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    Archived pages: 826 . Archive date: 2014-08.

  • Title: MDC | Links
    Descriptive info: Glavni sadržaj.. |.. Navigacija u kategoriji.. Museums in Croatia.. Links.. hrvatski.. | english.. Contact.. your e-mail.. your message.. Directories catalogues.. Google - museums directory.. http://directory.. google.. com/Top/Reference/Museums/.. Museum sites online.. http://www.. mcn.. edu/resources/sitesonline.. htm.. 24 Hour Museum - gateway to UK museums, galleries and heritage attractions.. 24hourmuseum.. org.. uk/.. USA Museums Directory.. museumca.. org/usa/index.. html.. Scottish Collections Network.. http://scone.. strath.. ac.. uk/service/index.. cfm.. MuseumLand.. com.. The World Wide Portal to Museums and Cultural Heritage.. Musée - Directory of museums worldwide.. musee-online.. org/.. MuVi - Musei Virtuali Internazionali.. muvi.. Virtual Library museums pages.. icom.. org/vlmp/.. Virtual Museum.. Musée virtuel.. http://virtualmuseum.. ca/ / http://museevirtuel.. ca/.. Art Museum Network.. amn.. Ministere de la culture - DMF - Catalogue des collections (France).. culture.. fr/documentation/ccmf/pres.. Joconde catalogue des collections des Musees de France.. gouv.. fr/documentation/joconde/fr/pres.. L'Istituto Centrale per il Catalogo e la Documentazione.. iccd.. beniculturali.. it/.. Art Museum Image Consortium.. http://search.. amico.. org/amico/apw/search/.. International resources.. ICOM (International Council of Museums).. MuseDoma - Museum Domain Management Association.. musedoma.. CHIN-RCIP (Canadian Heritage Information Network Reseau canadien d'information sur le patrimoine).. chin.. gc.. The Getty.. getty.. edu/.. Smithsonian Institution.. si.. eSpectra - online news portal of the Museum Computer Network.. edu/espectra/index.. CEICOM - The International Council of Museums - Central European Group.. ace.. hu/ceicom/.. National museum portals.. Museumserver, Netherlands.. museumserver.. nl/home_fs_nl.. Museum.. net, Great Britain.. museums.. co.. Slovenian museum portal.. Beligium Museumsite.. museumsite.. be/.. Museums in Italy.. museionline.. Swedish Museums.. telemuseum.. se/museer/svemus.. Latvia Museum Guide.. muzeji.. lv/index_e.. Lithuanian Museums.. http://muziejai.. mch.. mii.. lt/lietuvos_muzieju_svetaines.. en..  ...   ca/mouseia/.. Faculty of Philosophy - Department for Information Sciences, Zagreb.. ffzg.. hr/infoz/index.. The H-Net Network for Museums and Museum Studies.. h-net.. org/~museum/.. http://www4.. wave.. nz/~jollyroger/Asia_Pacific/asia_pacific.. Standards, vocabularies, thesaurus.. Standards.. edu/resources/sigstandards/.. UNESCO Thesaurus.. http://databases.. unesco.. org/thesaurus/.. Thesaurus for Graphic Materials.. loc.. gov/rr/print/tgm1/.. Digitalization.. Minerva Knowledge Base.. minervaeurope.. org/guidelines.. Protection conservation.. Cultural Heritage Search Engine Preservation and conservation database.. culturalheritage.. net/.. International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM).. iccrom.. Conservation OnLine Resources for Conservation Professionals.. http://palimpsest.. stanford.. Museum Security Network.. museum-security.. Art Loss Register.. artloss.. Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI).. cci-icc.. The American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC).. http://aic.. International Network for the Conversation of Contemporary Art.. incca.. The American Institute for Conservation of Historic Artistic Works (AIC).. The Centre for Photographic Conservation.. AATA Online: Abstracts of International Conservation.. http://aata.. edu/nps/.. Croatian heritage projects.. C.. ulturenet - web centar hrvatske kulture.. culturenet.. The Best in Heritage - An Annual Presentation of the Best Museum and Heritage Projects.. thebestinheritage.. com/.. Museum architecture.. Great Buildings Museums.. greatbuildings.. com/types/types/museum.. Museums, libraries, archives.. Seminar AKM (Archives, libraries, museums).. http://pubwww.. srce.. hr/akm.. The Museums, Libraries and Archives Council.. mla.. gov.. uk.. Archives Museums Informatics / Museums and the Web.. archimuse.. Croatian State Archive.. http://zagreb.. arhiv.. Catalogues bibliographies.. National and university library - catalogues and library network.. http://nskcrolist.. hr.. Bibliographic Database of the Conservation Information Network (BCIN).. bcin.. ca/English/home_english.. Museology Bibliography (BMUSE).. ca/English/Reference_Library/Bmuse/index.. Croatian scientific bibliography.. http://bib.. irb.. Other.. Croatian information and documentation association.. hidd..

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  • Title: MDC | Collections > Collection of museum posters
    Descriptive info: Collection of Museum Posters.. Info for users.. The Collection of Museum Posters was founded in 1973, and today holds 7700 posters from museums and galleries that trace the activities of Croatian museums and galleries, as well as those abroad.. Posters document exhibitions, lectures, campaigns, the marking of International Museum Day and other museum activities.. The collection also holds posters that present the heritage in various ways, and were published by non-museum institutions (institutes for the preservation of the cultural heritage, tourism boards and so on).. Most of the posters are by anonymous authors, but the Collection also holds numerous works by renowned Croatian artists and designers like I.. Picelj, B.. Ljubičić, B.. Bućan, A.. Rašić, N.. Dogan, D.. Brčić, M.. Licul, V.. Drajht Kralj, Z.. Pliskovac, Z.. Tišljar, V.. Giuricin, V.. Rožman, M..  ...   is organised annually within the framework of the International Book Fair Interliber in Zagreb.. A special group consists of posters that the MDC publishes to mark International Museum Day and anti-war posters, i.. e.. , those that were created during the Homeland War in Croatia.. Both of these groups are very worthwhile, especially the posters that illustrate the recommended themes for International Museum Day.. Domestic and international.. awards.. are testaments of their quality, most notable among the awards being the most prestigious red.. dot.. award, that was awarded to Boris Ljubičić s poster in 2000.. Tončika Cukrov.. T: + 385 (1) 4817 049.. E:.. About us.. Collections.. Collection of museum posters.. Collection of MDC posters.. Find the poster.. Collection of photographs.. Collection of videos.. Library.. Archive.. Register of museums in Croatia.. Projects.. Publications.. Protection..

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  • Title: MDC | Library > About the library
    Descriptive info: About the Library.. The Library of the Museum Documentation Centre (MDC) is a special library that was founded in 1955 through a donation by the founder of MDC.. Dr.. Antun Bauer.. The library holdings, which number some 40,000 units, cover the field of knowledge about museums and museum activities.. They cover museological literature as well as publications by museums and galleries from Croatia and abroad.. The library acquires its holdings through long-term exchange with museum, museological and similar institutions from Croatia and abroad, through gifts and purchases, all in line with a precisely defined acquisition policy that reflects the professional, scholarly, educational and information needs and demands of the Croatian museum community.. With its library holdings, accompanying information tools  ...   museum community, which includes the academic group of users (theoreticians and teachers of museology and information sciences, students, postgraduate students) and museum professionals (from museum technical staff to museum advisors).. With its holdings systematically set up in several large collections, the library is also open to users from other disciplines historians and historians of art, conservation and restoration professionals, as well as other interested groups like journalists or professionals at the national lexicographic institute.. Ask the librarian a question linked with the library holdings, propose a new title for acquisition, seek help in solving librarian s problems and so on.. Snježana Radovanlija Mileusnić.. T: + 385 (0)1 4847 914.. sradov@mdc.. About the library.. Library catalogue.. New Acquisitions to MDC’s library..

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  • Title: MDC | Archive
    Descriptive info: Archive of museums and galleries in Croatia.. The archive contains documents about the historical development of all museum institutions in the Republic of Croatia, work reports, programmes of work and activities of each museum and gallery, surveys, projects, documentation concerning collaboration with similar institutions home and abroad, as well as with the communities in which they work.. The Archive of Museums and Galleries in Croatia also holds material collected on professional seminars, new exhibitions in museums, treatment of problems of drawing up inventories, conservation and safekeeping of museum materials, it records papers, blueprints of exhibition designs, records of publishing activities, information about the buildings, moves to new sites, refurbishing and adaptation of the rooms in which museums and galleries are housed, collected excerpts from the register as well as letters and recommendations, records of all the public activities of each institution as well as a host of other documents that relate to the staff of museums and galleries and pressing museological themes.. The MDC P.. ersonnel Archive.. The  ...   the information for the Personnel Archive we are contributing to the cultural history of Croatia, facilitating research for future generations and creating materials for future museum publications.. This segment of the intangible heritage has the same value as other archival materials and is subject to regulations pertaining to the protection of cultural assets.. The Homeland War Archive.. This archive holds documents that are thematically linked with the Homeland War (1991-1995), information about museum and gallery institutions in temporarily occupied territory, the condition of the museum and gallery holdings during the war, records of the measures taken to protect the heritage in line with international conventions, records of the theft of cultural treasures, reports by fact-finding missions undertaken by ICOM, the Council of Europe and UNESCO in collaboration with the MCD concerning war damage to museum buildings and museum objects, as well as a register of war damage to museums and galleries in Croatia.. Iva Validžija.. T: + 385 (01) 4817 046.. The Personal Information Archive of Croatian distinguished Curators..

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  • Title: MDC | Plakatoteka
    Descriptive info: MDC.. The online database of the Collection of museum posters enables an insight into and study of the publication of posters on the part of all museums and galleries in Croatia.. The database was formed in 2005, and currently holds a small number of units that will grow over time.. Published by/museum:.. Author:.. Place:.. Year:.. Title:.. Theme:.. Izaberi temu:.. 3 D plakat.. action painting.. aeronautika.. akcija.. akt.. akvarel.. akvizicije.. alpinizam.. alternativa.. amaterizam.. ambalaža.. ambijent.. anale.. andragogija.. angažirana umjetnost.. animalizam.. animirani film.. antifašizam.. antikviteti.. antologija.. Aprilski susreti.. apstraktna umjetnost.. arheologija.. arhitektonska baština.. arhitektura.. arhiv.. arhivalije.. arhivistika.. arhivska građa.. aritmetika.. astronautika.. astronomija.. audiotehnika.. aukcija.. automobil.. avangarda.. avangardna umjetnost.. bakrorez.. balet.. bankarstvo.. barok.. Bartulović, Branimir.. baština.. batik.. Bejahad.. berba grožđa.. bestijarij.. biblija.. bicikl.. bidermajer.. bijenale.. bioetika.. biografija.. biologija.. Biundović, Ivan Franjo.. bjelokost.. blagdan.. botanika.. Božić.. bravarstvo.. brod.. brodogradnja.. bronca.. buna.. crkva.. crkveno suđe.. crtani film.. crtež.. cvijet.. časopis.. čipka.. dadaizam.. Dan državnosti RH.. Dan grada.. Dan hrvatske knjige.. Dan Hrvatske ratne mornarice.. Dan mladosti.. Dan Muzeja antičkog stakla.. Dan Oružanih snaga RH.. Dan otvorenih vrata.. Dan policije.. Dan pristupanja Europskoj uniji.. Dan Republike.. Dan zaštite spomenika kulture.. Dani europske baštine.. Dani Hanibala Lucića.. Dani svemira.. Degen, Bob.. dekorativna umjetnost.. digitalizacija.. dizajn.. djeca.. dječje igre.. događanje.. dokumentacija.. domaćinstvo.. Domovinski rat.. donacija.. donatorstvo.. društvena povijest.. društveni život.. drvo.. drvorez.. duhan.. dvorci.. edukacija.. egipatska civilizacija.. ekologija.. ekonomija.. ekonomska povijest.. eksperiment.. ekspresionizam.. elektronika.. elektrotehnika.. emajl.. energetika.. enologija.. entomologija.. epigrafija.. erotika.. esperanto.. etika.. etnologija.. Europska noć muzeja.. Europski dani baštine.. evolucija.. fajansa.. fantastika.. fauna.. festival.. fibula.. figura.. filatelija.. film.. filmska umjetnost.. filozofija.. fizika.. flora.. folklor.. fonografija.. fosili.. foto - haiga.. fotografija.. franjevci.. freska.. fundus muzeja.. galeb.. gema.. geodezija.. geofizika.. geografija.. geologija.. geometrijska apstrakcija.. glagoljica.. glazba.. gobleni.. Gospić, Antonija.. gospodarstvo.. gotika.. grad.. građanstvo.. grafički dizajn.. grafika.. grafiti.. gramofon.. grbovi.. grčka civilizacija.. groblje.. gvaš.. haiku.. Halštatska kultura.. heraldika.. hidroarheologija.. hidrografija.. historicizam.. hladno oružje.. holokaust.. homor.. hortikultura.. Hrvanović, Maja.. Hrvatski salon.. Hrvatski školski muzej.. humanitarna akcija.. ICOM.. igračke.. igraonica.. II.. svjetski rat.. ikebana.. ikone.. ilegalna trgovina.. Ilirski preporod.. iluminacija.. ilustracija.. imago mortis.. impresionizam.. in memoriam.. industrija.. industrijski dizajn.. informatika.. inkunabule.. inovatorstvo.. instalacije.. instrumenti.. intarzija.. interaktivna izložba.. interijer.. istraživanja.. izdavaštvo.. izložba.. Izložba, povijesna.. Izložba, povijesno-umjetnička.. Izložba, prirodoslovna.. Izložba, slikarska.. Izložba, speleološka.. izložba, umjetnička.. Janović, prof.. dr.. sc.. Zvonimir.. jaslice.. jazz.. jedriličarstvo.. Jevremović, Vuk.. jezikoslovlje.. Jordan, Vasilije.. Jurjevdan.. kabinetski ormarići.. kalendar.. kaligrafija.. kamen.. Kamenar Funči, Zvonimir, umjetnik.. karikatura.. karneval.. karta.. kartografija.. katalog izložbe.. katastar.. kava.. kazalište.. kemija.. keramika.. kiparstvo.. klasicicizam.. klasika.. klesarstvo.. knjige.. književnost.. knjižničarstvo.. kolaž.. kolekcionarstvo.. komunikacije.. konceptualna umjetnost.. koncert.. konferencija..  ...   mediji.. novinstvo.. nuklearna energija.. numizmatika.. nutricionizam.. običaji.. obitelj.. objekti.. obljetnica.. obrt.. obrtništvo.. obuća.. oceanografija.. odjeća.. oftamologija.. oglašavanje.. oglavlja.. okrugli stol.. okvir za sliku.. oltar.. omotnica knjige.. op art.. opera.. optika.. ornitologija.. oružje.. osobe s invaliditetom.. padobranstvo.. paleontologija.. papa.. papir.. park prirode.. Parmiganino.. party.. pasteli.. pavlini.. pčelarstvo.. pečati.. pećinsko slikarstvo.. pedagogija.. pejzaž.. performance.. perivoj.. pero.. Peruzović, Hrvoje.. pisanica.. pismo.. plakat.. plakete.. planetarij.. planinarstvo.. plemstvo.. ples.. podvodna fotografija.. poezija.. policija.. politička povijest.. politički izbori.. politika.. poljoprivreda.. pomagala.. pomorstvo.. pop art.. porculan.. portret.. poster.. pošta.. povijest.. povijest umjetnosti.. pozivnica.. pračovjek.. pravaštvo.. pravo.. predavanje.. prehrana.. preša.. prezentacija.. prijevozno sredstvo.. primijenjena umjetnost.. priredba.. prirodoslovlje.. privatna zaklada.. privatna zbirka.. prodajna izložba.. produkt dizajn.. program.. program događanja.. promet.. promocija.. Prvi maj.. punca.. radio tehnika.. radionica.. radništvo.. rani novi vijek.. rat.. razglednica.. realizam.. reformacija.. reklama.. religija.. reljef.. remek djelo.. renesansa.. rentgen.. reportaža.. reprint.. reprodukcija.. reprodukcija umjetnine.. restauratorstvo.. retrospektivna izložba.. revitalizacija.. revolucija.. ribolov.. Rod, Krešimir.. rokoko.. romanika.. romantizam.. ronilaštvo.. rudarstvo.. ruke.. rukotvorstvo.. ruralna naselja.. sajam.. sakralna baština.. sakralna umjetnost.. salon.. sat.. satovi.. scenografija.. secesija.. seminar.. serigrafija.. sige.. silueta.. simbolizam.. sitotisak.. skulptura.. slikarstvo.. slobodni zidari.. socijalistički realizam.. socijalizam.. speleologija.. spomenička baština.. sport.. srebro.. staklo.. stalni postav.. stanovništvo.. stari majstori.. stolni pribor.. street art.. strip.. strojarstvo.. stručni skup.. suprematizam.. suvenir.. suvremena arhitektura.. suvremena pedagogija.. suvremena povijest.. suvremena umjetnost.. Sv.. Nikola.. svadba.. svemir.. svijet.. svijetlost.. svila.. svjećarstvo.. svjetiljke.. svjetlo.. školstvo.. škrinje.. šport.. šuma.. šumarstvo.. tamburica.. tapeti.. tapiserija.. tašizam.. tehnika.. tehnologija.. tekstil.. telekomunikacije.. televizija.. tenis.. tepih.. tiflologija.. tipografija.. tiskarstvo.. Tjedan muzeja.. trgovina.. tribina.. trijenale.. trodimenzionalni plakat (3D).. turizam.. tuš.. u boji.. ulje.. umjetnički obrt.. umjetnost.. uniforme.. univerzalna baština.. urbana kultura.. urbanizam.. Uskrs.. Valentinovo.. vanzemaljac.. vatrogastvo.. veduta.. vez.. video umjetnost.. videoinstalacija.. Vincent, Goran.. vitaj.. vitez.. vitraj.. vizualna umjetnost.. vlasništvo.. voda.. vojna povijest.. Voloder B.. , Julijana.. Vrdoljak, Marko.. vremeplov.. vulkan.. zastava.. zaštita.. Zbirka Biškupić.. zemljovid.. zidne tapete.. zlatarstvo.. zmajarstvo.. znamjenja.. znanost.. znanstveni skup.. zoologija.. zrakoplovstvo.. željezničarstvo.. žena.. životinje.. Search over the whole word:.. zagreb salon.. Seljačka buna 1573.. Izložba umjetnika partizana.. Izložba dječjeg slikarstva.. Hrvatsko kiparstvo XIX.. i XX.. stoljeća u umjetničkoj fotografiji.. Izložba karikatura.. Mostra di fotografie artisstiche della scultura Croata del secolo XIX e XX.. Mostra di fotografie artistche della scultura Croata della secolo XIX e XX secolo.. Muzej grada Zagreba.. st.. u umjetničkoj fotografiji.. Mostra di fotografie artistiche della scultura Croata del secolo XIX.. e XX.. Šesta godišnja izložba Udruženja likovnih umjetnika Hrvatske.. republička izložba fotografije.. «« « Previous.. 1.. -.. 2.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. Next ».. »».. Show posters 1-16 (of 5001).. Site map.. Impressum.. Rules and guidelines.. top..

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  • Title: MDC | Projects > Projects > Donations to the city of Zagreb online
    Descriptive info: Donations to the city of Zagreb online.. Private collectors have donated to the city of Zagreb valuable holdings of cultural and historical items and works of art that are being kept and presented, in part, in Zagreb s museums.. This involves 27 collections donated over the past 50 years; almost 13,000 objects, drawings, paintings, sculptures and objects of fine craft that are only partially accessible to the public by means of the presentation of the holdings in authentic settings, in situ, or as part of permanent museum exhibitions.. The aim of this project is to present the holdings of all donations with texts and digital images in order to realize the basic aim of the donations making the objects accessible to the public at large.. You can find the list and content of donations at.. www.. zagreb.. Author of the project:.. Višnja Zgaga.. T: + 385 1 48 47 898.. vzgaga@mdc.. Donation by Dr.. Josip Kovačić:.. Croatian Women Painters born in the 19th century.. Tilla Durieux Collection of Artworks.. Josip Crnobori Donation.. Ivan Gerersdorfer Donation.. Collection of Drago Muvrin s African objects of art.. Zlatko Zlatić Collection.. Jozo Kljaković Memorial Collection (HR only).. The Artworks  ...   Cata Dujšin-Ribar Collection.. 8.. The Nada Mirjević Collection.. 9.. The Ivan Gerersdorfer Collection of Music Automata.. The Vjenceslav Richter and Nada Kareš-Richter Collection.. The Zora Majer Collection.. The Tille Durieux Collection of Artworks.. The Master Craftsman Workshop for the Restoration and Building of Stringed Instruments of the late Franjo Schneider Collection.. The Bela and Miroslav Krleža Memorial Space.. Josip Kovačić Donation Croatian Women Painters Born in the 19th Century.. 16.. Vinko Perčić Memorial Collection.. 17.. The Marta and Vilim Svečnjak Collection.. The Nikola Marčetić Functional Culturology Collection.. The Ambiental Collection of the Sculptor Professor Robert Frangeš-Mihanović.. The Ljeposlav Perinić Collection of Dolls in Folk Costume from All Over the World.. 21.. The Branko Majer and Katja Matkovič-Majer Collection.. 22.. The Silvana Seissel Donation.. 23.. The Marija Tomljenović-Valečić Collection.. 24.. Vera Horvat-Pintarić Collection.. The Josip Crnobori Donation.. The Drago Muvrin Collection of Traditional African Artworks.. Anto Rodin Collection of Old Packaging.. 28.. The Artworks Collection of Painter, Printmaker and Restorer Josip Restek.. Register of museums and collections belonging to religious communities.. Register of war damage to museums and museum holdings.. Computerisation of Croatian museums.. International Museum Day in Croatia.. Museum statistics.. Exhibitions.. Lectures.. Congresses, Symposia, Workshops..

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  • Title: MDC | Katalog knjižnice
    Descriptive info: Ask a librarian.. How to conduct a search.. MDC's Library catalogue is a set of records of the materials in MDC's holdings.. The catalogue does not reflect the holdings of MDC in their entirety, but rather certain segments that have been electronically processed.. These include bibliographical records for printed and electronic materials on CD ROMs and manuscript holdings.. Users are requested to seek information about other segments of the holdings using the Ask the Librarian service.. Searching the catalogue:.. Author(s):.. Impressum:.. Subject:.. ISBN/ISSN:..

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  • Title: MDC | Projects > Projects > Register of war damage to museums and museum holdings
    Descriptive info: War damages to museums and museum holdings in Croatia.. Bibliography.. The project of listing, estimating and evaluating war damage to museums and museum holdings during the Homeland War 1991-1995-1997 in Croatia is the result of long-term work that was carried out by professionals from the MDC together with numerous associates.. MDC began to collect information and documentation about everyday damage suffered by museums, museum buildings and holdings.. In the first half of 1996 the Ministry of Culture appointed MDC s professionals to the.. expert commission for listing and estimating war damage to museum holdings in Croatia.. (within the Special Central Commission for Listing and Estimating War Damage to Cultural Monuments appointed by the Ministry of Culture, in line with the Act on Determining War Damage, 1991).. The Commission began to systematically list war damage to museum holdings on the basis of existing documentation entered into the database known as the.. Register of war damage to museums and galleries in Croatia.. , which was updated daily with information and documentation gathered through field visits to all affected institutions and sites.. The collected data were published at the end of 1997 in the  ...   Ministry of Culture.. UNESCO s funds for the project.. War Damage to Museum Holdings in Croatia were used for: evaluating collected data, developing software and web publication.. ; at the end of 2001 dedicated information about damage to museum holdings was presented on the web with photographic documentation of museum objects in individual museums.. A total of 8,225 museum objects were affected, 5,038 of them disappeared or were looted, while 2,374 objects were destroyed and 843 of them suffered damage.. In 2005 the project was finalized with the presentation of information about damage to the holdings of the.. Vukovar City Museum.. and its three satellite museums/departments the Bauer Collection and Gallery of Art, the Lavoslav Ružička Memorial Museum and the Memorial Museum of the Second Congress of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia, as well as information about the return of holdings to four museum institutions.. This enabled us to finally determine the war damage to museum holdings in Croatia: a total of.. 51,652.. objects were affected,.. 46,191.. of them.. disappeared or were looted.. ,.. 3,178.. were.. destroyed.. , and.. 2,283 suffered damage.. Vladimira Pavić.. T: + 385 (0)1 4817 065.. vpavic@mdc..

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  • Title: MDC | Personalni arhiv
    Descriptive info: Find a curator.. Alphabetical list.. A-E.. F-G.. H-K.. L-M.. N-R.. S-U.. V-Ž.. Aleksić, Lucija.. Babin, Ankica.. Balabanić, Josip.. Balen, Branka.. Balen-Letunić, Dubravka.. Barbalić, Željko.. Barbić, Vesna.. Baričević, Marina.. Baričević, Dorotea.. Batorović, Mato.. Bauer, Antonija.. Bauer, Antun.. Begonja-Vidović, Leonilda.. Benc-Bošković, Katica.. Benyovsky, Lucija.. Borošak-Marijanović, Jelena.. Brajdić, Vjekoslav.. Brlošić, Stjepan.. Bulat, Mirko.. Buršić, Herman.. Cvitanović, Đurđica.. Čorak, Željka.. Ćus-Rukonić, Jasminka.. Diana, Deša.. Diminić, Josip.. Dobronić, Lelja.. Draganić, Danica.. Drechsler-Bižić, Ružica.. Dučakijević, Mirjana.. Dukat, Zdenka.. Durbešić, Viktorija.. Dvojković, Zdravko.. Eckhel, Nerina.. Fazinić, Alena.. Frajtag, Zdenka.. Gašparović, Ljerka.. Girardi-Jurkić, Vesna.. Gjetvaj, Nada.. Goll, Predrag.. Gotthardi-Škiljan, Renata.. Hajduk, Stjepan.. Hećimović, Branko.. Heim, Mira.. Horvat, Ida.. Horvat, Vlado.. Horvatić, Franjo.. Iskra-Janošić, Ivana.. Ivanuš, Rhea Silvija.. Ivanuša, Dolores.. Ivetić, Marija.. Ivkanec, Ivanka.. Ivoš, Jelena.. Jajčević, Zdenko.. Juroš-Monfardin, Fina.. Kalauz, Ksenija.. Kalšan, Vladimir.. Karaman, Antun.. Kečkemet, Duško.. Kelemen, Boris.. Kero, Pavao.. Kirigin, Branko.. Klemm, Miroslav.. Kličinović, Božena.. Kosanović, Nikola.. Koščević, Želimir.. Kraguljac, Božena.. Kralj, Ariana.. Kružić-Uchytil, Vera.. Ladović, Vanda.. Ladović, Josip.. Lazarević, Aleksandra.. Lechner, Zdenka.. Leskošek, Vilim.. Lončarić, Magdalena.. Majanović, Nada.. Maleković, Vladimir.. Maroević, Tonko.. Maroević, Ivo.. Maruševski, Olga.. Matić, Ivan.. Mihovilić, Kristina.. Miškiv, Ivanka-Jesenka.. Mrkobrad, Valerija.. Munk, Zdenka.. Nedved, Branka.. Orlić, Alma.. Oštrić, Olga.. Oštrić, Goroslav.. Pauletich, Antonio.. Pavić, Vladimira.. Pavlović, Zagorka.. Petricioli, Sofija.. Petr-Marčec, Smiljana.. Premerl, Nada.. Prister, Boris.. Quien, Guido.. Radauš-Ribarić, Jelka.. Radovčić, Jakov.. Ramušćak, Ljubica.. Randić, Mirjana.. Rendić-Miočević, Ante.. Ribičić-Županić, Anica.. Rus, Zdenko.. Sakač, Mirjana.. Schneider, Marijana.. Sokač-Štimac, Dubravka.. Sorić, Ante.. Staničić, Stanko.. Stergar, Branka.. Susovski, Marijan.. Šercer, Marija.. Šestan, Ivan.. Širec, Ljubica.. Škulj, Božica.. Šterk, Slavko.. Šutalo, Kata.. Toldi, Zvonimir.. Tomičić, Jasna.. Tonković, Marija.. Tonković, Snježana.. Uskoković, Jelena.. Velić, Biserka.. Vikić, Branka.. Vinterhalter, Jadranka.. Vojnović, Zdenko.. Vojnović, Mihovil.. Vorano, Tullio.. Vrbanić-Fadjejev, Ivana.. Vrkljan-Križić, Nada.. Zebec, Vladimir.. Zidić, Igor.. Name and surname:.. Home institution:.. Arcaheological Museum of Istria.. Arcaheological Museum Split.. Archaeological Museum Zadar.. Archaeological Museum in Zagreb.. Belisce Museum.. Bjelovar Municipal Museum.. Cres Museum.. Croatian History Museum.. Croatian Natural History Museum.. Croatian Railways Museum.. Croatian School Museum..  ...   and Arts.. Nova Gradiška Municipal Museum.. Ozalj Local History Museum.. Pazin Municipal Museum.. Permanent Exhibition of Religious Art.. Požega Municipal Museum.. Public Institution Ante and Wiltrud Topić Mimara Art Collection - Mimara Museum.. Rovinj Local History Museum.. Samobor Museum.. Sisak Municipal Museum.. Slavonski Brod Fine Arts Gallery.. Split Ethnographic Museum.. Split Municipal Museum.. Šibenik Municipal Museum.. Technical Museum.. The Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts Glyptotheque.. The Croatian Museum of Naive Art.. The Podravka Museum of Nutrition.. The Strossmayer Gallery of Old Masters of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.. Trakosćan Castle.. Varazdin Municipal Museum.. Varaždin Municipal Museum.. Varaždinske Toplice Local History Museum.. Vinkovci Municipal Museum.. Virovitica Municipal Museum.. Vukovar Municipal Museum.. Zadar Regional Museum.. Zagreb Municipal Museum.. Field of work:.. archaeology.. architecture.. arts.. biology.. conservation.. documentalist.. ethnography.. ethnology.. fine arts.. history.. librarianship.. museology.. natural history.. numismatics.. painting.. pedagogy.. religious arts.. restoration.. sculpture.. The Personal Information Archive of the MDC.. features all the important museum officers and art historians who with their efforts, work, expertise, knowledge, with their museum and cultural programmes, with their successes at home and abroad have enriched the cultural history of Croatia.. The integration of all the data about the life and work of distinguished museum personnel in Croatia, linked with the on-line.. Register of Museums and Galleries of Croatia.. as well as with the.. MDC Library.. , makes research work simpler for present and future museumists, enables individual or collective bibliographies of museumists to be drawn up, together with monographs concerning museum institutions or personnel, the making of documentary programmes for radio and television and such like.. Data from the.. Personal Information Archive.. can be used for museological purposes to highlight the roles of each individual distinguished museumist in the development of the cultural atmosphere and the preservation of the lasting values of the intangible cultural heritage.. For any additional information, you are cordially invited to contact the head,..

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  • Title: MDC | Projects > Projects > International Museum Day in Croatia
    Descriptive info: The marking of International Museum Day.. , May 18th, was initiated in 1977 by the.. International Council on Museums (ICOM).. Every year, ICOM recommends to its members (museums and experts working in museums) a topic linked with current trends and events within the museum community.. It is an opportunity for museums all over the world to attract public attention to the cultural heritage and the role of museums in preserving it.. At the MDC s initiative, International Museum Day in Croatia has been marked since 1980.. In line with ICOM s recommendations, MDC informs museums about the theme, invites them to participate, communicates suggestions for marking the day, provides the public with an announcement at a press conference detailing  ...   sends to all Croatian museums and to many institutions abroad.. In order to promote their work, on that day museums and galleries not only provide free admission for visitors, but also organize various events, from promotional campaigns, exhibition openings, openings of new museum rooms, to expert analysis, concerts, various programs and other activities aimed at various target groups children, families, people with special needs.. A chronological overview of themes for marking International Museum Day recommended by ICOM.. Overview of events in galleries and museums in Croatia between 1990 and 2005 published in.. Informatica Museologica.. T: + 385 1 48 17 078.. Email:.. tcukrov@mdc.. News about International Museum Day.. 19/04/2007.. Press release from ICOM /.. ICOM's.. Pledge to Universal Heritage..

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  • Title: MDC | Projects > Projects > Museum statistics
    Descriptive info: Museum Statistics.. Here you can find texts, overviews and statistics about Croatian museums.. They were created through various research and data analysis with the aim of gaining insight into the condition and trends in different segments of museum activity and museums in general.. Statistical overviews are based on information from the.. Register of Museums, Galleries and Collections in Croatia.. We also present projects by the.. European Group for Museum  ...   other European countries.. EGMUS publication.. A Guide to European Museum Statistics.. Annual overviews according to categories: founder, scope of activity, type of museum / collection, structure of professional staff.. Statistical overview for 2011.. Statistical overview for 2009.. Statistical overview for 2008.. Statistical overview for 2007.. Statistical overview for 2006.. Statistical overview for 2005.. Statistical overview for 2004.. Statistical overview for 2003.. Tea Rihtar.. T: + 385 (01) 4817 043.. trihtar@mdc..

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