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  • Title: House franica
    Descriptive info: .. Photos.. Contact.. House Franica.. Main Menu.. Home.. Where We Are.. Apartments.. Photo album.. Designed by:.. web hosting.. House franica.. RURAL HOUSE FRANICA.. We are situated in the heart of Istria, in a hamlet with just a few houses on a hill over the Raša River.. There isn't any traffic, any rush or crowd here - it is perfect to take a rest from everyday stress and exhaustion that sometimes just knock you down.. The house is located in a secluded position in the village of Sutivanac-Risi near the town of Žminj (13 km) and it is only 17 km away from the urban centre Pazin.. The entire house is around 200 m2 large.. Meadows, a garden and a small park, olive-groves, orchards and vineyards surround the house.. There is also a stable with domestic animals there.. The house has been arranged with love and care.. Every piece of furniture, every detail, even the smallest ones, have been carefully chosen for one purpose only: to make all our guests - the elder and the young ones - feel at peace, comfortable and relaxed.. A unique experience is the stunning view to the Raša River valley, to the city of Labin and its surroundings, to the Velebit massif behind it, to the sea and to the U?ka mountain from the spacious over-roofed terrace in the loft.. The house consists  ...   hottest summer days.. A washing-machine, the satellite-TV, a DVD-player, a radio, a fully furnished kitchen with a dish-washing machine and many other utensils makes the stay in this house comfortable as in one's own home.. One can rent a single accommodation unit or the entire house.. ADDITIONAL SUPPLY FOR OUR GUESTS.. 1.. Activities in the Nature:.. - walking on marked hikes through woods and fields; for those more persistent down to the Raša River valley and back (the difference in height is of 400 m).. - fishing on the Raša River and nearby springs and tributaries.. - picking herbs and seasonal fruits - wild asparagus in the spring, mushrooms in the spring and in the autumn, medicinal herbs in the summer.. - participating in seasonal agricultural works - harvesting olives, grapes and other kinds of fruits and vegetables.. - grooming domestic animals.. - visiting game preserves and protected domestic animals fairs - donkeys, cattle, goats.. - canoeing on the lower Raša.. 2.. Gastronomic Supply:.. - preparing breakfast according to our guests' wishes - mainly domestic products.. - tasting home-made specialities - smoked ham, cheese, Istrian bean soup, dishes.. - made of game and home-made pasta, all vegetables are grown in our own garden,.. - home-made vine, olive oil.. 3.. Selling Exhibition of Paintings.. - the possibility for buying paintings, exhibited in the house, based on village and nature motifs..

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  • Title: Photo galleries
    Descriptive info: Outdoor gallery.. Apartments gallery.. Photo galleries.. Outdoor photos.. /images/stories/okolis/4603b-house_istra_v.. jpg.. /images/stories/okolis/4604b-house_istra_v1.. /images/stories/okolis/5470b-house_istra_v2.. /images/stories/okolis/5471b-house_franica_v4.. /images/stories/okolis/5826b-house_istra_v6.. /images/stories/okolis/5827b-house_istra_v7.. /images/stories/okolis/8687b-house_franica_v1.. /images/stories/okolis/8688b-house_franica_v2.. /images/stories/okolis/8689b-house_franica_v3.. Apartment 6+1 photos.. /images/stories/apartment61/4605b-house_barban_v01.. /images/stories/apartment61/4606b-house_barban_v.. /images/stories/apartment61/4607b-house_barban_v1.. /images/stories/apartment61/4609b-house_barban_v3.. /images/stories/apartment61/4610b-house_barban_v4.. /images/stories/apartment61/4611b-house_barban_v6.. /images/stories/apartment61/4612b-house_barban_v7.. /images/stories/apartment61/4613b-house_barban_v8.. /images/stories/apartment61/4614b-house_barban_v9.. Apartment 4+1 photos.. /images/stories/apartment41/4608b-house_barban_v2.. /images/stories/apartment41/5922b-apartments_istria_v.. /images/stories/apartment41/5923b-apartments_istria_v1.. /images/stories/apartment41/5925b-apartments_istria_v3.. /images/stories/apartment41/5926b-apartments_istria_v5.. /images/stories/apartment41/5927b-apartments_istria_v6.. /images/stories/apartment41/5928b-apartments_istria_v7.. /images/stories/apartment41/5929b-apartments_istria_v8..

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  • Title: Milena Šugar
    Descriptive info: Milena Šugar.. Gorica 16A.. Žminj.. 52341.. Croatia.. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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  • Title: House franica
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  • Title: Where we are
    Descriptive info: Where we are.. JavaScript must be enabled in order for you to use Google Maps.. However, it seems JavaScript is either disabled or not supported by your browser.. To view Google Maps, enable JavaScript by changing your browser options, and then try again..

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  • Title: Apartments
    Descriptive info: Apartment 6+1.. DESCRIPTION.. UNIT 1 - 1ST FLOOR + THE LOFT = 146 m2.. ROOMS.. LIVING-ROOM + KITCHEN + COT 2 BATHROOMS WITH SHOWER CUBICLES/WC.. BEDROOM (1st floor) – double bed.. BEDROOM (garret) – double bed + cot.. BEDROOM (garret) – double bed + cot + baby cot.. 2 open and covered terraces on the 1st  ...   with a view.. OTHER CHARACTERISTICS.. WASHING MACHINE.. DISH-WASHER.. COFFEE MACHINE.. MICROWAVE OVEN.. 2 TV set.. Apartment 4+1.. UNIT 2 - GROUND FLOOR + THE LOFT.. FLOOR SPACE 54 m2.. ROOMS LIVING ROOM + KITCHEN + COT- ground floor.. BATHROOM WITH A TUB/WC BEDROOM – garret – two persons CHILDREN'S ROOM - bunk bed - garret.. TV SET..

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  • Title: Outdoor gallery
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  • Title: Apartment gallery
    Descriptive info: Apartment gallery..

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