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  • Title: Jadroplov d.d. - Split, Hrvatska Međunarodni pomorski prijevoz > Jadroplov
    Descriptive info: .. Jadroplov d.. d.. - Split, Hrvatska.. Me unarodni pomorski prijevoz.. Login.. dobrodošli.. welcome.. Welcome.. Company profile.. Fleet.. Fleet position list.. Contact.. History.. News.. Links.. All rights reserved Jadroplov 2007.. Održavanje.. Netmedia Sistemi d.. o..

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  • Title: Jadroplov d.d. - Split, Hrvatska Međunarodni pomorski prijevoz > Jadroplov
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  • Title: Jadroplov d.d. - Split, Hrvatska Međunarodni pomorski prijevoz > Welcome
    Descriptive info: Management Board.. Supervisory Board.. M.. V.. Solin.. Sveti Dujam.. Peristil.. Trogir.. Don Frane Bulić.. Split.. Mosor.. Bene.. Jadroplov Ltd.. - Split, Croatia.. International Maritime Transport.. Jadroplov shipping company from Split was founded on January 20, 1947.. After transformation of the socially owned companies in 1993 it became a joint stock company.. Following the successful company s business reorganization and its improved approach to the management of expenses at all levels as well as fairly favourable conditions in the world maritime market, Jadroplov has brought an end to the negative business results it has seen over many years and has noted excellent business results for what is now the eighth year in a row.. The increase in freight rates has been accompanied by a corresponding increase in the value of available ships.. The primary driving force behind that positive trend in the demand for available ship space are the countries of the Far East, with China at the forefront, with an enormous increase in traffic at all of its ports.. Jadroplov s primary activities are.. the international maritime transport of goods.. with its own tramp ships,.. managing crews.. and.. technical maintenance.. of ships.. In its training centre Jadroplov ensure training facilities for its own and external seafarers enabling them to obtain various certificates and pass mandatory safety  ...   the Zagreb Stock Exchange.. The future Jadroplov s privatization should ensure the continuity in business, at the same time protecting the interests of all of Jadroplov s employees.. It is Jadroplov s commitment to meet and satisfy the needs and expectations of its clients.. Only the best have managed to survive in the discriminating shipping market and Jadroplov has managed to be among them for more than 65 years.. The knowledge and many years of experience of the seafarers, the high level of services (including particular emphasis in marine safety, safe working practices and the protection of the marine environment) provided to the largest world ship charterers are the formula for success and a guarantee for the future of Jadroplov.. In year 1999.. , pursuant to SOLAS Convention requirements, Jadroplov established Safety Management and Environment Protection System (ISM) and in year 2010.. this Management System has been updated to comply with ISO 9001:2008 norms requirements.. In fact, on April 22.. nd.. ,.. 2010.. Bureau Veritas and Croatian Register of Shipping granted certification to Jadroplov confirming that the Management System of Jadroplov has been audited and found to be in accordance with the requirements of the management system standard ISO 9001:2008.. Subject certification covers ship management for bulk carriers and container vessels plus training of seafarers.. ispis..

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  • Title: Jadroplov d.d. - Split, Hrvatska Međunarodni pomorski prijevoz > Company profile
    Descriptive info: About us.. JADROPLOV d.. , Shareholding Company.. with registered office at Obala kneza Branimira 16,.. P.. O.. Box 511, 21000 Split, Republic of Croatia.. The company was founded in 1947 and registered before the Commercial Court in Split under matrix no.. 060000041.. Registered business activities:.. repair, reconstruction of ships.. open and short-sea carriage of passengers.. open and short-sea carriage of goods/cargo.. road haulage of goods/cargo.. transhipment (loading/discharge) of cargo in ports.. transhipment (loading/discharge) of cargo at wharf/quay.. warehousing of goods.. marine trade services.. travel agency and tour-operating activities, other tourists'  ...   transport.. renting of vessels.. renting of office machinery and equipment, computers included.. consulting on hardware.. data processing.. data base creation.. technique and technology research and experimental development.. market analysis and public research.. busuness and management consulting.. technical inspection and analysis.. promotion (advertising).. secretarial and translator services.. other business activities.. education of adults and other training, organisation of courses and seminars.. to obtain rating and skills in shipping.. retail trade in non.. spec.. consumer goods.. trading activities on domestic and international market.. public warehousing services.. repair of ship's equipment and containers..

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  • Title: Jadroplov d.d. - Split, Hrvatska Međunarodni pomorski prijevoz > Fleet
    Descriptive info: Type:.. Bulk Carrier.. Built:.. Class:.. BV.. Flag:.. Croatia.. Call Sign:.. 9AA7106.. IMO No:.. 9519626.. Managers:.. LOA / Breadth.. 189,90 m / 32,24 m.. GT / NT:.. 30.. 092 / 17.. 852.. DWT / Draft:.. 52.. 113 mt / 12,35 m.. Main Engine:.. MAN-B W 6S50MC-C7.. Speed:.. 14,0 knots.. Consumption:.. 31,0 mt HFO.. Holds / Hatches.. 5 / 5.. Cargo Gear:.. 4 cranes  ...   details are given in good faith without guarantee of accuracy!.. IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR THE BUNKER SUPPLIERS AND OTHERS WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.. Any bunkers ordered or stemmed by Vessel s Charterers are strictly for the account of Charterers and shall not give rise to any liability on the part of Jadroplov, the Vessel to which the bunkers are supplied and/or her Owner..

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  • Title: Jadroplov d.d. - Split, Hrvatska Međunarodni pomorski prijevoz > Fleet position list
    Descriptive info: VESSEL.. PORT.. ARRIVAL DATE.. DEPARTURE DATE.. REMARK.. SOLIN.. Callao.. 23.. 03.. 2014.. discharge.. Valparaiso.. San Vicente.. SVETI DUJAM.. Jose.. 08.. 02.. 21.. load.. Immingham.. int.. Immingham/Falmouth.. bunker.. PERISTIL.. Puerto Bolivar.. 22.. Panama c.. 24.. Huasco.. Chile.. US Gulf/US EC.. BENE.. Jiangyin.. 16.. Singapore.. TROGIR.. Lu Si.. 25.. Nantong DD.. 27.. dry dock.. DON FRANE BULIĆ.. Nantong Shipyard.. 19.. 01.. repair.. Zhangjiagang.. load.. Hong Kong.. discharge.. SPLIT.. Recalada.. San Lorenzo.. Cape Town.. Port Elizabeth.. Durban.. MOSOR.. Kwinana.. 15.. Cai Lan.. Note.. Dates and ports are subject to change, deviation, and/or cancellation with or without notice..

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  • Title: Jadroplov d.d. - Split, Hrvatska Međunarodni pomorski prijevoz > Contact
    Descriptive info: Obala kneza Branimira 16.. 21000 Split.. Hrvatska.. Tel: +385 (0) 21 302 777.. Commercial department:.. tel: +385 21 302 698; fax: +385 21 398 382.. e-mail:.. commercial@jadroplov.. com.. Technical department:.. tel: +385 21 302 609; fax: +385 21 302 767.. technical@jadroplov.. Personnel department:.. tel: +385 21 302 637; fax: +385 21 302 767.. personnel@jadroplov.. Management Board Office:.. Management Board President.. Branimir Kovačić.. tel: +385 21 302 690; fax: +385 21 398 380.. Branimir.. Kovacic@jadroplov.. Company Secretary.. Višnja Bosto.. Visnja.. Bosto@jadroplov..

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  • Title: Jadroplov d.d. - Split, Hrvatska Međunarodni pomorski prijevoz > History
    Descriptive info: The shipping company Jadranska slobodna plovidba , now called Jadroplov, was founded on January 20, 1947.. Originally, the company was intended for coastal navigation and trading in the Adriatic Sea.. The company head office was located in Rijeka together with all other Yugoslav shipping companies.. The rapid growth of shipping tonnage and trade in the Adriatic ports was continuously stumbling on the concept of concentration of merchant fleet, but finally the practical business reasons won the battle against ideological principles and, after long debates, the merchant fleet was dispersed.. In 1956 Jadroplov head office was relocated from Rijeka to Split, the city which 20 years earlier used to have 11 shipping companies, including Yugoslav Lloyd, the biggest shipping company at that time.. Shortly after transferring of head office to Split, the company was licensed for transportation of passengers and goods in the international trade.. Already in 1957 Jadroplov started maintaining the first regular line for the Red Sea connecting national ports with Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and Jemen.. With this service, thirty-five years long period of liner s supremacy in Jadroplov business strategy, started.. In the beginning of October 1959 Jadroplov s ship Vareš , under the command of Capt.. Nikola Huljić, on her way to Duluth in the Lake Superior passed through the St.. Lawrence Seaway as the first Croatian ship, only three and a half months after its opening.. The liner service to the USA and Canada ports on the Great Lakes was established.. Five years later (1964) the liner service to the Red Sea was extended to the East African ports in Somalia, Kenya and Tanzania.. In 1968 Jadroplov started its third liner service to Australia and New Zealand.. With three liner services and extended business activity, the company attracted attention of the shipping and trading communities who are well aware that such a complex and expanding business needs great commercial and technical skills as well as highly qualified people both in the head office and on board the ships.. The success of a young company from a small Croatian city remained a curiosity as it was hard to understand that only a few devoted men dedicated to their work and educated in the best traditions of Croatian seamanship have created such a reliable partner and respectable shipping company as Jadroplov.. However, even the greatest self-sacrifice or the best inherited knowledge wouldn t have been sufficient to endure a strong competition of liner shipping  ...   the reason for a stagnation was the unfavorable treatment of the former Government towards its own merchant marine.. Consequently, Jadroplov was facing significant financial difficulties that culminated in the late 1980s when the Company was forced to sell seven older ships in order to save the modern, vital part of its fleet.. The new business rise of Jadroplov started in the early 1990s and coincided with the creation of the independent Republic of Croatia and the transition from the planned to the market economy.. In 1993, after a long period of stagnation, the company was profitable.. Ship Hope 1 , a bulk carrier of 30.. 900 dwt has been purchased.. Next year (1994) on the basis of an agreement with Privredna banka Zagreb (PBZ) the Jadroplov fleet was increased by acquiring the container ship Zrin with a capacity of 2.. 275 TEU.. The PBZ invested into company with the hull of her sistership and bought the Jadroplov shares from the Croatian Privatization Fund, becoming the major shareholder in the Company.. In 1996, the container ship Jadroplov Pride (2.. 324 TEU capacity) was delivered from Rijeka shipyard and almost immediately was rewarded The great ship of 1996 by the respectable American periodical Maritime Reporter and Engineering News as the best vessel in her class.. The company celebrated its golden anniversary (1997) by building the new bulk carrier Don Frane Bulić of 42.. 584 dwt and launching her sistership Split , which was delivered in 1998.. The third sistership Mosor was built and delivered to Jadroplov in 2001.. Starting in 1995, a gradual and persistent crisis loomed over the dry cargo market.. It is said to be normal the world market has its periodical booms and crisis.. Even our elders do not recall such deep and longlasting market instability wiping out the world known shipowners from the maritime market.. To keep and continue operating with younger and modern fleet Jadroplov was forced to sell its older ships, so, in 1990s 14 older ships have been sold, i.. e.. Čiovo, Marulić, Botić, Split, Biokovo, Alka, Bol.. Jelsa, Marjan, Omiš, Kairos, Pharos, Solin and Šolta.. In the past few years the world shipping market has been passing through its booms and Jadroplov nowadays is working intensively on its fleet renewal.. This renewal of Jadroplov s fleet guarantees a full engagement in the present booming market and a firm basis for the development in order to achieve a stronger presence on the world shipping market..

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  • Title: Jadroplov d.d. - Split, Hrvatska Međunarodni pomorski prijevoz > News

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  • Title: Jadroplov d.d. - Split, Hrvatska Međunarodni pomorski prijevoz > Links
    Descriptive info: Useful links.. Seafarer's Union of Croatia.. Jadranbrod.. The Zagreb stock exchange.. Croatian Register of Shipping.. BIMCO.. International Maritime Organization (IMO).. Portfocus..

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