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  • Title: Company
    Descriptive info: .. Your personalised Portfolio Management Software.. Portfolio Risk.. Compliance.. Straight Through Processing.. Risk Management Tools.. Performance Fees.. Restrictions.. Money Laundering Control.. Multi lingual GUI.. Welcome.. Hammer d.. o.. is company specializing in the development and sale of its proprietary and fully integrated Portfolio Management Software, Reporting and Analysis system called Insa.. The company is headquartered in Croatia, but it's developing software in partnership with Insa Investment Software AG, Zürich.. We offer solutions for all sized companies.. Our software has been implemented by cost conscious ‘one man shows’, as well as large multi  ...   of:.. Independent Asset Managers Family Offices.. Private State Banks.. Institutional Investors Fund Administrators.. Insa modules include:.. Portfolio management reporting.. Interfaces to custodian banks and price providers.. Performance risk analytics.. Fee profitability management.. Trading and order management.. Portfolio monitoring and trading compliance.. Portfolio modeling and investment proposals.. Fund distribution management.. Client Relationship Management (CRM) Document management.. Company.. History.. Functionalities.. Team.. Contact information.. Crkvena 74.. HR 31000-Osijek, Croatia.. tel: +385 31 530 723.. fax: +385 31 530 724.. Company information.. OIB.. 77880967708.. MB.. 3905110.. more info.. Sitemap.. Copyright 2014 Hammer d.. All rights reserved..

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  • Title: Solutions
    Descriptive info: Solutions.. We insist on a custom solution.. After all, your business is like no other.. While standardization has become the norm, Insa takes customization to new levels.. Its innovative design allows for the installation to be configured specifically to your needs.. Whether you are an independent asset manager, bank, insurance company or institutional investor: you do have unique internal and external requirements.. Our broad client base and wealth of experience ensures that Insa incorporates your needs.. Software, Platform, Support.. The best software solution is only as good as its platform and the  ...   has its clients at its core.. From day one you can rely on our support staff to understand your needs, comprehend your business and be available at all times.. Our personal approach to training and support ensures you will use the system quickly and have an extraordinary relationship with the support staff.. Insa is based on the latest Microsoft platforms.. This ensures that your IT investments are kept to a minimum as the required hard- and software architecture will most probably be already in place.. Portfolio Management System.. Management Dashboard.. Customer Portal.. FAQ..

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  • Title: References
    Descriptive info: Reference List.. Banks.. La Roche Co.. – Basel.. Cantonal Bank's of:.. Appenzell.. Glarus.. Neuchatel.. Schaffhausen.. Schwyz.. Wallis.. Institutionals.. Bafidia – Aarau.. OeKK – Landquart.. PAX – Basel.. Visana Services AG – Bern.. Fund Managers.. Kastor – Zürich.. La Roche Asset Management – Basel.. Independent Asset Managers.. Agenda Invest AG.. Alpine Atlantic Global Asset Management AG.. Baumann, Gallus Partners AG.. Berfid SA.. BFI Wealth Management AG.. Colombo Partners SA.. Compass Asset Management SA.. Crossinvest SA.. Finpromotion SA.. GHP Arbitrium AG.. Gräff Capital Management AG.. Gutenberg  ...   SA.. PER4M SA.. Renalco SA.. Ronner Vermögensverwaltung AG.. SCL Associes SA.. SC Studio Conzulenza SA.. Studio Fiduciario Pagani SA.. SZ Partners SA.. Tareno AG.. Unifida Finance SA.. Viveka SRL.. Wullschleger Martinenghi Manzini Servizi Fiduciari SA.. 5 elements Asset Management AG.. Non-Swiss Clients.. Finessa Capital – Croatia.. PBZ Bank – Croatia.. Podravska Bank – Croatia.. Pollux - Luxembourg.. Crossinvest – Singapore.. Oclaner Asset Managment - Singapore.. Solaris Asset Management – Singapore.. SPT – Singapore.. Full reference list is available on request.. References.. Reference list.. Partners..

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  • Title: History
    Descriptive info: Hammer History.. In 1992 Bernard Katic established the company.. In 1996 Bernardin Katic joined the switzerland company Insa Investment Software AG as technical director and developed a brand new Windows based Portfolio Management System.. In 2000 the system was substantially modified to use the latest Microsoft SQL database system.. Since then substantial new functionality has been added and technology has constantly been upgraded.. In 2006 Igor Horvat, technology expert joined the company.. In 2010 company started making exciting inroads in Asia.. The system is continually being improved..

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  • Title: Functionalities
    Descriptive info: Banks and Independent Asset Managers.. Both banks and independent asset managers have many requirements in common.. Both have clients who have deposited assets either directly or indirectly with them.. The Insa user, be it bank or independent asset manager is provided with the following functionality.. Client Reporting.. The client reporting should be clear and understandable to each client.. Clients differ however, some clients are satisfied with a basic overview of his assets together with an accurate assessment of his portfolio performance, other more sophisticated clients require a more detailed analysis showing perhaps not only the overall performance but also the performance per asset category and the associated risk.. The client reporting should also be an attractive professional visiting card.. Client Asset Analysis.. Managing the assets of more than 100 clients who have different investment aspirations demands a continual appraisement of the individual client portfolios, especially so in these very volatile times.. The Insa system has a very sophisticated client analysis function as well as a comprehensive client information system.. Client Risk Analysis.. In these very volatile times it is important to measure the risks that are involved with a predetermined client asset strategy.. The system can calculate for example Sharpe Ratios for each single or group of portfolios as well as individual risks such as currency exposures.. Client Portfolio Modeling.. Different asset strategies are assigned to clients who wish that investments are made on their behalf should lead to a specific goal such capital growth or income.. The system allows portfolio models to be created which reflect these aims and allow for different investments to be made for the same asset strategy but differing sizes of portfolios.. Data Import.. Banks have their own host based computer system which captures data input for the client’s transactions.. Most bank systems do not have the same portfolio reporting and analysis as the Insa system.. Insa has written interfaces to a number of banking systems that allows data to be taken directly from the host system on a regular basis.. The clients of independent asset managers have accounts with different banks.. Insa has interfaces to a number of bank systems that allows transaction data to be imported directly.. These interfaces include UBS Asset Link and other Swift based systems and State Street.. The previously described interfaces gather securities information, security prices and exchange rates as well as the transactions themselves.. Insa also has interfaces to most of the usual price feeds such as Reuters, Bloomberg, and Telekurs etc.. Management Fees.. Banks and independent asset managers usually charge a management fee for their  ...   definite contract note is received.. The lists of these provisional transactions can be transmitted to the relevant banks either in fax or email format.. Pension Funds Insurances (Institutional Investors).. Institutional Investors have requirements that differ from banks and independent asset managers.. When Insa is installed the Institutional Investor option is selected that automatically sets the system to the required functionality.. Multi Company.. The system is able to work as a multi company application.. An insurance company may have more than one “company”, life and non-life, similarly a pension fund may have more than “company” a pension fund for staff and a pension fund for management.. Certain calculations may be different for the different companies and each company may have a separate financial accounting system.. Reporting.. Reporting is usually on a company basis.. The portfolios held at different banks need to be consolidated though it is sometimes necessary to produce reporting for individual banks where portfolios are held.. The system can produce reports for top management in graphical as well as tabular numerical reports.. In addition the system provides the detailed reports for the investment professionals.. Risk Analysis.. The system provides a comprehensive risk analysis for complete or partial investments.. This includes derivative exposure, Sharpe ratio, currency and interest rate risk etc.. Performance Calculation.. The system can calculate both Time Money Weighted performance for the total portfolio as well as sub-portfolios, performance attribution per asset category can also be calculated.. The performance can be compared to selected benchmarks.. Data Import/Export.. Institutional investors often require an interface to a financial book-keeping system to enable data entered into the Insa system to be passed to the book-keeping system.. This saves entering data twice with the inherent risk of introducing errors.. Insa has interfaces to a number of book-keeping systems including SAP/R3, Abacus, PeBe, Simultan etc.. A number of banks provide a service by exporting transactions in electronic form.. Insa can import these bank transactions, currently this service is available for UBS Asset-Link, and other Swift based systems and State Street.. Insa can also import security prices and exchange rates from providers such Reuters, Bloomberg, Telekurs etc.. Year End Routines.. At year end (or quarter/half year) investments may be revalued.. Insa can calculate automatically this revaluation based on Lowest Value, Amortized Value, and Mark to Market etc.. Asset Allocation Control.. Most institutional investors have a strict asset allocation policy.. The system can provide immediate information on adherence to the agreed asset allocation.. Investment funds can be broken down into their basic exposures such as currency, investment instrument, and domicile and industry segment..

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  • Title: Team Hammer
    Descriptive info: Bernard Katic.. CEO.. Igor Horvat.. Developer Lead.. Eva Dobos.. Business Analyst.. Mario Hunjadi.. Senior Developer.. Maja Janic.. Web Developer/Designer.. Darko Jurisic.. Junior Developer..

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  • Title: Profile
    Descriptive info: Osnovni podaci tvrtke Hammer d.. Matični broj.. Sjedište.. Šamačka 3, 31000 Osijek.. Osnovna djelatnost.. (NKD 2007): 71.. 12 Inženjerstvo i s njim povezano tehničko savjetovanje.. Predsjednik uprave.. Bernardin Katić.. Društvo je upisano u sudski registar Trgovačkog suda u Osijeku, pod brojem MBS: 030033424 Račun društva se vodi kod: Privredna Banka Zagreb d.. d.. , Zagreb, broj: HR3623400091110382055.. Temeljni kapital iznosi 18.. 900,00 kuna i uplaćen je u cijelosti..

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  • Title: Sitemap
    Descriptive info: Site Map.. Support.. Visit Insa.. Insa..

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  • Title: Copyright
    Descriptive info: Copyright notice.. This website and its content is copyright of Hammer d.. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited other than the following:.. you may print or download to a local hard disk extracts for your personal and non-commercial use only..  ...   their personal use, but only if you acknowledge the website as the source of the material.. You may not, except with our express written permission, distribute or commercially exploit the content.. Nor may you transmit it or store it in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system..

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  • Title: Functionality
    Descriptive info: Insa PMS functionality in a nut shell.. Portfolio Management.. Hierarchical structure – company, client, portfolio, custody account.. Multiple consolidation possibilities including ad hoc.. Portfolio analysis including order generation.. Exposure analysis.. Investment strategies.. Restrictions and constraints – pre and post order checking.. GIPS compliant.. Performance measurement on company, client, portfolio, custody account levels.. Performance contribution.. Performance attribution.. Bench mark management.. Order management for securities, forex, money market and other instruments.. Transaction Processing.. Comprehensive instrument coverage.. Corporate actions.. Fund look-thru.. Cash flow and income projections.. Portfolio Reporting.. Flexible User defined Report Generator with numerical and graphical output.. Reporting on screen, printer,.. pdf, Excel and HTML.. Multi-lingual – English, deutsch, French, Italian and Chinese.. Report designer for company specific look and feel.. Letter designer for confirmation notes, bank orders, management fees etc.. Integration with document management systems.. Scheduled batch printing.. Management/Bank Fees.. Calculation of management fees based  ...   Money Laundering check and reports.. Portfolio Modeling and Rebalancing.. Sophisticated model construction.. Automated Multi-Portfolio rebalancing.. Multi-Portfolio order generation.. Investment Proposal Generator.. Investment Strategy selection.. Proposal generation and reporting.. Recovery of historical proposals.. Proposal order generation.. What-If analysis.. Industry standard risk statistics.. Wealth prediction.. Client/Portfolio Monitoring.. Multi-criteria query engine on static and computed data.. Analysis resulting from multi criteria queries.. Client Web-Portal.. Attractive, secure web portal for clients to access their data.. Other Modules.. Brokerage Module.. NAV calculation for funds (audited) including funds with sub-funds.. Fund fact sheets.. Audit Log – fully featured.. Standard Interfaces.. Transaction interfaces to various banks (UBS, CS, Julius Bär, State Street, Avaloq, Finnova).. Transaction interfaces via Excel.. Market feed interfaces to Reuters, Bloomberg, Telekurs, VWD.. Financial accounting interfaces to SAP, PeBe, Abacus etc.. System Requirements.. Server side latest/latest but one MS Server, MS SQL.. Client side MS windows XP,Vista, 7..

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  • Title: Dashboard
    Descriptive info: Management Dashboard is a very easy to use interactive web tool which allows you to drill down into client portfolios.. Designed for:.. Company/Bank Top management.. Portfolio Managers.. Compliance Officers.. External Portfolio Managers.. Interface displays portfolios as set of tiles – color indicating portfolio YTD performance.. Currently available categories to filter portfolios are:.. Reference Currency.. Portfolio Manager.. Responsible Person.. Asset  ...   Starting Capital.. Capital Change.. Performance.. Opening Date.. Additional categories are easily added on demand.. In addition to categories it is possible to combine different filters.. They grant the Insa Dashboard great visibility and functionality.. Tile.. Each tile contains portfolio ID, performance and total assets.. By clicking on a tile, more detailed information is displayed on the right hand window..

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