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  • Title: MDC | About us > Mission statement
    Descriptive info: Glavni sadržaj.. |.. Navigacija u kategoriji.. Museums in Croatia.. Links.. hrvatski.. | english.. Contact.. your e-mail.. your message.. Mission Statement.. For half a century we have been working with museum professionals and museums in order:.. to make Croatian museums more efficient, more influential, more recognisable and more present.. to protect the diversity  ...   value in the past and the present.. to create and nurture links with all sectors that deal with the heritage and with museums.. Višnja Zgaga, directress of the Museum Documentation Center.. About us.. Info.. MDC today.. Mission statement.. History.. Vision.. Staff.. Collections.. Library.. Archive.. Register of museums in Croatia.. Projects.. Publications.. Protection..

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  • Title: MDC | About us > History
    Descriptive info: The Museum Documentation Centre was founded after the initiative launched by.. dr.. Antun Bauer.. and the decision of the Governing Board of the Museum Society of the Peoples Republic of Croatia in Zagreb in mid-1955 with the task of:.. systematically collecting, recording and cataloguing material dealing with the development and activities of museum institutions.. collecting professional museological literature, documentation and materials.. serving professionals and all persons interested in furthering the museum profession.. popularising the work and activities of museum institutions.. With the aim of founding the MDC, Dr.. Antun Bauer donated to the city of Zagreb a large collection of documentation, photographs, professional books and collections of prints that he had collected over three decades, all of them related to museum themes.. It is interesting to note that after an initiative by the Executive Council of the Croatian Parliament in 1952, a  ...   Parliament, comprehensive information about each museum in Croatia was collected for the first time along the lines of the principles according to which similar material was systematically recorded at the ICOM Museum Documentation Centre in Paris.. From 1955 to 1964 the MDC functioned within the framework of the Croatian School Museum.. After a decision by the Museum Council and with the approval of the Directorate for Culture of the Republic of Croatia, on January 21st 1964, the MDC was founded as an independent department of the Croatian School Museum in Zagreb, and two years later, on December 5th 1966, it was assigned to the Technical Museum.. MDC was registered as an independent institution at the Circuit Court on July 22nd 1968, with its address at Mesnička 5 in Zagreb.. Today it is located in premises on the second floor in Ilica 44..

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  • Title: MDC | About us > Vision
    Descriptive info: Forming a central point, the database of museum objects online collections.. Mediation between museum databases and European databases.. Coordinating the infrastructure of the digitalisation of museum content.. The creation of the Croatian digital museum network.. Višnja Zgaga, director of the MDC, Strategy of development for 2003 to 2007..

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  • Title: MDC | About us > Staff
    Descriptive info: If you wish to contact any of the staff of the Museum Documentation Centre directly, please do so by calling these numbers or writing to the following e-mails:.. Višnja Zgaga.. , the director.. museum advisor.. +385 (0)1 48 47 898.. Vladimira Pavić.. +385 (0)1 48 17 065.. Tončika Cukrov.. senior curator.. +385  ...   897.. Tea Rihtar.. documentarist.. +385 (0)1 48 17 043.. mr.. sc.. Snježana Radovanlija Mileusnić.. senior librarian.. +385 (0)1 48 47 914.. Iva Validžija.. curator.. +385 (0)1 48 17 046.. Doroteja Živčec.. IT specialist.. Denis Bučar.. IT administrator.. Mika Janjić.. technical staff, treasurer.. Dorotea Kršnjavi.. administrative secretary.. Renata Roca.. administration worker and typist..

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  • Title: MDC | Register of museums in Croatia
    Descriptive info: Register of Museums, Galleries and Collections in Croatia.. Find a museum - search the Register database.. The focus of attention of the documentation and information system of the MDC is on the museum and the collection as a specific category of material.. This is the reason why the MDC keeps the Register of Museums, Galleries and Collections in Croatia as a unique and specific database of museums, their collections and professional staff.. The main criterion for listing in the Register is the existence of holdings that form a collection.. Conceived in this way, the Register is in fact a record of the musealised heritage and contains information about all museum institutions in Croatia regardless of their legal and administrative status.. According to professional and administrative criteria, we differentiate between museums that:.. A.. meet all the conditions laid down by the Museum Act , and have an approved act concerning their founding, i.. e.. , they legally exist as institutions,.. B.. partially meet the conditions laid down by the Museum Act and are working on meeting all the conditions,.. C.. do not meet the conditions laid down by the Museum Act and have little chance of meeting them, but they have holdings, i.. , a collection.. These are, for example, collections or institutions that ICOM defines as museums, but are not recognised as such by the Croatian Museum Act , and have no  ...   cent.. Apart from surveys, information is collected all year round in other ways: from work reports, orally, through correspondence, through visits to museums undertaken for other purposes, news from the written media and in other ways.. The static and locally single-user oriented database that existed from its inception in 1992 has become - on the basis of professional criteria and user demand, and with the assistance of new technologies dynamic, accessible over the Internet and multi-user oriented.. Today, the MDC is the only institution that can offer a comprehensive and systematic set of data concerning museums, and therefore represents an important source of information for museum professionals, for the system of museums in Croatia, the Ministry of Culture, international organisations and projects, the media, the public at large, as well as for MDC s experts in their everyday professional activities and in their work on various projects.. The elaboration of general and specific statistical reports and the analysis of data from the Register enable the MDC to offer relevant information that provides an overview of the Croatian museum community, on the basis of which one can create and correct museum policy in Croatia.. By joining in the work of.. EGMUS.. (European Group on Museum Statistics) and.. CALIMERA.. -e (Cultural Applications: Local Institutions Mediating Electronic Resource Access), information from the Register can be used in drawing up comparative analyses on a European level..

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  • Title: MDC | Protection
    Descriptive info: The courses are intended for curators and other museum professionals that take care of collections, but they are also useful for conservation workers, collectors and people from churches who wish to learn more about preserving collections.. Protecting museum collections an introduction to preventative protection.. This is general course and includes basic information about preventative protection of museum holdings, collections and museum objects, namely all types of material from which objects are made and all types of possible damage.. It provides basic knowledge about preventative protection.. We recommend the course as  ...   protection of paintings.. The course includes procedures for the preventative protection of paintings on canvas and on wood, and sporadically for those on metal or glass.. It does not deal with works of art on paper.. This specialized course is recommended for all those who come into contact with this type of material in any form.. MDC is always ready to advise and assist in the sphere of preventative protection (approach, instruments, materials, equipment ).. T: 01 4847 897.. F: 01 4847 913.. Email:.. info@mdc.. hr.. Expert opinions, recommendations, reports, studies..

    Original link path: /en/mdc/protection/
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  • Title: MDC | Pregled muzeja: Alphabetical list (A-E)
    Descriptive info: Find a museum.. Name of museum.. A-E.. F-G.. H-K.. L-M.. N-R.. S-U.. V-Ž.. Any word.. Map of Croatia.. Complex search.. Ante and Wiltrud Topic Mimara Art Collection - Mimara Museum.. Rooseveltov trg 5.. 10000 Zagreb.. 01/4828-100.. Antonio Smareglia Memorial Room.. Augustov prolaz 3.. 52100 Pula.. 052/213-888, 388-831.. Antun Gojak Town Gallery.. Don Mihovila Pavlinovića 1.. 21300 Makarska.. 021/612-198.. Aquarium and Maritime Tradition Museum.. Obala Matice hrvatske 123.. 22211 Vodice.. 098-353-063, 098-214-634.. Arcaheological Museum in Split.. Zrinsko-Frankopanska 25.. 21000 Split.. 021/329-340.. Archaeological Museum in Zadar.. Trg opatice Čike 1.. 23000 Zadar.. 023/250-516, 250-542.. Archaeological Museum in Zadar - Museum of Nin Antiquities.. Trg Kraljevac 8.. 23232 Nin.. 023/264-726, 264-160.. Archaeological Museum in Zagreb.. Trg Nikole Šubića Zrinskog 19.. 01/4873-000, 4873-101.. Archaeological Museum of Istria.. Carrarina ulica 3.. 052/351-300.. Art Collection of the City of Pula.. Matka Laginje 5.. 052/222-662.. Bakar Municipal Museum.. Primorje 39.. 51222 Bakar.. 051/761-119.. Baltazar Bogišić Collection of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.. Dr.. Ante Starčevića 1.. 20210 Cavtat.. 020/478-556.. Baška Local History Museum.. Ulica kralja Zvonimira 28.. 51523 Baška.. 051/750-550.. Baška Voda Archaeological Collection.. Blato 4.. 21320 Baška Voda.. 021/620-244, 620-713.. Batinske Gallery – Ivan Lacković Croata.. Kanalska 11, Batinske.. 48356 Ferdinandovac.. 048/883-006, 883-007.. Battle of Batina Memorial House.. 31306 Batina.. 091-7373-453.. Belišće Museum.. Vijenac S.. H.. Gutmanna 26.. 31551 Belišće.. 031/662-061, 400-630.. Bell Ringers (Zvončari) Collection.. Rukavac 60.. 51211 Matulji.. 051/274-114 (općina).. Benkovac Local History Museum.. Obitelji Benković 6.. 23420 Benkovac.. 023/681-055.. Bibinje Ethnographic Collection.. Trg Tome Bulića 2.. 23205 Bibinje.. 023/261-166.. Biograd na Moru Local History Museum.. Obala kralja Petra Krešimira IV.. 20.. 23210 Biograd na moru.. 023/383-721, 386 518.. Bjelovar Town Museum.. Trg Eugena Kvaternika 1.. 43000 Bjelovar.. 043/244-207.. Boris Mardešić Gallery.. Hrvatskih mučenika 9.. 21485 Komiža.. 021/713-019.. Božidar Škofač Ethnographic Collection.. Letovanić 150.. 44271 Letovanić.. 044/751-155, 091-5287-510.. Brdovec Museum.. Ilije Gregorića 13, Brdovec.. 10291 Prigorje Brdovečko.. 01/3310-288.. Brijuni National Park - Department for the Protection of Cultural Assets.. Veli Brijun (Muzeji).. 52212 Fažana.. 052/525-822.. Buje Ethnographic Museum.. Trg Josipa Broza Tita 6.. 52460 Buje (Buie).. 052/772-023.. Buzet  ...   Sports Museum.. Praška 2/II.. 01/4833-483, 4831-379, 4831-381.. Croatian Tourism Museum.. Park Angiolina 1.. 51410 Opatija.. 051/603-636, 706-470.. Č.. Čazma Town Museum.. Trg Čazmanskog kaptola 13.. 43240 Čazma.. 043/771-037.. D.. Daruvar Municipal Museum (Department for Protection of Cultural Heritage).. Trg kralja Tomislava 14.. 43500 Daruvar.. 043/331-459, 331-241.. Department of Prints and Drawings of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.. Andrije Hebranga 1.. 01/4895-390.. Donja Kupčina Ethnographic Museum.. Donja Kupčina b.. 10451 Pisarovina.. 099-7531-224, 01/4826-220.. Dr Franjo Tuđman Memorial House.. Kontakt: Zaklada hrvatskog državnog zavjeta, Gundulićeva 21a, 10000 Zagreb.. 49214 Veliko Trgovišće.. 01/4854-555 (Zaklada HDZ), 098-794-707 (Antun Prekrat).. Dr Josip Kovacic donation "Croatian Women Painters Born in 19th Century".. Radićeva 24.. 01/4813-282.. Dražen Petrović Museum - Memorial Centre.. Trg Dražena Petrovića 3.. 01/4843-146.. Drniš Town Museum.. Domovinskog rata 38.. 22320 Drniš.. 022/886-774.. Dubrovnik Museum of Modern Art.. Put Frana Supila 23.. 20000 Dubrovnik.. 020/426-590, 411-440.. Dubrovnik Museums.. Pred Dvorom 3.. 020/321-497.. Dubrovnik Museums – Archaeological Museum.. Poljana Paska Milićevića 1.. 020/324-041.. Dubrovnik Museums - Cultural History Museum.. Pred dvorom 3.. 020/321-422, 324-837.. Dubrovnik Museums – Ethnographic Museum.. Od Rupa 3.. 020/323-013, 323-018, 323-056.. Dubrovnik Museums – Maritime Museum.. Tvrđava sv.. Ivana.. 020/323-904.. Dubrovnik Museums – Museum of Contemporary History.. Poljana Paska Miličevića 1.. 020/324-856.. Đ.. Đakovo Regional Museum.. Starčevića 34.. 31400 Đakovo.. 031/813-254.. E.. Ethnographic Collection of Rusynes and Ukrainians in Croatia.. Vukovarska 3.. 32229 Petrovci.. 032/428-342.. Ethnographic Collection of the Czech National Minority at Ivanovo Selo.. Ilovska 24.. 43504 Ivanovo Selo.. 043/487-209, 098-9391-858 (Ana-Marija Štruml-Tuček).. Ethnographic Collection of the Sisters of the Order of St.. Basil.. Sošice 11.. 10457 Sošice.. 01/6297-559.. Ethnographic House - Rebičina kiša.. 51217 Klana.. 051/808-205, 808-578, 808-347.. Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb.. Trg Mažuranića 14.. 01/4826-108, 4826-220, 4826-221.. Ethnographic Museum of Istria.. Trg istarskog razvoda 1275.. br.. 1.. 52000 Pazin.. 052/622-220.. Last update: 8/7/2014.. Overview of museums.. Museum address-book.. Web address-book.. Overview of museums, collections and treasuries owned by religious communities.. The System of Museums.. Croatian Museums on the Internet.. War damage to museums and museum holdings.. Site map.. Impressum.. Rules and guidelines.. top..

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  • Title: MDC | Pregled muzeja: Alphabetical list (F-G)
    Descriptive info: F.. Farmhouse with Ethnographic Collection at the Foot of Mt.. Okić.. Podokićka 40, Klake.. 10435 Sveti Martin pod Okićem.. 01/3382-335, 098-9288-773.. Forestry Museum in Bošnjaci.. Trg fra Bernadina Leakovića 14.. 32275 Bošnjaci.. 098-442-188.. Forestry Museum in Krasno.. Krasno b.. 53274 Krasno.. 053/851-116, 098-450-559.. Fundus umjetnina i studentskih radova Akademije likovnih umjetnosti.. Ilica 85.. 01  ...   Otočac.. 053/771-143.. Gallery of Fine Arts.. Ulica kralja Tomislava 15.. 021/350-112, 350-110.. Galženica Gallery.. Trg Stjepana Radića 5.. 10410 Velika Gorica.. 01/6221-122.. Gradac Local History Collection.. Uz kuk 6.. 21330 Gradac.. 021/697-561.. Grobnik Department of the Chakavian Council: Local History Museum and Collection of Modern Art.. Grad Grobnik 1.. 51219 Čavle.. 051/296-768, 098-431-115, 099-8093-250..

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  • Title: MDC | Pregled muzeja: Alphabetical list (H-K)
    Descriptive info: Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria.. Gradinski uspon 6.. 052/211-566.. HT Museum - Croatian Post and Telecommunication Museum.. Jurišićeva 13.. 01/4911-589.. Hunting Museum of the Croatian Hunters Union.. Vladimira Nazora 63.. 01/4876-567, 099-6060-613.. Hvar Heritage Museum.. Hanibala Lucića b.. 21450 Hvar.. 021/741-009.. Ilok Town Museum.. Šetalište oca Mladena Barbarića 5.. 32236 Ilok.. 032/827-410, 032/827-412, 091/1708-070 (M.. Novaković).. Imotski Local History Museum.. Bruna Bušića 41.. 21260 Imotski.. 021/841-766.. Island Brač Museum.. Škrip (kontakt: CZK Brač, Nerežišća b.. b.. ).. 21423 Nerežišća.. 021/637-092, 091-6370-920.. Istrian Museum of Contemporary Art.. Riva 8.. 052/423-205.. Ivan Matetić Ronjgov Memorial House.. Ronjgi 1.. 51216 Viškovo.. 051/257-340.. Ivan Meštrović Memorial Gallery.. Trg Ivana Meštrovića 1.. 35210 Vrpolje.. 035/439-075.. Ivan Meštrović Museums.. Šetalište Ivana Meštrovića 46.. 021/340-800.. Ivan Meštrović Museums - Meštrović Atelier.. Mletačka 8.. 01/4851-123, 4851-124.. Ivan Meštrović Museums – Meštrović Gallery.. Ivan Meštrović Museums - Meštrović's Crikvine - Kaštilac.. Šetalište Ivana Meštrovića 39.. 021/358-185.. Ivan Mestrovic Museums - The Most Holy Redeemer Church.. Otavice.. 22322 Ružić.. 022/872-630, 099-40-7538 (domar).. Ivan Radilović Ethnographic Collection.. 21252 Tugare.. 021/874-035, 098-9592-431.. Ivan Večenaj Museum.. Stjepana Radića 7.. 48331 Gola.. 048/833-032, 098-9709-591.. J.. Jasenovac Memorial Site Memorial Museum.. Braće Radić 147.. 44324 Jasenovac.. 044/672-319.. Jastrebarsko Town Museum.. Vladka Mačeka 3.. 10450 Jastrebarsko.. 01/6283-991.. Jelsa Municipal Museum..  ...   Etnographic Collection.. Kaštelir 113.. 52464 Kaštelir.. 052/463-140.. Klovićevi Dvori Gallery.. Jezuitski trg 4.. 01/4851-926.. Knin Museum.. Fra Luje Maruna 1.. 22300 Knin.. 022/661-702, 660-217, 660-523, 661-899.. Kolan Ethnographic Collection.. Bartula Kašića 10.. 23251 Kolan.. 023/698-023.. Koprivnica Municipal Museum - Local History Collection at Djelekovec.. Općina Đelekovec, Palih boraca 1.. 48316 Đelekovec.. 048/ 834-020.. Koprivnica Town Museum.. Stari magistrat - Trg dr.. Leandera Brozovića 1.. 48000 Koprivnica.. 048/642-538, 642-539, 642-542, 622-564.. Koprivnica Town Museum - Danica Memorial Site.. Spomen područje Danica (kontakt: Muzej grada Koprivnice).. Koprivnica Town Museum - Dr Vladimir Malančec Donation.. Đure Estera 12.. 048/622-564, 622-307.. Koprivnica Town Museum - Hlebine Gallery of Naïve Art.. Trg Ivana Generalića 15.. 048/836-075.. Koprivnica Town Museum - Ivan Sabolić Sculpture Gallery.. Matije Gupca 13.. 48321 Peteranec.. 048/636-289 (općina), 048/622-564 (Galerija Koprivnica).. Koprivnica Town Museum - Koprivnica Gallery.. Zrinski trg 9.. 048/622-564.. Korčula Town Museum.. Trg sv.. Marka b.. 20260 Korčula.. 020/711-420.. Kornić Ethnographic Collection.. Kamenica 16.. 51517 Kornić.. 091-5093-781, 091-5693-309.. Krapina Municipal Museum.. Magistratska 25.. 49000 Krapina.. 049/370-810.. Krapina Town Gallery.. Krizevci Town Museum.. Tome Sermagea 2.. 48260 Križevci.. 048/711-210, 682-958.. Krsto Hegedušić Gallery.. Šetalište J.. Strossmayera 1.. 44250 Petrinja.. 044/814-299.. KuK Marine Museum / Gallerion Gallery – Gobbo Marine Exhibition.. Mlinska 1.. 52466 Novigrad (Cittanova).. 098-254-279, 052/720-866..

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  • Title: MDC | Pregled muzeja: Alphabetical list (L-M)
    Descriptive info: L.. Labin Museum.. Ul.. svibnja 6.. 52220 Labin.. 052/852-477.. Labin Museum - The Matthias Flacius Illyricus Memorial Collection.. Giuseppine Martinuzzi 7.. Lapidarium Museum.. Veliki trg 8a.. 052/726-582.. Lič Cultural and Historical Collection.. 51323 Lič.. 098-448-145 (udruga Sv.. Juraj), 051/835-163 (TZ Fužine).. Ljudevit Gaj Museum.. Gajeva ulica 14.. Local History Collection in Nova Bukovica.. Trg dr.. Franje Tuđmana 1.. 33518 Nova Bukovica.. 033/564-118.. Lošinj Museum.. Palača Fritzy, Vladimira Gortana 35.. 51550 Mali Lošinj.. 051/233-892, 233-614.. Ludbreg Local History and Sacral Art Collection.. Trg Svetog Trojstva 19.. 42230 Ludbreg.. 042/810-441.. LJ.. M.. Majurac Family Ethnographic Collection.. Kralja Tomislava 175 a, Vukojevci.. 31500 Našice.. 031/697-334, 091-5754-205, 091-9740-649.. Makarska Town Museum.. Obala kralja Tomislava 17/1.. 021/612-302.. Marija Jurić Zagorka Memorial Apartment.. Dolac 8.. 01/4872-406.. Marin Držić Memorial House.. Široka ulica 7.. 020/323-242 (centrala), 323-296 (ravnatelj).. Maritime and History Collection of the Institute of Historical Sciences of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.. Obala kneza Trpimira 8.. 023/333-745.. Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral in Rijeka.. Muzejski trg 1.. 51000 Rijeka.. 051/213-578, 323-373, 553-666, 553-667.. Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral in Rijeka – Collection from the Kastav Region.. Ivana iz Kastva 1.. 51215 Kastav.. 051/213-578, 553-667 (Muzej PPMHP).. Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral in Rijeka – Ethnographic Collection of the Island of Krk in Dobrinj.. Dobrinj 106.. 51514 Dobrinj.. Matija Skurjeni Museum.. Aleja Đure Jelačića 6.. 10290 Zaprešić.. 01/3310-540.. Memorial Museum of Bishop Josip Juraj Strossmayer.. Luke Botića 2.. 031/813-698.. Memorial Site - Vukovar Hospital 1991.. Županijska 37.. 32000 Vukovar.. 091-4521-222.. Metković Natural History Museum.. Stjepana Radića 1.. 20350 Metković.. 020/682-110.. Mijo Mirkovic - Mate Balota Memorial Collection.. Mije Percana, Rakalj.. 52208 Krnica.. 052/571-058 (općina Marčana).. Military Museum of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Croatia..  ...   17.. 01/6052-700, 6052-736.. Museum of Contemporary Art - Tošo Dabac Archive.. Ilica 17.. 01/4833-677.. Museum of Contemporary Art - Vjenceslav Richter and Nada Kareš-Richter Collection.. Vrhovec 38.. 01/3704-892.. Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments.. Stjepana Gunjače b.. 021/323-901.. Museum of Fine Arts.. Europska avenija 9.. 31000 Osijek.. 031/251-280.. Museum of Lika in Gospić.. Franje Tuđmana 3.. 53000 Gospić.. 053/572-051, 574-922, 560-546.. Museum of Lika in Gospić – Nikola Tesla Memorial Centre in Smiljan.. Smiljan b.. 53211 Smiljan.. 053/746-530.. Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.. Dolac 1/II.. 051/492-611, 334-280.. Museum of Natural History and the Zoo.. ZOO - Kolombatovićevo šetalište 2 (Park šuma Marjan).. 021/394-525.. Muzej - Privremeni stalni postav Malakološke zbirke obitelji Bakotić - Poljana kneza Trpimira 3.. 021/322-988.. Museum of Slavonia.. Trg Svetog Trojstva 2.. 031/250-730.. Trg Svetog Trojstva 6.. 031/250-730 (250-731 do 250-740).. Museum of the Cetina Region.. Andrije Kačića Miošića 5.. 21230 Sinj.. 021/821-949.. Museum of the Međimurje Region in Čakovec.. Trg Republike 5.. 40000 Čakovec.. 040/313-285, 313-499.. Museum of the Psychiatric Clinic Vrapce.. Bolnička cesta 32.. 01/3780-771.. Museums and Galleries of Konavle.. Trumbićev put 25.. 020/478-646, 478-416.. Museums and Galleries of Konavle – Konavle Local History Museum.. Beroje 49.. 20213 Čilipi.. 020/772-249, 098-344-220.. Museums and Galleries of Konavle – Vlaho Bukovac Memorial House.. Ulica Vlaha Bukovca 5.. 020/478-646.. Museums of Hrvatsko Zagorje.. Samci 64.. 49245 Gornja Stubica.. 049/587-885.. Museums of Hrvatsko Zagorje – "Old Village" Museum of Kumrovec.. Josipa Broza 19.. 49295 Kumrovec.. 049/225-830.. Museums of Hrvatsko Zagorje – Antun Augustinčić Gallery.. Trg Antuna Mihanovića 10.. 49290 Klanjec.. 049/550-343, 550-093.. Museums of Hrvatsko Zagorje – Krapina Neanderthal Museum.. Šetalište Vilibalda Sluge b.. 049/374-955.. Museums of Hrvatsko Zagorje - Museum of the Peasant Revolt.. 049/587-880, 587-889, 587-890.. Museums of Hrvatsko Zagorje – Veliki Tabor Castle.. Hum Košnićki.. 49216 Desinić.. 049/374-970, 374-973..

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  • Title: MDC | Pregled muzeja: Alphabetical list (N-R)
    Descriptive info: N.. Narona Archaeological Museum.. Vid b.. 20352 Vid.. 020/691-596, 687-149.. Našice Local History Museum.. Franje Tuđmana 5.. 031/613-414, 615-163.. Natural History Museum in Dubrovnik.. Androvićeva 1.. 020/324-888.. Nova Gradiška Town Museum.. Trg kralja Tomislava 7.. 35400 Nova Gradiška.. 035/362-205, 331-580.. Novalja Town Museum.. kralja Zvonimira 27.. 53291 Novalja.. 053/661-160.. Novi Vinodolski Museum and Gallery.. Trg Vinodolskog zakona 1.. 51250 Novi Vinodolski.. 051/244-266.. Novigrad Local History Museum.. Jurja Barakovića 6.. 23312 Novigrad (Dalmacija).. 023/375-078.. O.. Obrovac Local History Museum.. Stjepana Radića 8.. 23450 Obrovac.. 023/689-375.. Ogulin Local History Museum.. Trg hrvatskih rodoljuba 1.. 47300 Ogulin.. 047/522-502, 522-915 (ured ravnatelja).. Omiš Town Museum.. Ante Starčevića 5.. 21310 Omiš.. 021/861-847.. Orahovica Town Museum.. Trg plemenitih Mihalovića 1.. 33515 Orahovica.. 033/674-133.. Orebić Maritime Museum.. Trg Mimbelli b.. 20250 Orebić.. 020/713-009.. Ovčara Memorial Site.. Ovčara.. 032/512-345 (Spomen dom), 032/424-601 (HDLSKL).. Ozalj Local History Museum.. Cesta Zrinskih  ...   Permanent Exhibition "Traditional Sheep Breeding".. Lubenice 26.. 051/840-406, 091-7666-137.. Permanent Exhibition of Church Art.. 023/250-496, 023/250-517.. Petar Preradovic Museum.. Grabrovnica 96.. 33405 Pitomača.. 033/782-840.. Pitve Memorial House.. Stara škola, Pitve.. 021/761-400 (Općina Jelsa).. Pitve Vine-Growing Museum.. Ploce Local History Collection.. Gračka 2.. 20340 Ploče.. 020/679-072.. Podravka Museum of Nutrition.. Starogradska b.. 048/621-112, 222-009.. Police Museum.. Ulica grada Vukovara 33.. 01/6122-105, 6122-201.. Poreč Local History Museum.. Decumanus 9.. 52440 Poreč.. 052/431-585.. Požega Town Museum.. Matice hrvatske 1.. 34000 Požega.. 034/272-130, 312-945.. Pregrada Town Museum - Dr Zlatko Dragutin Tudjina.. Trg Gospe kunagorske 3.. 49218 Pregrada.. 049/376-122.. Prigorje Museum.. Trg Dragutina Domjanića 5.. 10360 Sesvete.. 01/2001-601.. R.. Radatovići Ethnographic Collection.. Radatovići b.. 47285 Radatovići.. 098-9201-811, 047/754-037, 098-9878-203.. Rijeka City Museum.. Muzejski trg 1/1.. 051/336-711, 351-092.. Rijeka Natural History Museum.. Lorenzov prolaz 1.. 051/553-669.. Rovinj Municipal Museum.. Trg maršala Tita 11.. 52210 Rovinj (Rovigno).. 052/816-720..

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