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  • Title: MDC | Projects > Exhibitions > Exhibitions of publications by Croatian museums and galleries
    Descriptive info: Glavni sadržaj.. |.. Navigacija u kategoriji.. Museums in Croatia.. Links.. hrvatski.. | english.. Contact.. your e-mail.. your message.. Exhibitions of publications by Croatian museums and galleries.. In 1982 MDC initiated the exhibition project.. Publication activities by Croatian museums and galleries.. From that time this annual thematic exhibition aims at the following:.. to provide the professional public, as well as the public at large (students, collectors, antique book dealers, bibliophiles, people with various interests, various age groups and professions) a direct insight into and contact with the publishing activities of museums and galleries from all over Croatia in the past year;.. to present the publication activities of museums and galleries as a very vital and significant segment of the work of these institutions;.. to continuously follow the development and standardization of museum publications, the design of their formal and essential characteristics (electronic publishing), turning towards target groups like children (museum primers, picture books ) or people with special needs (the sight impaired and blind);.. to present art and design solutions for museum publications;.. to promote the publishing activities of museums and galleries, to increase and  ...   the exhibition of publication activities by Croatian museums and galleries is the only and most comprehensive form of the presentation of a broad spectrum of museum topics and their realization that ranges from computer printouts of exhibition catalogues to deluxe encyclopaedia-type publications, or modern electronic publications.. The exhibition is accompanied by various promotional drives, thematic exhibitions or presentations to mark museum anniversaries, to draw attention to significant individual museum projects.. By presenting the first museum CD-ROMs, museum publications for children and the young population, the visual identity of Croatian museums, awards to museum publications and so on, the intention is to present the specific nature of museum publications.. All exhibitions are accompanied by a.. catalogue.. containing a list of exhibited museum publications.. During the 20th exhibition, MDC organized an international symposium.. Museum Publications and the New Media.. (Zagreb, the Mimara Museum, November 12th and 13th 2001), with the participation of experts from Croatia, Great Britain, Hungary and Slovenia.. About us.. Collections.. Library.. Archive.. Register of museums in Croatia.. Projects.. Exhibitions.. Lectures.. Congresses, Symposia, Workshops.. Publications.. Protection.. Online gallery.. Interliber, November 2008.. Interliber, November 2007..

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  • Title: MDC | Projects > Lectures > Open Wednesday
    Descriptive info: Open Wednesday.. Lectures, discussions, seminars, presentations and promotions are held every Wednesday at the Museum Documentation Centre starting at 1 pm.. It is a place for dialogue and the gathering of information from various sectors; a place where the museum community communicates with other sectors important  ...   taking part include curators, information experts, computer professionals, restoration professionals, economists, lawyers, sociologists, reporters, artists, collectors - all those who can bring greater awareness to the natural and cultural heritage creatively and in a competent manner.. Višnja Zgaga.. T: + 385 (01) 4847 897.. E:.. vzgaga@mdc.. hr..

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  • Title: MDC | Projects > Congresses, Symposia, Workshops
    Descriptive info: Music in the Museum / Museums of Music.. International Symposium.. Organised by the Museum Documentation Centre.. Venue and time: October 16-18, 2013.. Mimara Museum, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Croatian Music Institute, Museum Mimara, Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Arts and Crafts, Zagreb.. The Museum Documentation Centre is organising an international symposium on the theme of the Croatian music and sound heritage entitled Music in the Museum / Museums of Music.. Objective of the Symposium.. We have identified the absence in Croatia of any national museum of music or any strategy for the systematic collection and study of the musical heritage.. The objective of the symposium is to register the musical material in museums and other heritage institutions; to bring into focus the problems of the study and presentation of the heritage of musical monuments and the intangible musical heritage, including their preservation and communication with the public via digital media; to create a database and interconnect  ...   Documentation Centre organizes the round-table conference on different forms of connecting/networking museums in European countries.. The official language of the conference will be English.. The goal of the round-table conference is to learn about the system of connecting/networking museums in each of the participating countries (through presentations) and to exchange experiences (through discussion).. The professionals from Belgium, Norway, Slovenia, Portugal and Croatia will present their systems of connection, i.. e.. creating the system of assistance and support for their museums considering organizing and everyday activity.. The discussion about the networking experiences would take place after the presentations.. (more).. Museums and Literature.. Mimara Museum, October 26th and 27th 2006.. The international symposium dealing with the theme Museums and Literature, organised by MDC in Zagreb within the framework of marking the 25th exhibition of publishing activities by Croatian museums and galleries, will bring together museum professionals, authors and other heritage experts in order to consider the interrelationship between museums and literature.. MUVI..

    Original link path: /en/mdc/projects/congresses-symposia-workshops/
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  • Title: MDC | Projects > Projects
    Descriptive info: This section provides information about projects and activities that were initiated by professionals from the Museum Documentation Centre or were implemented in cooperation with associates from other institutions.. Some of the projects were initiated over twenty years ago on a local, regional and national level, and only to a lesser extent on an international level.. Professionals from the MDC play a consulting role in various museological questions, they develop museological projects: proposals for museum activities, museum exhibition designs, they take part in carrying  ...   promote the creation of digital heritage archives (Donations to the City of Zagreb Online); they promote the potential of museums, their activities and achievements to the public at large (International Museum Day).. You can find a comprehensive list of individual projects on the right-hand side of the menu.. Register of museums and collections belonging to religious communities.. Register of war damage to museums and museum holdings.. Computerisation of Croatian museums.. Donations to the city of Zagreb online.. International Museum Day in Croatia.. Museum statistics..

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  • Title: MDC | Publications > Museology
    Descriptive info: Museology.. ISSN 0353-7552.. Back numbers.. Instructions for contributors.. Museology.. is a professional and scholarly periodical that has been published since 1953 and it promotes content contributing to the development of the scholarly discipline of museology, from the publication of master s theses from the field of information  ...   way to promoting research into the history of museums and collections, the phenomenon of collecting and Croatian collectors.. The periodical is published once a year, with summaries in English.. Editor: Višnja Zgaga.. Informatica museologica.. Zagreb Museums Annual Reports.. Croatian Museums Annual Reports.. Monograph editions.. Handbooks.. Guides.. Catalogues.. Bibliography..

    Original link path: /en/mdc/publications/museology/
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  • Title: MDC | Publications > Informatica museologica
    Descriptive info: Informatica Museologica.. ISSN 0350-2325.. is the only museological periodical in Croatia; it has been published continuously since 1970 and deals with museum activities, reflects the role and vision of the museum community and represents the voice of museum professionals that today shape the varied contemporary museum and cultural context.. Our aim is to make the journal an open forum for diverse knowledge, experience, concepts and contemporary thinking, as well as to promote various forms of professional and scholarly research in museums.. This professional journal with its content encompasses current themes from museum theory and  ...   abroad.. The periodical has the following permanent sections:.. Topic of this volume, Main Feature, Museum Theory and Practice, Views, Experiences, Events , Congresses, Symposia, ICOM, Collectors, Conservation, Info.. The periodical is aimed at museum professionals, students, collectors and all other interested readers.. Apart from experts from MDC, those contributing to the creation of the periodical include numerous contributors from Croatia and abroad, and we also carry some texts from museum periodicals from abroad.. It is published twice a year with a print run of 600 copies in Croatian, with summaries in English.. Editor: Lada Dražin-Trbuljak..

    Original link path: /en/mdc/publications/informatica-museologica/
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  • Title: MDC | Publications > Croatian Museums Annual Reports
    Descriptive info: Croatian Museums Annual Reports.. ISSN 1332-8662.. Croatian Museums Annual Reports have been published since 1999.. They provide an overview of the work of museums in 18 of the 20 counties (since the reports for the City of Zagreb and the County of Zagreb are published, because of organizational and financial reasons as a separate publication).. The  ...   educational activities, research and cataloguing, exhibitions, publications, number of visits and other segments of museum activities.. All the information is clearly laid out according to administrative and geographical divisions (by counties) and according to professional topics.. The reports provide you with an opportunity of analyzing, comparing and studying the activities of Croatian museums.. Editor: Tea Rihtar..

    Original link path: /en/mdc/publications/croatian-museums-annual-reports-/
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  • Title: MDC | Publications > Zagreb Museums Annual Reports
    Descriptive info: ISSN 1331-274X.. From the.. that the MDC has published since 1994 you can learn about the activities of museums in Zagreb from acquisitions, to documented objects, educational activities, publications, research and cataloguing.. The reports allow you to analyze, compare and study the activities of museums in Zagreb..

    Original link path: /en/mdc/publications/zagreb-museums-annual-reports/
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  • Title: MDC | Croatian Museums on the Internet
    Descriptive info: Archiving the project Museums of Croatia on the Internet 1996-2008.. MDC launched the project Museums of Croatia on the Internet (MHI in the Croatian version) in 1996.. To date, 33 museum institutions have been presented under the aegis of the project, all told 50 museums, when their local collections and subsidiaries are included.. It was our ambition, through the systematic presentation of museums as a valuable and interesting part of the Croatian cultural heritage, to bring museums and the museum material closer to the public via a medium that has from the beginning of the project undergone such vigorous expansion and such enormous changes.. This was in fact a pioneering undertaking at that time, when there were still very few museums in the world at large to have their own Web sites.. It was the first step taken by Croatian museums out of their own physical spaces, many of which at that time had been damaged by the war, the material being placed in secure stores and thus made inaccessible.. It was also the way to make the fastest and most effective use of the new information technologies in museums.. The first steps in the digitalisation of the museum material, which is to say the cultural heritage as a whole and the creation of digital collections, were also closely tied to MHI.. This move into the global virtual world contributed to museums being more open and communicative, and conversely its aim was to bring more real visitors into the museum.. From the very beginning the project was acknowledged as a new value.. Prizes and recognitions received bear witness to this: the prize of the portal Internet Monitor for the best scenario and for the amount of content presented, for the quality of design and the importance for Croatian culture in 1998; there was also the CARNet Users Conference CUC99 recognition; and in 1999 the project was mentioned in the UNESCO publication World Culture Report 2000 as one of the 200 best cultural projects in the world for the new millennium.. The presentation of the first ten museums was supported by the Croatian Academic Network or CARNet; in 1999 a CD Rom was issued Hrvatski muzeji 1/Croatian Museums 1, with twenty museum web sites from the MHI project.. The presentation of the museums was conceived as providing a guide through  ...   By working on the project, we too have learned, have developed, and the result is the current MDC Web site, in which, in various ways and shapes, contents originally presented as part of MHI are now accessible.. Because of the obsolescence of certain technological approaches (particularly those on the early Web sites), and because of our wish to use our database about Croatian museums and to automate the updating of information, particularly under the headings General Information and Activities, we decided to archive the existing situation of the MHI project (February 20, 2008), as a document of the state of affairs in the museums presented at a given moment, of the ways of thinking about museums and the technological solutions.. But the descriptions of collections and depictions of museum objects as well as the numerous permanent displays are still current and topical, can still be used as a worthwhile source of data.. Up-to-date information about all Croatian museums (general information) is to be found on the pages of Museums Survey [Survey of Museums] you can browse the activities of museums in the Calendar of Events; a review of publishing activity is accessible in the MDC Library Catalogue and Accessions Bibliography.. The Hvar Heritage Museum.. Stjepan Gruber - Local History Museum.. The Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.. Glyptotheque, Zagreb.. Križevci Municipal Museum.. Gallery of Fine Arts, Split.. Ivan Meštrović Foundation.. Museum of Peasants Uprising.. , Gornja Stubica.. Moslavina Museum, Kutina.. Rijeka Natural History Museum.. Zagreb Municipal Museum.. Makarska Municipal Museum.. Gallery of Fine Arts.. , Osijek.. The Old Village Museum, Kumrovec.. Arcaheological Museum of Istria.. , Pula.. Museum of Contemporary Art, Z.. agreb.. Kaštela Municipal Museum.. , Kaštel Lukšić.. Arcaheological Museum Split.. Međimurje Regional Museum in Cakovec.. Dubrovnik Museums.. , Dubrovnik.. Split Municipal Museum.. HT Museum - Croatian Post and Telecommunication Museum.. , Zagreb.. The Strossmayer Gallery of Old Masters of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.. ,.. Zagreb.. Antun Augustincic Gallery, Klanjec.. Ethnographic Museum Zagreb.. Technical Museum.. Museum of Arts and Crafts, Zagreb.. Našice Local History Museum.. Varaždin Municipal Museum.. Virovitica Municipal Museum.. Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments.. , Split.. Museum of Slavonija, Osijek.. Karlovac Municipal Museum.. Trakošćan Castle.. Overview of museums.. Overview of museums, collections and treasuries owned by religious communities.. The System of Museums.. Croatian Museums on the Internet.. War damage to museums and museum holdings..

    Original link path: /en/museums-in-croatia/croatian-museums-on-the-internet/
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  • Title: MDC | The System of Museums > About the System of Museums
    Descriptive info: About the System of museums.. legal framework.. The Act on Museums (1998).. Regulations concerning the means and measures for joining the System of Museums of the Republic of Croatia (2002).. principles of coordination and communication.. The principle of professional competence and flexibility.. aim/goal.. a unique professional approach to carrying out museum activities (Article 2, Rules ).. a unique professional approach developing standards for activities.. promoting the dissemination of museum projects and events.. promoting and supporting a higher quality of functioning for museums in the form of preserving, protecting, studying and promoting the  ...   activities and work of museums.. strengthening inter-museum cooperation as well as cooperation among specialized experts in and outside museums through joint projects and mutual exchange of activities and services, advice.. strengthening the links and supporting partnership among museums and other local, regional and national heritage and cultural institutions with the aim of pursuing joint or complementary projects.. central advisory institution.. professional activity aimed at promoting the quality of museum activities through establishing a unique standard and norms (Article 4, Rules ).. monitoring/professional assistance/upgrading work.. About the System of Museums.. Museum Network Councils..

    Original link path: /en/museums-in-croatia/the-system-of-museums-/about-the-system-of-museums/
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  • Title: MDC | Projects > Projects > Computerisation of Croatian museums
    Descriptive info: The project of computerization of museum activities in Croatia is an extension of the MDC s long-term activities aimed at the computerization of the.. Croatian museum network.. As early as in 1980 the MDC initiated the project the.. Basics of Documentation and Classification of Museum and Gallery Objects in Croatia.. , with instructions for security microfilming of museum documentation.. An important part of the project was the Museum and Gallery Information System MUGIS, which was envisaged as a communication network for unifying and linking the information holdings of museums, users and other potentials in museum activities.. The implementation of systematic computerization was ensured in 2004 by the Ministry of Culture when it acquired the M++ software by Link2.. MDC was given the role of coordination and expert advice in installing, maintaining and monitoring the treatment of museum holdings with the aim of improving the computer cataloguing of museum objects (according to records to date, it amounts to only 10 per cent of the number of objects and 22 per cent of the total amount of holdings  ...   The M++ program completely conforms to the Rules governing the content and method of keeping museum documentation about museum holdings (Official Gazette 108/02), and its main characteristics are the following:.. it supports the treatment of primary, secondary and tertiary documentation using sophisticated means of search, thus enabling a flexible access to the database and complete control over its content.. it supports multi-user work on a computer network, along with a system for protecting access to data.. transfer of data into pdf and XML formats.. total flexibility for printing (forms, captions, catalogue units etc.. ).. various possibilities for repeat use of digital content (text, image, sound, video ).. Report by Mirna Šimat and Vladimira Pavić, MDC.. Vladimira Pavić.. T: + 385 1 48 17 065.. vpavic@mdc.. Doroteja Živčec.. T: + 385 1 48 47 897.. dzivcec@mdc.. MDC Select.. EVA 2006 Moscow.. The Computerisation of Croatian Museum Network.. , ppt (7,73 MB).. The presentation of Višnja Zgaga, museum adviser and Mirna Šimat, IT specialist on the Annual Conference EVA Electronic Information, the Visual Arts Beyond,.. http://www.. eva-conferences.. com..

    Original link path: /en/mdc/projects/projects/computerisation-of-croatian-museums/
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