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  • Title: Camera.hr » Film, cinematography, photography
    Descriptive info: .. Camera.. hr.. Film, cinematography, photography.. Home.. Cinematographers.. Gallery.. About.. Contact.. News.. Facebook.. Email.. RSS.. Google translate.. Select Language.. Afrikaans.. Albanian.. Arabic.. Armenian.. Azerbaijani.. Basque.. Belarusian.. Bulgarian.. Catalan.. Chinese (Simplified).. Chinese (Traditional).. Croatian.. Czech.. Danish.. Dutch.. English.. Estonian.. Filipino.. Finnish.. French.. Galician.. Georgian.. German.. Greek.. Haitian Creole.. Hebrew.. Hindi.. Hungarian.. Icelandic.. Indonesian.. Irish.. Italian.. Japanese.. Korean.. Latvian.. Lithuanian.. Macedonian.. Malay.. Maltese.. Norwegian.. Persian.. Polish.. Portuguese.. Romanian.. Russian.. Serbian.. Slovak.. Slovenian.. Spanish.. Swahili.. Swedish.. Thai.. Turkish.. Ukrainian.. Urdu.. Vietnamese.. Welsh.. Yiddish.. JavaScript is required to use.. GTranslate.. Calendar.. July 2014.. M.. T.. W.. F.. S.. May.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. 15.. 16.. 17.. 18.. 19.. 20.. 21.. 22.. 23.. 24.. 25.. 26.. 27.. 28.. 29.. 30.. 31.. Members.. IMPRESSUM.. Almmir Fakić.. Branko Linta.. Darko Drinovac.. Davor Petričić.. Dragan Marković-Markoni.. Goran Mećava.. Igor Savatović Savate.. Mario Delić.. Mario Sablić.. Mirko Pivčević.. Predrag Dubravčić.. Robert Krivec.. Thomas Krstulović.. Vedran Rapo.. Vjeran Hrpka.. Register.. Video recommendation.. Comments.. Maria on.. Loose Shoe Heel Grips.. on.. maillot de foot discount.. John Lily.. Turkey-revolution in pictures.. lunette ray ban.. Powered by.. Max Banner Ads.. Number 55 Teaser.. Featured Post.. by.. admin.. May 15, 2014.. at.. 13:47.. Posted In:.. Cinematographers, motion picture professionals.. Croatian director.. Kristijan Milic.. was for several years the name that is mentioned in the film circles with a dose of respect.. In a country that barely covers their cultural and artistic institutions this man thrives make action movies and the wartime genre.. After the film.. The Living and the Dead.. in 2007, Christian realizes another delicacy action, the plan HRT and Production companies Telefilm this was the first in a scheduled series of films on the subject Homeland War, the premiere announced at the.. Pula Film Festival 2014.. Read the rest of this entry.. Tags:.. broj 55.. ,.. Broj 55 teaser.. kristijan milić.. number 55.. the movie number 55.. Comments Off.. Patent rights to the photographs on a white background???.. May 10, 2014.. 22:58.. The bizarre move that has passed largely unnoticed by most citizens, U.. S.. Patent and Trademark Office approved the technology giant Amazon.. com Inc.. patent rights to the photographs on a white background!??.. All about Zrinka.. Apr.. April 14, 2014.. 09:41.. Zrinka Cvitešić first time I saw in the hall of the Academy of Dramatic Art, it is hard to say how surprised I was to her unique beauty.. At that time, still a student and a young cinematographer with good photographic seniority it seemed to see the person who will become a star.. Later I realized in professional spheres all the splendor of her talent, has never been awarded to local cultural and social associations finally experienced a well-deserved fame.. All of who is lucky that you are currently in London ran to the West End enjoy the show!.. Thomas Krstulović.. editor.. 4 tickets press the link:.. http://www.. phoenixtheatrelondon.. co.. uk/tickets/.. acting.. Actress.. Award London.. East End.. Laurence Olivier Award.. olivier.. Talent.. Zrinka Cvitesic.. Blowing in The Wind-simple and smart idea.. Mar.. 01.. March 1, 2014.. 09:01.. Sometimes is better to say nothing.. A powerful message via camera footage-preparing for nuclear holocaust.. Feb.. 08.. February 8, 2014.. 17:06.. This silent film shows the final preparation and loading of the Fat Man bomb into Bockscar, the plane which dropped the bomb on Nagasaki.. It then shows the Nagasaki explosion from the window of an observation plane.. This footage comes from Los Alamos National Laboratory.. I have not edited it in any way from what they gave me except to improve the contrast a little — it is basically raw.. I have annotated it with some notes on the bombing and what you can see — feel free to disable it if you don t want it.. More details here, on my blog:.. http://blog.. nuclearsecrecy.. com/2014/0.. atomic bomb.. hiroshima.. Holocaust.. japan.. nagasaki.. nuclear holocaust.. second world war.. Devil Baby Attack.. Jan.. January 15, 2014.. 14:21.. Simple way to advertise movie project.. cinemtography.. Croatian cinematographers.. Croatian cinemtographers.. motion picture professionals.. videographers.. Takahide Hori is author of this 30-minute film Junk Head 1, stop-motion horror film.. 09.. January 9, 2014.. 08:40.. YAMIKEN.. [YAMIKEN].. Kotaku East is your slice of Asian internet culture, bringing you the latest talking points from Japan, Korea, China and beyond.. Tune in every morning from 4am to 8am.. To contact the author of this post, write to cogitoergonihilATgmail.. com or find him on Twitter.. @tnakamura8.. NYMPHOMANIAC-Lars von Trier.. Nov.. November 27, 2013.. 20:45.. Trailer is too saucy for youtube but not for us.. My films are about ideals that clash with the world.. Every time it s a man in the lead, they have forgotten about the ideals.. And everytime it s a woman in the lead, they take the ideals all the way.. lars von trier.. nymphomaniac.. shia lebeouf.. THE BOX The Creators Project.. Sep.. September 26, 2013.. 10:33.. Box explores the synthesis of real and digital space through projection-mapping on moving surfaces.. The short film documents a live performance, captured entirely in camera.. Bot Dolly produced this work to serve as both an artistic statement and technical demonstration.. It is the culmination of multiple technologies, including large scale robotics, projection mapping, and software engineering.. We believe this methodology has tremendous potential to radically transform theatrical presentations, and define new genres of expression.. botndolly.. com/box.. Vin Diesel: I Had To Leverage My House for Riddick.. September 1, 2013.. 15:09.. http://gma.. yahoo..  ...   and ISO range from to get textures from silky fine gain to gritty as needed.. For shooting documentaries the KineRAW-S35 can work well with its high ISO sensitivity as well as forgiving dynamic range to capture the local atmosphere by available ambient lighting.. Cameraman dangerous job.. February 14, 2013.. 07:45.. Helicopter Crash Caught On Camera Top Gear Korea Top Gear.. Need a new camera?.. November 27, 2012.. 08:51.. ACM-R5, and promote smooth prostrate that combines high toughness waterproof and dustproof, bending the trunk, on the ground and in the water.. To achieve smooth motion is possible organism-specific, this amphibious snake-like robot is ideal for exhibition of such futuristic robot.. In the sections of the body that is sealed by bellows can perform monitoring tasks with Titech SH2 controller developed by Haibotto, the top section is equipped with a small camera.. ACM-R5 was exhibited at Aichi Expo EXPO2005, in NEDO Pavilion robot prototype.. Please contact us for pricing.. Sony F 55 The beginning of a new era for small film industries or the end of a professional film?.. November 1, 2012.. 04:48.. Accessibility superior film technique provides the ability to shoot the movie at home, the question is whether this is progress or step into mediocrity.. We are witnessing the hyperproduction in classical photography, which led to a noticeable decline aesthetic criteria, waiting for us now to do the same in film production?.. The film industry was the last refuge of dreamer and people willing to make sacrifices for the achievement of artistic tendencies, people who are were starting from slate that would one day become the cinematographers and camera assistants.. A small film industries such as Croatian, certainly has a better chance to advance in sense of production or will continue under the old recipe, we (producers) production cheaper and you the same or even less money to live on!.. You could say the million dollar question, and not, still does not work with us on the millions, maybe hundreds of thousands, when the Sony F 55 is concerned, enough!.. Bringing Sexy Back | digitalbolex.. com.. September 19, 2012.. 21:40.. Sławomir Idziak Interview.. Jul.. 04.. July 4, 2012.. 10:23.. The video cannot be shown at the moment.. Please try again later.. Sławomir Idziak.. (.. Polish pronunciation:.. [swaˈvɔmir ˈid ʑak].. ; born 25 January 1945 in.. Katowice.. Poland.. ) is a Polish.. cinematographer.. , having worked on over forty Polish and foreign films.. Bolex with digital heart!!!.. March 13, 2012.. 13:09.. The New Digital Bolex.. Once upon a time.. , motion picture cameras that created high-quality images were affordable for all filmmakers on any budget.. Consumer 8mm and 16mm cameras like the original Bolex shot footage that could be projected on any movie theater screen.. In today’s digital market, ‘affordable’ and ‘consumer’ have become synonymous with ‘low-quality’ —.. but it doesn’t have to be that way.. Introducing the Digital Bolex D16.. , the first digital cinema camera to shoot RAW at a price anyone can afford.. Camera test Alexa, Epic, F3.. February 6, 2012.. 10:48.. DP Mario Sablić, camera operator Thomas Krstulović, Cameras Lenses Tuna Film, Zagreb, Croatia 2012.. Comparative test of three different cameras.. Arri Alexa.. Full videos:.. http://dl.. dropbox.. com/u/18321232/Alexa_HD_ProRes.. mp.. com/u/18321232/Epic_HD_ProRes.. mp4.. com/u/18321232/SonyF3_HD_ProRes.. Red Epic HDRX Mode.. Dec.. 07.. December 7, 2011.. 08:44.. We took our EPIC out around Chicago to test its HDRX functionality.. Overall some very impressive results.. Produced by Daufenbach Camera.. EPIC-M #517.. DP: Lawrence Daufenbach, Pete Biagi.. Motion Control: Paul Bodi.. ACs: Stephen Wheeler, Curtis Davis, Mitch Buss.. Edited by Cutters.. Christopher Doyle Masterclass in Cinematography.. February 9, 2011.. 22:11.. From the BBC Culture Show (The best of the week s arts and culture news, covering books, art, film, architecture and more).. London United Kingdon.. Christopher Doyle Cinematographer:.. You see the world, you end up in jail three or four times, you accumulate experience.. And it gives you something to say.. If you don t have anything to say then you shouldn t be making films.. It s nothing to do with what lens you re using.. Biography:.. http://en.. wikipedia.. org/wiki/Christop.. Also check: Cinematographer Style — The Art and Craft of Filmmaking.. youtube.. com/watch?v=0c6HSb.. Page 1 of 6.. Last.. Ads.. Old stone house with parking places.. Book Online.. ARRI.. ALEXA takes on MALEFICENT.. Director Rob Stromberg and cinematographer Dean Semler, ACS, ASC elected to capture ARRIRAW on ALEXA Plus cameras to Codex drives.. ALEXA XR/XT supports new ProRes 4444 XQ.. ARRI is announcing support for the new Apple ProRes 4444 XQ, the highest-quality version of ProRes to date.. Restoration experts attend ARRI workshop.. The ARRI Archive Workshop celebrates its fifth anniversary, as leaders from the restoration industry continue to support and attend the two-day Munich event.. ARRIRAW on THE FAULT IN OUR STARS.. Cinematographer Ben Richardson captured the wildly successful drama on the ALEXA XT in ARRIRAW and ARRI/ZEISS Master Prime lenses from ARRI CSC.. Master Anamorphics take on the elements.. DP Matias Boucard shoots on location with ARRI/ZEISS Master Anamorphic lenses and an ALEXA XR camera for the Franco-Spanish thriller DON T GROW UP.. Archive.. May 2014.. April 2014.. March 2014.. February 2014.. January 2014.. November 2013.. September 2013.. June 2013.. May 2013.. April 2013.. March 2013.. February 2013.. November 2012.. September 2012.. July 2012.. March 2012.. February 2012.. December 2011.. February 2011.. December 2010.. Tags.. 2010-2014.. camera.. |.. WordPress.. with.. Easel.. Subscribe:.. Back to Top.. 145 queries.. 42.. 25 mb Memory usage.. 0.. 582 seconds..

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  • Title: Camera.hr » Cinematographers
    Descriptive info: Dragan Marković – Markoni.. Igor Savatović – Savate.. 95 queries.. 41.. 214 seconds..

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  • Title: Camera.hr » Gallery
    Descriptive info: Cinematographers at work.. [img src=http://www.. camera.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_plidenta.. jpg].. 117.. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_snimanje-1.. 37.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_snimanje-2-1.. 36.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_snimanje.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_surviver-1.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_kravata.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_131_3138copying.. Mellon Traders.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_146_4621.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_152_5202.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_img_0043.. Oidar.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_img_0128.. Living And The Dead.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_img_2626_2.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_img_3461.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_img_3984.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_img_4599.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_img_5369_2.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_img_5377.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_img_7547.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_oidar0184.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_12082008009_5.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_23082008011.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_dsc09078.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_ivi-i-mrtvi1.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_ivi-i-mrtvi21.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_kenjac1.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_kenjac2.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_kenjac31.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_kenjac41.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_kenjac51.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_mirko01.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_mirko02.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_mirko03.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_mirko04.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_mirko05.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_mirko06.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_mirko07.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_mirko08.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_mirko09.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_mirko10.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_mirko11.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/cinematographers-at-work/thumbs/thumbs_z9g9210.. 99 queries.. 228 seconds..

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  • Title: Camera.hr » About
    Descriptive info: This is an international community of motion picture professionals who live and work in Croatia.. Role of the cinematographer.. In the film industry, the.. is responsible for the technical aspects of the images (lighting, lens choices, composition, exposure, filtration, film selection), but works closely with the.. director.. to ensure that the artistic.. aesthetics.. are supporting the director s vision of the story being  ...   crew.. on a set, and for this reason they are often called.. directors of photography.. or.. DPs.. There s something about Cinematographers, and the passion we bring to our work, that gives us a sense of being blood brothers.. We have a love and admiration for each other, and a desire to help each other out.. Conrad Hall ASC.. 94 queries.. 219 seconds..

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  • Title: Camera.hr » Contact
    Descriptive info: Email: mail@camera.. Your Name (required).. Your Email (required).. Subject.. Your Message.. Comments RSS.. Discussion (2).. July 2, 2013, 19:22.. #.. Reply.. Current blog, fresh information, I read it from time to time!!….. July 24, 2013, 11:52.. I think other web-site proprietors should take this web site as an model, very clean and great user  ...   this topic!.. Cancel reply.. Your email address will not be published.. Required fields are marked.. *.. *NAME.. *EMAIL.. Get a Gravatar.. Website URL.. NOTE - You can use these HTML tags and attributes:.. a href= title= abbr title= acronym title= b blockquote cite= cite code del datetime= em i q cite= strike strong.. 223 seconds..

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  • Title: Camera.hr » News
    Descriptive info: Here We Come - a movie about dreams, friendship and love for the film.. The story is on an adventurous journey to a distant country that friendship and love for film transforms the lives of three friends over.. Announcing shooting in Croatia in co-production with several foreign houses from Germany, USA and India.. Genre comedy under the original title Here We Come (Hollywood here we come).. The movie will be filmed in Croatia and California, and is scheduled to start shooting next summer.. Ljubomir Kerekes, Ana Rucner, Vjekoslav Katušin, Darko Milas, Tony The Tiger Lopez (former professiona boxer and three-time world champion),Davor Dretar Drele and many others, all under the direction of German director.. Jan started his career as a comic artist for teens.. He later switched to movie and went on to study at the Academy of Baden Wurttemberg od 1997 2004 , where he focused mainly on animation..  ...   for other directors such as Paul W.. Anderson and Dennis Gansel , dozens of commercials and feature films.. About the film :.. Childhood friends Bobo , Matthew and Goran want to have the first Croatians will see new Space Wizards movie on the big screen.. In order to realize their dreams and traveled to Los Angeles , Matthias has to sell his old electric guitar and Bobo must say goodbye his beloved car.. American cultural misunderstandings , robbery and natural disaster will their male friendship put to the test.. We are eagerly awaiting the premiere in 2015.. Awaiting us 2 hours of hilarious fun in cinemas.. Soon we will have auditions for several roles in the film , for more information visit our.. Official Facebook page of the film :.. https://www.. facebook.. com/herewecomethemovie.. Discussion.. Maria.. December 2, 2013, 07:59.. Pre dobro.. Jedva cekam da vidim film.. 97 queries.. 225 seconds..

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  • Title: Camera.hr » 2014 » May
    Descriptive info: Archive for May, 2014.. 2 results.. Croatian director Kristijan Milic was for several years the name that is mentioned in the film circles with a dose of respect.. [ ].. 87 queries.. 221 seconds..

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  • Title: Camera.hr » IMPRESSUM
    Descriptive info: Urednik: Thomas Krstulović.. hr multimedijalni je projekt baze podataka umjetnika posvećenih snimanju filmova.. T.. K.. (Samostalni snimatelj Thomas Krstulović).. MB: 80220681OIB:84864154198.. Kamenita 42, 21000 Split.. Editor: Thomas Krstulović.. hr multimedia project is a database of artists devoted to moviemaking.. MB: 80220681.. OIB:84864154198.. Powered by wordpress.. 215 seconds..

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  • Title: Camera.hr » Almmir Fakić
    Descriptive info: Credits: Director of Photography, Cinematographer, Photographer.. Almmir Fakić was Born in Zagreb on 15 February 1975th.. He studied film and television cinematography at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb.. He works as director of photography and cinematographer on many popular and award-winning features, documentaries, commercials and  ...   Films Student Competition Short Fiction Film, Wiesbaden.. Best Director 3rd Prize.. in the short fiction film A LETTER, A VAMPIRE, AND TEA.. 2010.. 19th D.. H.. F.. , Zagreb.. Best Cinematography.. in the short fiction film SLAP.. Showreel:.. com/watch?v=eA-q9VSdOxw.. 67 queries.. 75 mb Memory usage.. 155 seconds..

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  • Title: Camera.hr » Branko Linta
    Descriptive info: Member of HFS, HDFD,European Film Academy.. Credits: Director of Photography, Cinematographer.. Cv_Croatian.. Awards:.. Kodak.. 2005,.. Golden Arena 2006,.. Alexandria Film Festival “Best Artistic Achievement” 2010.. Lintas.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/lintas/thumbs/thumbs_rose_is_a_rose_making_of_01_branko_linta.. 102.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/lintas/thumbs/thumbs_imgres-1.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/lintas/thumbs/thumbs_imgres-8.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/lintas/thumbs/thumbs_view_ylta0pdos_qbpboowmapjejzbkf.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/lintas/thumbs/thumbs_imgres.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/lintas/thumbs/thumbs_imgres-9.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/lintas/thumbs/thumbs_view_ylta0pdox_obpbotdmajcgjzbkf.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/lintas/thumbs/thumbs_imgres-6.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/lintas/thumbs/thumbs_imgres-3.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/lintas/thumbs/thumbs_imgres-2.. hr/wp-content/flagallery/lintas/thumbs/thumbs_imgres-4.. 71 queries.. 174 seconds..

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  • Title: Camera.hr » Darko Drinovac
    Descriptive info: Credits: Director, Director of photography.. Membership: HFS, HZSU, HDFD.. Awards:.. South-East European cinema SEE a Paris , best Cinematographer: Darko Drinovac “Belvedere”, Bosnia and Herzegovina, film BELVEDERE.. Best Photography – Darko Drinovac, Kimera Film Festival 2011, Camopasso, Italy.. FILM BELVEDERE.. Video Link (showreel):.. com/watch?v=5_R0C9bzYm0.. com/watch?v=2C-KPpb-_Ts.. com/watch?v=TWqp8xD7Z-8.. com/watch?v=JyWxXkBFsDM.. 96 queries.. 268 seconds..

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