and analysis services are also available over the Internet at competitive prices..

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  • Title: Products
    Descriptive info: The software.. A.. lthough our core competitive selling strength is APPLIED STATISTICAL ANALYSIS services and training, most of our clients need software products requiring Master's and Ph.. D.. level expertise that can be easily used by staff members with little or no statistical training (for example, PBA (Pharmaceutical Bioequivalence Application), PASS (Pharmaceutical Application for Stability Analysis), MBA (Market Basket Application), C4 (Consolidated Capability and Control Charting) Application, CRF (Clinical Trials CRF Data Management, Analyses, and Reporting) Application, etc.. Therefore, we have developed the CASA (CAIR Applied Statistical Analysis) Professional User Software Application Suite.. The CASA Professional User Software Application Suite covers a broad range of functional areas (please see services offered for detailed information) and currently includes the following professional level software product groups CUSTOMIZED by CAIR for use by Top Executive, Supervisory Management and  ...   MINING analysis tools, consultation, training, and support.. Rapid, consolidated financial reporting, graphical analysis, and statistical analysis support.. Risk Analysis and Management reporting, graphics and training support.. Pharmaceutical Industry Professional Statistical Analysis tools for Micro-biological Monitoring and Reporting needs, Shelf Life Stability Data Management, graphical reporting and analysis applications, and a host of other Professional level, specific Clinical Trials and Bioequivalence Analysis, reporting and publishing products.. (NOTE: Although customized, all CASA Professional S/W Applications are compatible with R3-SAS , SYBASE , SAS , DB2 , Informix , Ingres , SQL and Oracle products.. ).. (COPYRIGHT NOTIFICATION of respective organizations go HERE?).. If you do not see the type of Professional application you are searching for here, please email us for more information about your particular industry (telecomm, media, technology, retail, transportation, insurance, banking, etc.. ) (mailto:cairwave@cair-center.. hr)..

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  • Title: Services
    Descriptive info: Market Research.. Advanced Research.. Training.. Data Analysis.. O.. ur core competency at CAIR Research Center (i.. e.. , that area where we can offer superior competitive advantage to our clients) is in the field of applied statistical analysis.. STATISTICAL ANALYSIS is the one thing we can do best.. to help you lower costs, increase profits, increase market share, increase yields, avoid risks, focus strategy, and improve customer and supplier relationships.. Some of the applied functional areas of research where we have recent technical and software development experience include:.. R D.. for computerized clinical trials, new product development research, and process cycle-time reduction.. Production/Manufacturing.. quality control (plus QA/QI), design of experiments, stability analysis, FMEA research.. Financial Services.. for risk reduction, credit scorecard model development, training for actuarial personnel and S/W development support, and forecasting (e.. g.. , lifetime value by targeted segment ) model creation assistance.. Human Resource Management and Development.. (we are currently in negotiations with a large  ...   Definition, proper goal setting strategies, effective questionnaire design, correct sample size and procedure determination, field force training, data collection (usually a third agency under our training, direction, and control), comprehensive, accurate, and meaningful data analysis, and ACTION ORIENTED report recommendations.. based on the goals/concerns/needs that originally motivated the research project.. General Management.. DATA MINING, data warehousing/administration technical support and software selection and screening assistance (Internet/Intranet related), Executive Information System support and UPGRADES, balance scorecard research support (e.. , questionnaire creation), business process re-engineering data collection, analysis, and technical support, strategic software analysis and support, TQM or ISO 9000 statistical support services FOR PROCESS IMPROVEMENT and related INITIATIVES.. CAIR CENTER means business in Applied Statistical Analysis, whatever the Business Problem/Opportunity area.. for faster, more accurate, less costly, lower risk, and higher profit management/staff performance.. For more information on how CAIR's Applied Statistical Analysis software support services might be put to work in your organization, please email us at.. cairwave@cair-center.. hr..

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  • Title: Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Feedback.. Contact Information for Cair Center.. Operations Office.. ,.. (English or Croatian Language).. Phone: +3851 230 0734.. Croatia.. Projects Development and Management Office,.. (English only).. Phone: +38591 509 0160.. Office of the Director of Statistical Methods,.. (Multilingual.. ).. Phone: +38591 509 6544.. Fax Number.. Fax: +3851 230 0734.. EMail addresses:.. -OR-.. cair-center@cair-center..

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  • Title: Site Index
    Descriptive info: Article 1.. Article 2.. Article 3.. Company.. Our Philosophy.. The Software.. Advanced_Research.. Feed Back..

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  • Title: Visualization in Scientific Computing
    Descriptive info: Visualization in Scientific Computing (.. ViSC.. “Welcome to.. Croatia.. : a taste of Mediterranean magic”.. (source: CNN promotional campaign, spring, 2002, please contact Croatian Ministry of Tourism for more information).. CAIR Research Center (CRC) is one of Croatia’s finest subcontractors/ CRO in the area of Applied Business Analytic Application and Software Development Services (for modeling - churn/attrition, risk, response, LTV etc.. - for profiling, segmentation, data mining, clinical trial analysis, etc).. Our focus is always on the analytical problems associated with financial services, retailing, advertising, telecommunications, publishing, and pharmaceutical industries  ...   (Note: we DO NOT ordinarily acquire/collect “fresh” data from the public.. Please contact Pulse,.. GfK.. , et al… for these tasks; but, we DO help with setting measurable objectives that can be expected to achieve action oriented results, plan data collection/ research strategy, create valid and reliable data collection instruments, plan samples/experiments, and perform all types of advanced data analysis (correspondence, conjoint, MDPREF, etc.. , and advanced (web based) graphical reporting requirements.. Please email us for details at.. Finally, please see.. article1 CBS.. to find out about recent CAIR projects in..

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  • Title: Visualization in Scientific Computing: Recent CAIR Center Pilot Project for Croatian Bureau of Statistics, Census 2001
    Descriptive info: Visualization in Scientific Computing: Recent.. This CAIR (STATS) Center publicity release (PR/CRC 1113.. 06.. 02) describes work performed during a recent GIS pilot project completed in conjunction with the Croatian Bureau of Statistics, Census 2001.. The GIS system for reporting administrative data includes graphical presentations of information on NATIONALITY, AGE, EDUCATION, and HOUSEHOLD structure by GENDER, location, etc.. The CAIR.. GISworks.. ® application created 1113 linked html/gif type files for better decision making support in business, government, industry, (in a right and simple way – through improved information technology interface).. for the Croatian public and international audiences.. The project required 16 consulting days and the total concentration of.. CAIR.. Research.. Center.. ’s (CRC) modest sized staff.. The pilot phase was completed in record time, using.. SAS® Institute.. software already available at the Croatian Bureau of Statistics (CBS) office… and thanks to the Herculean effort from, and cooperative support of CBS employees/staff and top management.. The graphs are.. univariate.. (i.. one variable at the time: Age, Education, Nationality, Households) at either National (.. Republika.. Hrvatska.. ), county (.. županija.. ), or municipality (grad/op.. ina.. ) level.. Please, see also the age pyramids and the  ...   they begin to emerge, until the next Census in 2011.. If you would like to ask questions about the CAIR.. ® application, or if you have suggestions on how to make the current administrative GIS reporting tools more useful, please let us know what you would like to see changed and/or added (and how you would use the new information at).. If you are interested to find out how GIS.. ® might be PUT TO USE in your organization (government organizations and institutions, data collection/ acquisition companies, media buyers, advertising agencies, marketing agencies, institutes, HW/SW suppliers, data base management SW suppliers, publishers, direct marketing companies, etc.. ), please contact out Projects and Programs Director, Dr.. Charles.. Stiffler.. at.. charles.. stiffler@cair-center.. Finally, CAIR (STATS) Research Center is actively engaged in the process of developing better business relationships with organizations (and individuals) who are faced with computationally intense data warehousing, data mining problems; and, who also feel they need the assistance of applied business analytic software and analytic (and algorithm) application development assistance using state of the art SAS Institute® software products.. If you have SAS®, CAIR will travel.. For more information please contact.. vesna.. luzar-stiffler@cair-center..

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  • Title: Mission
    Descriptive info: "Our only mission at the center -one to which we are devoted- is the introduction, adoption, appropriate use, and constant up-grade of quantitative decision making tools and methods that support more efficient and effective management action.. ".. -Cair Center Management..

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  • Title: Philosophy
    Descriptive info: We see ourselves as a data mining research boutique (less than 10 full-time employees is our policy) with three core capabilities:.. 1).. training.. and executive development in quantitative methods.. 2) decision support.. software.. application development and use.. 3) consultancy.. services.. for business management and statistics.. Please follow the links above to learn more about Cair Center and the products and services we have to offer..

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