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    Archived pages: 566 . Archive date: 2014-07.

  • Title: Građevinar - Current Issue
    Descriptive info: .. Journal of the Croatian Association of Civil Engineers.. Language:.. hr.. GRAĐEVINAR.. First volume:.. 1/1949.. Current volume:.. 66/2014.. UDK UDK 624+69(05)=862 | CODEN: GDVIAE | ISSN 0350-2465.. Current issue:.. 5/2014.. Login.. Current Issue.. Top papers.. Archive.. For authors.. Editors words.. About the journal.. Supported by.. Advertising.. Subscription.. Contact us.. SUBMIT.. ARTICLE.. Volume:.. 66.. Year:.. 2014.. Issue:.. 5.. Pages:.. 395 - 502.. UDK:.. UDK 624+69(05)=862.. ISSN (printed version):.. 0350-2465.. ISSN (electronic version):.. 1333-9095.. Scientific and professional papers.. 183.. Original scientific paper.. Ductility analysis of laminated timber beams of small section height.. Dean Čizmar , Domagoj Damjanović , Krunoslav Pavković , Vlatka Rajčić.. 139.. Preliminary report.. Study of vehicle speed in the design of roundabouts.. Hrvoje  ...   Kadri , Raoul Jauberthie.. 116.. Assessment of structural performance of historical Ishan church.. Ferit Cakir , Burcin S.. Seker , Adem Dogangun.. Professional news items (only available in Croatian).. GRADILIŠTE.. Tunel Stupica na cesti između Makarske i Vrgorca.. Gradilišta u svijetu.. Stadioni za Svjetsko nogometno prvenstvo u Brazilu.. Zanimljivosti.. Nova građevina u Seulu.. Kongresi i skupovi.. CETRA 2014 – konferencija o cestovnoj i tračničkoj infrastrukturi.. Međunarodna konferencija o pasivnim kućama.. In memoriam.. Tomo Perić, dipl.. ing.. građ.. Ljudevit Tropan, dipl.. Društvene vijesti.. KRATKE VIJESTI.. Stručne i poslovne informacije.. Readers:.. Current issue.. Authors:.. Instructions.. Submit article.. Article tracking.. Reviewers:.. Instructions for reviewers.. Assigned articles.. Advertising:.. Advertising opportunities.. Statistics and distribution.. Send a request.. About us:.. Location..

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  • Title: Građevinar - Logiraj se
    Descriptive info: Logiraj se.. Email.. Password.. Remember me next time?.. I've lost my password..

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  • Title: Građevinar - Top papers
    Descriptive info: List of.. top 10 papers.. by view count in.. choosen period of time.. Select period:.. Last 30 days.. Last 3 months.. Last 6 months.. Last year.. Loading data.. Please wait for a few seconds..

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  • Title: Građevinar - Archive
    Descriptive info: Search archive.. By using this search engine it is possible to find articles from the entire archive of Journal Građevinar.. Depending on the selected option, it is possible to search articles based on keywords, authors, title and/or abstract.. Enter term:.. Keywords.. Authors.. Title.. Abstract.. Browse archive.. Volumen 66 - 2014.. godina.. 66-6.. 66-5.. 66-4.. 66-3.. 66-2.. 66-1.. Volumen 65 - 2013.. 65-12.. 65-11.. 65-10.. 65-9.. 65-8.. 65-7.. 65-6.. 65-5.. 65-4.. 65-3.. 65-2.. 65-1.. Volumen 64 - 2012.. 64-12.. 64-11.. 64-10.. 64-9.. 64-8.. 64-7.. 64-6.. 64-5.. 64-4.. 64-3.. 64-2.. 64-1.. Volumen 63 - 2011.. 63-12.. 63-11.. 63-10.. 63-9.. 63-8.. 63-7.. 63-6.. 63-5.. 63-4.. 63-3.. 63-2.. 63-1.. Volumen 62 - 2010.. 62-12.. 62-11.. 62-10.. 62-9.. 62-8.. 62-7.. 62-6.. 62-5.. 62-4.. 62-3..  ...   59-8.. 59-7.. 59-6.. 59-5.. 59-4.. 59-3.. 59-2.. 59-1.. Volumen 58 - 2006.. 58-12.. 58-11.. 58-10.. 58-9.. 58-8.. 58-7.. 58-6.. 58-5.. 58-4.. 58-3.. 58-2.. 58-1.. Volumen 57 - 2005.. 57-12.. 57-11.. 57-10.. 57-9.. 57-8.. 57-7.. 57-6.. 57-5.. 57-4.. 57-3.. 57-2.. 57-1.. Volumen 56 - 2004.. 56-12.. 56-11.. 56-10.. 56-9.. 56-8.. 56-7.. 56-6.. 56-5.. 56-4.. 56-3.. 56-2.. 56-1.. Volumen 55 - 2003.. 55-12.. 55-11.. 55-10.. 55-9.. 55-8.. 55-7.. 55-6.. 55-5.. 55-4.. 55-3.. 55-2.. 55-1.. Volumen 54 - 2002.. 54-12.. 54-11.. 54-10.. 54-9.. 54-8.. 54-7.. 54-6.. 54-5.. 54-4.. 54-3.. 54-2.. 54-1.. Volumen 53 - 2001.. 53-12.. 53-11.. 53-10.. 53-9.. 53-8.. 53-7.. 53-6.. 53-5.. 53-4.. 53-3.. 53-2.. 53-1.. Volumen 52 - 2000.. 52-12.. 52-11.. 52-10.. 52-9.. 52-8.. 52-7.. 52-6.. 52-5.. 52-4.. 52-3.. 52-2.. 52-1..

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  • Title: Građevinar - For authors
    Descriptive info: Article submission.. Note:.. As of the first issue of GRAĐEVINAR for 2012, all papers will be printed in Croatian language as usual, but the on-line edition of the journal will feature full versions of all papers in English language as well.. In this way, GRAĐEVINAR will help the authors to present results of their scientific research and their valuable ideas and experience to the scientific and professional community, not only in areas where Croatian  ...   pages of the journal will enable the authors to easier register their papers with the editor’s office, and to monitor current status of their papers.. As of January 2012, the so called double blind review will be applied for review of papers received by the journal, and so the authors will not know who the reviewers are and, conversely, the reviewers will not know who the authors of the papers they are reviewing are..

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  • Title: Građevinar - A word from the Editor
    Descriptive info: A word from the Editor.. It is my great pleasure and honour to have been appointed as the new Editor-in-Chief of the journal.. Građevinar.. I would first of all like to extend my sincere thanks to the.. Croatian Association of Civil Engineers.. , which publishes this journal, and which has entrusted me with this important duty.. The journal has been continuously appearing under the same name since 1949.. Credits for this laudable achievement go to numerous authors who have been publishing their papers in the journal, to previous editorial board members who have invested, together with the editorial staff, a high level of expertise and diligence into preparation of high-quality materials, to reviewers who have helped in the selection of valuable papers, to readers who have been pointing to rare oversights and, of course, to all former editors-in-chief.. Here I wish to commend my immediate predecessor Professor Emeritus Veselin Simović who has been at the head of the journal since 1975.. To succeed someone who has been editing the journal for 36 years is for me a great responsibility, but also a privilege and a real challenge.. To be the editor-in-chief of a scientific professional journal is a very demanding and serious responsibility.. This responsibility is not limited to performing journal-editing tasks, defining rules the authors should respect when sending their papers to the journal, and taking care about timely and thorough review of papers.. It also includes a huge responsibility towards the readers of the journal.. The editor must respond to their needs and interests, but should at the same time be ready to take criticism.. Of course, editors are also required to improve quality and make future plans for the journal, and especially to make sure it is recognized as an outstanding publication on an international plan.. All these requirements and responsibilities oblige editors to be ready for hard, systematic and long-lasting work, as only such attitude may result in continuous publication of the journal, and constant quality improvements.. At this point, please allow me to briefly introduce myself.. I am employed with the Transport Department of the Faculty of Civil Engineering – University of Zagreb, where I am the Chair of the Railways Section.. My principal educational, scientific and professional activities have been focused on the field of railways, and on the noise and vibrations generated by the road and railway traffic.. In addition to my lecturing and research activity, the cooperation with commercial operators is the path I am always trying to pursue, as this is the best way to obtain useful ideas for scientific research, and also to implement research results into the everyday engineering practice.. I am currently heading a scientific research project, a research technology project, and an international project.. I am also in charge of several seminars for professional advancement in civil engineering, among which the Days of Transport Facilities deserve special mention.. As to international research and professional gatherings,  ...   promoters of the journal, which they represent by encouraging their colleagues to publish in this journal the results of their scientific work, and the fruit of their valuable expertise and experience.. In order to ensure better recognition of the journal on an international plan, an international editorial council will also be formed, so as to give a new boost to regional and international cooperation, which is in the best interest of us all.. The work on promoting and improving quality and recognisability of the journal in the today’s highly competitive environment is the greatest challenge for each editor-in-chief.. In order to achieve this objective, it is first of all necessary to have interesting research and professional papers, but also to ensure a successful cooperation between the editorial staff, Editorial Board, reviewers, authors, and readers.. A fierce competition can today be noted in the sphere of publication of research and professional journals.. Despite this situation, an increasing number of authors from surrounding regions are deciding to publish their papers on the pages of this journal, mostly thanks to its seriousness and excellent repute.. This is why we have to strive towards increasing the number of international authors and reviewers, which will no doubt contribute to the recognisability and successfulness of our journal.. My program for leading the journal, as adopted by the Croatian Association of Civil Engineers, aims at improving quality of the journal by increasing the influence factor, while also focusing on strengthening cooperation between scientific institutions and commercial operators.. The synergy between scientists oriented toward research and development, and the experience and expertise provided by practical engineers, will undoubtedly guide us to the path of success.. Publication of papers co-signed by researchers and practical engineers is the cooperation that is easiest to establish.. In order to make the content of the paper up to date and topical, it is significance to follow new trends in civil engineering.. This is certain to attract new readers, particularly through the Internet, because, as already mentioned, all papers in the on-line edition of the journal will, as of this issue, be fully published in English language.. I wish to extend my thanks in advance to all authors who are going to recognise our journal as a proper medium for spreading and presenting their research results, experience, and expertise relating to all phases of construction process.. Today, in times when civil engineering is going through a big crisis, there is no magic wand that would miraculously lead us to success: on the contrary, we have ahead of us an arduous, systematic and long-lasting work, if we really wish to achieve our objectives.. On this occasion, I would also like to invite all persons connected with civil engineering to support development of the journal in the oncoming period.. My obligation is to provide them with an environment that is sure to enable transparent and efficient cooperation.. Prof.. Stjepan Lakušić.. , PhD C.. E..

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  • Title: Građevinar - About the journal
    Descriptive info: Organisation.. Founder and Publisher.. Referenced by.. The journal Građevinar is a research/professional journal issued by the Croatian Association of Civil Engineers (HSGI) based in Zagreb, Croatia.. The journal has been continuously appearing under its the current name since 1949.. It is the direct successor of the journal Viesti Kluba inžinirah i arhitektah which appeared in the period from 1880 to 1913, and which ranked among the first civil engineering journals published in south-eastern Europe.. The tradition of civil engineering journals in Zagreb and Croatia remained practically uninterrupted as the initial journal Viesti was succeeded by the journal Inženjer (1913 - 1914) and, after the World War One, by Tehnički list (1919 - 1938).. For some years, the journal Građevinski vjesnik was published in parallel with Tehnički list (1932 - 1941).. The journal Tehnički vjesnik was published in the period from 1941 to 1944, but it appeared under the name of Tehnički vjestnik in 1943 and 1944.. The first publication that appeared after World War Two was Bilten građevinskih poduzeća Hrvatske (1946 - 1948).. In 1949 it was suceeded by Građevinar which has been published continuously to this day.. The journal was first published by the Ministry of construction of the Popular Republic of Croatia, and then by the Head Office for Construction of the Popular Republic of Croatia.. Since its first issue in 1953, the journal has been the official organ of the Croatia's Society of Civil Engineers and Technicians, and this status has remained unchanged to the present time.. The journal Građevinar is a monthly publication that has been regularly appearing 12 times a year without any interruptions for three decades now.. No  ...   as well as social news.. The scientific/professional papers and other contributions deal with various topics focusing on civil engineering and related areas.. The scientific/professional papers are grouped into four categories, depending on their contribution to the advancement of research or professional work.. The professional and informative portion of the journal features a variety of articles about significant and large-scale domestic and foreign construction sites and reconstruction/renewal activities, including themes from history of civil engineering, interesting details from scientific and professional gatherings, new book reviews, information about novel materials, technologies and construction machinery (equipment and devices), etc.. As the official organ of the Croatian Association of Civil Engineers, Građevinar regularly provides information about current activities of this Society and affiliated societies/groups.. In addition, the journal provides news about other societies, institutions and bodies, especially about issues and decisions of significance to civil engineering (such societies are the Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers, joint ventures, national administrative bodies, construction companies, etc.. ).. The journal is made in "A4" format and each issue is composed of cca 110 pages.. Fifty percent of the pages are reserved for scientific and professional papers.. All categorized papers are accompanied with abstracts in Croatian language and in two foreign languages (English and German).. In addition, English-language summaries are provided for all significant contributions/articles.. According to its circulation (3,500 copies), Građevinar is the biggest scientific/professional journal in the field of technical engineering in Croatia.. Authors of scientific papers are mostly experts from Croatia, but papers from foreign authors are being submitted more frequently.. The Journal has.. double blind review process.. from January 2012.. The Journal has.. DOUBLE BLIND REVIEW process from January 2012..

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  • Title: Građevinar - Supported by
    Descriptive info: Republic of Croatia.. Ministry of science, education and sports.. Donje Svetice 38,.. 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia.. Tel.. : +385 1 4569 000.. Fax: +385 1 4594 301.. Web:.. http://public.. mzos.. hr/Default.. aspx?sec=2428.. Berislavićeva 6,.. Tel: +3851 4872 498.. Fax: +3851 4828 053.. http://www.. hsgi.. org.. Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers.. Ulica grada Vukovara 271,.. Tel: +3851 5508 420.. Fax: +3851 5508 424.. hkig.. hr/.. Viadukt d.. d.. Kranjčevićeva ulica 2,.. Board: +3851 3032 800, +3851 3032 805.. Central: +3851 3032 700.. Fax: +3851 3032 808.. viadukt.. hr/en.. CEMEX Hrvatska d..  ...   d.. o.. Ulica Petra Hektorovića 2,.. : +3851 6392 000.. Fax: +3851 6392 220.. strabag.. Team d.. Dobriše Cesarića 5,.. 40 000 Čakovec, Croatia.. Tel: +38540 364 360.. Fax: +38540 364 365.. team.. hr/index_e.. php.. Tehnika d.. Ulica grada Vukovara 274,.. Tel: +3851 6301 111.. Fax: +3851 6187 696.. tehnika.. hr/USER/AspCode/Home.. asp?Jezik=2.. IND EKO d.. Korzo 40,.. 51 000 Rijeka, Croatia.. Tel: +38551 336 093.. Fax: +38551 336 022.. ind-eko.. hr/index.. php?page=about l=en.. HIDROPROJEKT-ING projektiranje d.. Draškovićeva 35/I,.. : +3851 4553 141, +3851 4553 146.. Fax: +3851 4617 672.. hp-ing..

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  • Title: Građevinar - Advertising
    Descriptive info: ADVERTISING SPACE PRICELIST.. valid as of January 1, 2008.. Page.. Price/Kn.. Title page (1st cover page).. 8.. 400,00.. Inside cover (2nd and 3rd cover page) 1/1.. 6.. 100,00.. Outside back cover (4th cover page) 1/1.. 800,00.. First right-side page (after Table of Contents).. Inside page 1/1 (alternatives).. 4.. 600,00.. Inside page 1/2 (alternatives).. 2.. 900,00.. NOTES.. Special positioning within a text block.. +15%.. The following discounts are given for  ...   5% for 3 to 6 successive advertisements.. Paid Advertisement Article: 4.. 6000.. 00 Kn.. 20% discount is given for 3 or more pages.. Order submission deadline.. 15 days before publication date.. Advertisement submission deadline.. 10 days before publication date.. The VAT is not included in the above rates and will additionally be charged.. is a monthly journal published at the end of every month.. The journal is distributed through subscription..

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  • Title: Građevinar - Subscription
    Descriptive info: You may subscribe to the Journal of Civil Engineers (Građevinar) using the following form.. Please make sure for entered data to be correct, so that we can contact you as soon as possible.. Yearly subscription.. for foreign subscribers is.. 120 EUR plus shipping cost.. Fields marked with * are mandatory.. NOTE.. Subscription is renewed automatically if not canceled by mail..

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  • Title: Građevinar - Contact us
    Descriptive info: Editorial Office.. Zagreb, Berislavićeva 6, Croatia.. tel: (+385 1) 4872-502.. fax: (+385 1) 4872-526.. e-mail:.. gradjevinar@hsgi.. MB: 3213919.. Account: ZABA 2360000-1101426005.. VAT: 57450863852.. You may contact us via the following form as well.. Name and surname:.. E-mail:.. Message:..

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