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  • Title: HOTO › Naslovnica
    Descriptive info: .. HOTO Grupa.. Cvjetni.. Hoto Centar.. Prodaja.. Zakup.. English.. O nama.. Jučer.. Danas.. Sutra.. Novosti.. Kontakti.. s razlogom u centru pažnje.. HOTO Centar.. u središtu dobrog plana.. Zrinjevac.. palača za moderna vremena.. Zadnje vijesti.. 12.. 10.. 2012.. Centar Cvjetni – najave događanja.. 18.. 02.. 2010.. Projekt Cvjetni uspješno završen!.. Copyright 2009 2012, Hoto Grupa d.. o.. Sitemap.. Impressum.. Kontakt..

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  • Title: HOTO › Homepage
    Descriptive info: HOTO Group.. Hoto Centre.. Sale.. Lease.. About us.. Past.. Present.. Future.. News.. Contact.. in the focus of interest with good reason.. in the focus of good planning.. a palace for modern times.. Flower Centre – announced events..

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  • Title: HOTO › HOTO Group › About us › HOTO Group › About us › About us
    Descriptive info: We are builders.. We create living space.. We achieve this by combining our long-standing entrepreneurial experience, built on the highest achievements in constantly growing projects, a business philosophy based on top knowledge and a vision of development, and above all, a responsibility towards the modern society and the heritage of our past.. In short, HOTO Group is Croatia s largest corporate project development group for the  ...   large number of projects behind us, most of which arose out of unused city space, giving it new value and life in the urban fibre of our city.. In continuing with our corporate mission and philosophy, being always ahead of the present time, HOTO Group will continue to work on projects that will stand as proof of its position, endurance, innovativeness and vision.. Sincerely,.. Like.. Tweet.. Share..

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  • Title: HOTO › HOTO Group › Past › HOTO Group › Past › Past
    Descriptive info: We are proud of all our projects and strongly back them.. It is always with pleasure that we look back on what we have done.. Below they are briefly presented with photographs.. Babylon.. Way back in 1976, the foundations of HOTO Group were laid with the opening of the Babylon restaurant.. After 15 years of successful operations, the restaurant grew into the first private hotel with 30 rooms.. Castellum Centar.. The first big project and the first real test of building maturity for HOTO Group.. Two old and worn down two-story buildings from the end of the 19th century were restored and transformed into a modern business centre with a total area of 7,764 square meters with 120 parking and garage spaces.. Hoto Business Tower.. This high-rise tower was constructed on the site of a ruined children s clothing factory on  ...   In Sveta Nedelja, just on the outskirts of Zagreb, a closed settlement with 569 residential units was constructed on a total area of 120,000 square metres.. This is a complex of residential and business units, with a total area of 70,000 square metres.. This was Croatia s first condominium complex, a modernly designed small town with a unique concept of living, aligned with all the top world standards.. Slavuj Kindergarten.. Giving thought to the needs of the structures and the interests of society in general, a modern kindergarten with more than 1300 square metres was constructed as part of the HOTO Villas project.. The Slavuj (.. meaning Nightingale.. ) kindergarten is a public kindergarten, also open to children from the areas surrounding the HOTO Villas, once again proving the idea of a friendly neighbourhood that nurtures good neighbourly relations with its surroundings..

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  • Title: HOTO › HOTO Group › Present › HOTO Group › Present › Present
    Descriptive info: Watching how our projects develop from day to day, receiving new value and becoming an integral part of their environment is our greatest reward.. Being creators of space means living with our own ideas, and this is exactly the type of relationship that our three current projects deserve: Cvjetni Centar, HOTO Centar and the Zrinjevac palace.. Cvjetni Centar.. A business and residential complex that has come to life and raised the pulse of the heart of Zagreb has a total area of 40,123 square metres and is made up of three functional units: the residential section, shopping centre and underground garage.. The residential section is comprised of 56 elite residential units with a total area of 10,585 square metres.. The shopping centre is three floors of premium sales space with an area of 8,101.. 48 square metres.. Many top domestic and foreign brands have found their perfect space.. The garage is on levels  ...   Villas, is the HOTO Centar trade and business centre on three floors, with a total area of 12,272 square metres, of which 7,657 square metres is commercial space for lease.. HOTO Centar currently offers the following services: supermarket, bank branches, clothing and footwear shops, services and hospitality.. more about HOTO Center.. Zrinjevac palace.. In 2004, the challenging restoration project to turn the Art Nouveau style Kulmer palace into a modern and exclusive business building was completed.. The Zrinjevac palace stands in the very heart of the City of Zagreb, on Trg Nikole Šubića Zrinskog, right next to Zagreb s most beautiful park, Zrinjevac, part of the famed Lenuci s horseshoe.. The building has a total of 2103 square metres and parking area, and consists of exclusive business premises on four floors.. A diplomatic consular branch has recognised the merits of this building and taken in on a long-term lease.. Zrinjevac palace spaces for rent..

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  • Title: HOTO › HOTO Group › Future › HOTO Group › Future › Future
    Descriptive info: We do not know how to take a break.. Our passion for creating original spaces forces us to keep looking towards the future and planning better, more innovative and inspirational projects.. Take a look at what we are currently dreaming about, we are sure that we will soon turn those dreams into reality.. Krk 365/24.. A complex designed for a vacation in exclusive luxury, divided into 5 parts, will stand on more than a million square metres of the irresistible Krk coastal area.. The first part is the main hotel with 580 rooms.. The second, residential part will consist of annexes with about 150 accommodation units, and the third will contain several small hotels with about 160 accommodation units.. Furthermore, the complex will contain a sports hotel with 100 accommodation units, a sports hall and recreational area, and a golf hotel with about 100 rooms, primarily intended for those using the nearby golf course and its accompanying content.. Cvjetni Centar Phase 2.. The Cvjetni project has not said all it has to say.. The second  ...   weather.. Cvjetni Centar Phase 3.. As the final step in reviving an entire Lower City block and part of the pedestrian zone, we wish to connect Cvjetni Centar with Zagreb s busiest street, Ilica.. Opening a passageway to Ilica will create physical connections between the most frequented pedestrian zones, thus offering a completely new experience for all visitors to the core of the capital.. Sveta Nedelja Rest Home.. Plans are in place for a residential complex for the elderly meeting the highest standards of living, socialisation and activity, with a capacity of 320 persons.. The emphasis of this project is a completely new concept of living, concepts and the interests of its residents, in line with the philosophy of healthy living, healthy eating and healthy activities adapted for this time of life, making this project one of its kind in Croatia.. Fashion palace.. We plan to create an Art Nouveau palace of high fashion brands in the very centre of Zagreb, conceived as a mono-brand store of one of the world s most respectable fashion brands..

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  • Title: HOTO › HOTO Group › News
    Descriptive info: Flower Centre – announced events.. 06.. 11.. 2009.. We started with the construction of Cvjetni.. Press login.. Username:.. Password:.. Require access..

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  • Title: HOTO › HOTO Group › Contact › HOTO Group › Contact › Contact
    Descriptive info: HOTO GRUPA d.. 10000 Zagreb.. Trg Petra Preradovića 6/1.. Tel: +385 1 48 74 370.. Fax: +385 1 48 74 380.. Contact e-mail:.. info@hoto.. hr.. Sales and Lease Department.. Sale of residential units in Centar Cvjetni; 01 / 4874 376,.. Lease of commercial units in Centar Cvjetni; 01 / 4874 376,.. Lease of commercial space in HOTO Centar; Sveta Nedelja 01 / 4874 395, info@hotocentar.. com.. Marketing Department.. 01 / 4874 396.. marketing@hoto..

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  • Title: HOTO › HOTO Group › News › Flower Centre – announced events
    Descriptive info: Wine Days.. 9-10 November 2012.. Flower Centre reputable producers of premium wines, presentations, wine tasting, education, show cooking, surprise prizes for visitors.. Winter in the Flower Centre.. 1 November 2012 to 15 January 2013.. For the coming winter the Flower Centre has prepared a genuine festive atmosphere over the Advent, Christmas and New Year holidays.. Welcome to our holiday fair with lots of stalls offering delicious sweets, various imaginative presents, child play toys, Santa  ...   the Flower Centre.. Follow us and keep yourself informed so as not to miss real opportunities for good fun, rewards and that happy holiday feeling.. Wellness Days.. January 2013.. Flower Centre presentation of the best wellness centres, hotel resorts that offer first-class wellness services, weekend packages for recreation and relaxation.. Seize the opportunity to get the first-hand information about the benefits of wellness spa and choose programmes and arrangements best suited to your preferences..

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  • Title: HOTO › HOTO Group › News ›
    Original link path: /hoto-grupa/novosti/projekt-cvjetni-uspjesno-zavrsen/
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  • Title: HOTO › Sitemap
    Descriptive info: HOTO.. Location.. Shopping centre.. Residential units.. Garage.. About Cvjetni.. General.. Properties for sale.. E-query.. Properties for lease..

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