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  • Title: MDC | Projects > Congresses, Symposia, Workshops > Museum networks in Europe
    Descriptive info: Glavni sadržaj.. |.. Navigacija u kategoriji.. Museums in Croatia.. Links.. hrvatski.. | english.. Contact.. your e-mail.. your message.. Museum Networks in Europe.. Round-table conference.. Museum Documentation Centre, Ilica 44/II, Zagreb.. February, 22-23, 2007.. Museum Documentation Centre organizes the round-table conference on different forms of connecting/networking museums in European countries.. The official language of the conference will be English.. The goal of the round-table conference is to learn about the system of connecting/networking museums in each of the participating countries (through presentations) and to exchange experiences (through discussion).. The professionals from Belgium, Norway, Slovenia, Portugal and Croatia will present their systems of connection, i.. e.. creating the system of assistance and support for their museums considering organizing and everyday activity.. The discussion about the networking experiences would take place after the presentations.. Programme.. February, 22.. nd.. (Thursday).. Beginning at 10,30.. Presentations.. Višnja Zgaga, Croatia.. Clara Camacho, Portugal.. Coffee break.. Presentation.. Alexandra Pan, Italy South Tyrol.. Discussion.. February, 23.. rd.. (Friday).. Espen Hernes, Norway.. Metka Fujs, Slovenia.. Ine Vos, Belgium.. The participants:.. - Belgium: Ms Ine Vos, Flemish Ministry of Culture, Youth, Sports and Media - Agency of Arts and Heritage (.. www.. vlaanderen.. be/erfgoed.. ).. - Norway: Mr Espen Hernes, senior adviser at the Norwegian Archive, Library and Museum Authority (.. abm-utvikling.. no.. - Portugal: Ms Clara Camacho, coordinator of the Portuguese Museums Network project and deputy-director of the Portuguese Institute of Museums (.. rpmuseus-pt.. org.. - Slovenia: Ms Metka Fuis, president of the Slovenian Museum Association and director of Regional Museum Murska Sobota,.. - Italy (Autonomous province South Tyrol): dr.. Alexandra Pan, Servicestelle Museen - Amt für Kultur - Abteilung Deutsche Kultur und Familie, responsible for the project of cataloging cultural heritage in South Tyrol (.. provincia.. bz.. it/museenfuehrer.. ).. - Croatia: Ms Višnja Zgaga, museum advisor and the director of MDC, Croatia, coordinator of Croatian Museum Network.. Other participants:.. - directors and coordinators of Croatian  ...   the provision of the Law on Museums.. The Croatian Museum Network has been established as the organized form of professional activity aiming to improve the quality of museum activities, establishing the unique standards and norms for museum work.. The activity of Croatian Museum Network especially includes the following functions:.. - professional control over museums' activities,.. - professional support,.. - improving professional work in museums and.. - harmonizing the activities within the System of Croatian museums.. These tasks are carried out by legally nominated Head Museums (in Croatian: matični muzeji) through two councils (i.. at two levels): the Museums' System Council and the Head Museum Activity Council.. The network is organized according to 6 basic types of museum collections: fine arts, archaeology, ethnography, history, science and technology and natural history and subsequently functions at the level of collection (a general / multidisciplinary museum with different collections is therefore under competence of different Head museums).. The Croatian Museum Network actually started to function in 2003, and its priorities were: supporting the museums in inventorying their material and objects, as well as the implementation of computer information system (for cataloguing) into museums.. Additionally, museums are given support in their functioning at different levels and the new museums in their founding.. As Croatian Museum network is at its beginning, we would like to learn about different European examples of museum connecting/networking, either they are the result of legislation or professional initiatives and to exchange the experiences.. We are interested in the basic idea of connecting museums, organizing and actual everyday functioning of museum networks , together with all successes and problems.. MDC is therefore organizing the round-table conference Museum Networks in Europe to which the representatives from Belgium, Norway, Slovenia, Portugal and Croatia are invited to present their systems of connection, i.. About us.. Collections.. Library.. Archive.. Register of museums in Croatia.. Projects.. Exhibitions.. Lectures.. Congresses, Symposia, Workshops.. MUVI.. Publications.. Protection..

    Original link path: /en/mdc/projects/congresses-symposia-workshops/museum-networks-in-europe/
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  • Title: MDC | Projects > Congresses, Symposia, Workshops > The International Symposium Museums and Literature Zagreb > The International Symposium Museums and Literature Zagreb
    Descriptive info: The International Symposium MUSEUMS AND LITERATURE.. Zagreb, The Mimara Museum, October 26th and 27th 2006.. Start / end date:.. 2006.. / 27.. Organiser:.. Museum Documentation Centre.. The international symposium dealing with the theme Museums and Literature, organised by MDC in Zagreb within the framework of marking the 25th exhibition of publishing activities by Croatian museums and galleries, will bring together museum professionals, authors and other heritage experts in order to consider the interrelationship between museums and literature.. The Museum Documentation Centre (MDC) is the central node of the network of Croatian museums that has generated a series of initiatives for promoting museum activities over the past 50 years of its existence.. By following current topics as well as contemporary museological trends, the MDC provides answers to numerous questions through its professional and reference services.. The pressing topic of the literary heritage as a segment of the Croatian written heritage in museums, its shaping in museum terms according to modern museum standards, the problems of literary bequests and donations, the project of digitalising the museum, archival and library heritage, the elaboration of unified lists of the literary heritage these are just some of the initiatives that strive to promote awareness in museums as well as among authors for an active coming together and cooperation  ...   works.. The papers and presentations delivered by invitation are aimed at shedding light on the museum presentation of authors and literary works in Croatia, as well as providing an insight into contemporary museological events on the basis of representative examples in European literary memorial institutions.. The two-day symposium will be held in the rooms of the Mimara Museum in Zagreb in October 2006 and will be accompanied by the publication of summaries and a CD-ROM with integral papers and presentations.. Themes:.. promoting initiatives for founding museum collections dealing with Croatian authors and literary works as segments of the written heritage in museums;.. the museum presentation of authors and literary works;.. the musealisation of the literary heritage;.. the problems related to literary bequests and donations;.. the digitalisation of the literary heritage;.. initiatives for developing a joint register of the literary heritage in museums, archives and libraries.. Organizational committee:.. Jozefina Dautbegović,.. Snježana Radovanlija Mileusnić, MA.. Professional excursions.. The symposium includes a visit to.. the Bela and Miroslav Krleža Memorial Museum in Zagreb.. , and a professional excursion to.. Lukovdol.. with a visit to.. the Ivan Goran Kovačić Memorial Museum.. For further information please call us on.. 00385 1 4847 897, 00385 1 4847 914.. or write us an email.. Snježana Radovanlija Mileusnić:.. sradov@mdc.. Jozefina Dautbegović:.. jdautbeg@mdc..

    Original link path: /en/mdc/projects/congresses-symposia-workshops/the-international-symposium-museums-and-literature-zagreb/the-international-symposium-museums-and-literature-zagreb/
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  • Title: MDC | Projects > Congresses, Symposia, Workshops > MUVI
    Descriptive info: MUVI : museum - video - film.. MUVI: museums - video - film is a research project the objective of which is, through the active organisation of events, a screening programme, lectures, encounters of museum professionals with film and video authors and the issue of publications, to contribute to the production of a creative atmosphere in the recognition and use of the media of film and video in museums.. The first biennial MUVI 01: museums - video - film was held in 2006 at Museum Documentation Centre (Zagreb, Croatia) the aim of it being to explore and show all the diversity of museum film and video productions in Croatian museums and galleries and to encourage the preservation and protection of this segment of the heritage.. The concept of the project was defined at the very outset.. It was predicted that MUVI would be held over few days every other year in the first week in December, with the proviso that the first two days were intended for a screening programme (video and films of local and foreign production), while day three, depending on the programme, would be reserved for lectures, workshops or roundtables.. MUVI 05: museums - video - film.. Conceived as an encounter between film and museum, MUVI has reached its (little) fifth anniversary.. We would like to mark this year s MUVI 05: museums video film with a diversity of themes, and the main events in the programme will be the screening schedule of videos and films produced by Croatian and foreign museums, a selection of films screened at related events and festivals, lectures, a working meeting, conversations with curators of film collections, the presentation of film collections, and this year MUVI lab: issues-experiences-obstacles will be launched, introducing numerous multimedia and Web projects as well as the MUVIMOBIL festival of films taken with mobile phone slaunched last year.. (.. more.. MUVI 05 [preliminary programme].. [.. doc.. ].. MUVI 05 [submission-film-multimedia-web-films taken with mobile phone].. For more information about how to apply to the MUVI 05, contact:.. Lada Dražin-Trbuljak, MUVI_Project Manager.. T +385 (1) 4817054 /.. ldrazin@mdc.. Zlatko Domić, MUVI_Technical Support.. T: +385 (91) 59 13 679.. Denis Bučar, MUVI_IT Administrator.. T +385 (1) 48 76 572 /.. dbucar@mdc.. For all press enquiries, contact:.. Ivan Branimir Guberina, MUVI_Communications Manager.. T +385 (1) 4847897 /..  ...   01/2006 and MUVI 02/2009 at which about a hundred museum videos and films were shown, this year too we had a very rich programme, which was held for three days, from December 6 to 8, 2010.. We were able to see 54 videos, presenting the production of 26 Croatian and 14 foreign museums as well as 4 production companies.. If you did not drop in and watch some of these 54 films produced by Croatian and foreign museums or talk to the authors, then check out these links, leaf through the booklet and find out more about projects for presenting the film heritage.. MUVI 03: booklet.. MUVI 03: online gallery / How to use the new media simply.. How to create social networks using Youtube, Vimeo, Art Babble.. ].. MUVI 02: museums - video - film.. Over the three days of MUVI 01/06, towards the end of December 2006, we presented 51 films and videos of museums and galleris in Croatia and museums and established links with the Croatian State Archives (Croatian Film Collection) aimed at providing protection for film material; now we are following up this success (according to the reactions of the museumists) with the organisation of a second event.. In parallel, the project will continue to cover research into museum and documentation collections, video collections and film collections of Croatian museums and to work as a platform for the gathering of and development of personal contacts among museumists who deal with this area of activity.. MUVI 02: booklet (only in Croatian).. MUVI 02: programme (only in Croatian).. MUVI 02: application (only in Croatian).. MUVI 01: museums - video - film.. We launched MUVI 01: museums - video - film, for we were in want of a place where museum professionals, managers of film material collections, collections of the new media, managers of film and movie archives, professionals dealing with the protection of audio-visual material and with film production as well as the general public could meet, exchange opinions and just talk, perhaps about some future joint projects.. Hence we called upon museums to present themselves with their own choice of films or videos from their museum and documentary collections.. MUVI 01: booklet (only in Croatian).. MUVI 01: online gallery / Lecture by dr.. sc.. Mate Kukuljice (Croatian National Archives / Hrvatska kinoteka)..

    Original link path: /en/mdc/projects/congresses-symposia-workshops/muvi/
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  • Title: MDC | Publications > Museology > Back numbers
    Descriptive info: Back numbers.. 48/49 (2011/2012.. ).. 47 (2010.. 46 (2009.. 45 (2008.. 43/44 (2006/2007.. 41/42 (2004/2005.. 40 (2003.. 39 (2002.. 38 (2001.. 37 (2000.. 36 (1999.. 35 (1998.. 34 (1997.. 33 (1996.. 32 (1995.. 31 (1994.. stari brojevi 1977.. - 1992.. stari brojevi 1971.. - 1976.. stari brojevi 1953.. - 1970.. Museology.. Informatica museologica.. Zagreb Museums Annual Reports.. Croatian Museums Annual Reports.. Monograph editions.. Handbooks.. Guides.. Catalogues.. Bibliography..

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  • Title: MDC | Publications > Museology > Instructions for contributors
    Descriptive info: Instructions for contributors.. In order to make our editorial work easier, we request that you follow the following instructions.. We kindly ask you to send texts to the Editorial Office of the Museology periodical in one copy, on CD-ROM or on a diskette and a hard copy on A4-size paper.. All contributions must be written on a computer, in some form of MS Word, saved in MS Word document file (**.. doc or **.. rtf).. The printed version and the file must be identical.. The font size is 12, with 1.. 5 line spacing.. technical instructions for writing contributions.. The information about the author needs to contain the name and surname of the author, the name of the  ...   black and white, in colour or in a digital format (jpeg or gif).. Photographs tables and illustrations need to be numbered and have written captions.. Notes (endnotes) should be numbered in a continuous sequence from 1 onwards, and appear after the text of the article or on a separate page.. rights and obligations.. The editorial staff reserves the right to select articles for publication.. Contributions should be sent by mail to the MDC address, handed in personally, sent by email to the address of the editor, Višnja Zgaga: vzgaga.. @mdc.. or sent to the editorial office address:.. Muzejski dokumentacijski centar.. za časopis Muzeologija.. Ilica 44.. T: + 385 01 48 47 894.. F: + 385 01 48 47 913..

    Original link path: /en/mdc/publications/museology/instructions-for-contributors/
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  • Title: MDC | Publications > Handbooks
    Descriptive info: Priručnik za preventivnu zaštitu slika (608 Kb).. Laszlo, Želimir.. Zagreb : Muzejski dokumentacijski centar, 2006.. ISBN 953-6664-08-9.. Elektroničko izdanje.. Priručnik za preventivnu zaštitu slika.. Zagreb : Muzejski dokumentacijski centar, 2001.. 122 str.. : ilustr.. ; 21 cm.. Rječnik.. - Bibliografija: str.. 120-121.. ISBN 953-6664-03-8.. Osnove zaštite i izlaganja muzejskih zbirki.. Vinterhalter, Jadranka (ur.. Zagreb : Muzejski dokumentacioni centar, 1993.. 147 str.. ; 24  ...   muzeja, (Edinburgh).. - Tekstovi više autora.. Upute za zaštitu pokretne kulturne baštine u muzejima i galerijama.. Šulc, Branka (ur.. ); autori tekstova Branko Ličić (et al.. Zagreb : Muzejski dokumentacioni centar, 1991.. 57 str.. ; 30 cm.. Tekstovi više autora.. Konzerviranje i restauriranje muzejskih predmeta.. Bauer, Antun (ur.. Zagreb : Muzejski dokumentacioni centar, 1974.. 241 str.. ; 29 cm.. - Bibliografija uz tekstove..

    Original link path: /en/mdc/publications/handbooks/
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  • Title: MDC | Publications > Guides
    Descriptive info: Guide to Croatian Museums and Collections 2012.. Publisher: Museum Documentation Centre (MDC), Ilica 44, Zagreb.. For the publisher: Višnja Zgaga, MDC Director.. Editor-in-chief: Višnja Zgaga.. Editor: Markita Franulić.. Assistant editor: Tea Rihtar.. Guide Concept and text revision: Višnja Zgaga.. Museum texts prepared by: Markita Franulić.. Texts on religious community collections prepared by: Želimir Laszlo.. Expert associates (MDC): Doroteja Živčec, Vladimira Pavić, mr.. sc.. Snježana Radovanlija Mileusnić, Denis Bučar, Iva Validžija.. Text editing (Croatian text): Zlata Babić.. Photographs by: MDC Photo Archive; Novena d.. o.. ; museum photographic archives; photographers (the number in brackets represents the number of the museum): Vladimir Alavanja (061), Zoran Alajbeg (075), Jadran Anzulović (063), Filip Beusan (157, 159), Lidia Boševski (254), Branko Bralić (093), Boris Cvjetanović (109, 126), Elysabeth Daynes (204), Domagoj Dujmić (251), Fedor Džamonja 012 (park skulptura), Marko Ercegović (203), Damir Fabijanić (018, 112, 167, 204), Božidar Gjukić (116), Sergio Gobbo (008), Miljenko Gregl (179), Mirela Hutinec (262), Zorana Jurić (071), Vladimir Kostjuk (223), Željko Kovačić (062), Igor Krajcar (157), Ante Meštrović (045), Ivan Mijić (241), Dražen Pomykalo (123), Mladen Radolović (065), Dragana Lucija Ratković (018), Tonći Seser (092), Nenad Stanić (091), Krešimir Strnad (109, 111), Damir Škomrlj / Novi list (086), Marko Valjak (027), Goran Vranić (165), Marin Topić (250, 251), Adam Vidas (069), Davorin Vujičić (080, 203).. Translation: Davies d.. Proofreading and revision of the English text: Kristin Butler.. Graphic design: redesign.. Programming, layout and print mechanicals: Novena d.. Printed by: Stega tisak d.. We would like to thank: all  ...   engleski Poliglot d.. ; fotografije fotografski arhivi muzeja i fototeka MDC-a.. Zagreb : Muzejski dokumentacijski centar, 1999.. 1 elektronički optički disk (CD-ROM) : sa zvukom, u bojama ; 12 cm.. Elektronička građa.. - Zahtjevi sustava: PC; Windows 95, 98, NT; Workstation 4.. 0; Internet Explorer 5.. 0; zvučna kartica; video razlučivost 800x600; CD-ROM čitač.. - Spremnica: 19x14 cm.. -.. Dostupno i na Internetu.. ISBN 953-6664-02-x.. Vodič Zagreba i okolice: muzeji, galerije, zbirke.. urednica i autorica tekstova Tončika Cukrov ; stručni suradnici Markita Franulić, Veljko Mihalić, Vladimira Pavić, Snježana Pintarić, Višnja Zgaga ; fotografije fototeke muzeja.. et al.. Zagreb : Muzejski dokumentacijski centar, 1998.. višestruki presavitak : ilustr.. ; 23 cm.. Führer Für Zagreb Und Umgebung: Museen, Galerien, Sammlungen.. Guide Of Zagreb and its Environs: Museums, Galleries, Collections.. Museums and Galleries of Croatia.. Šulc, Branka (ed.. Zagreb : Ministry of Culture and Education of the Republic of Croatia, 1993.. 299 str.. u boji ; 26 cm.. Autori tekstova Marinka Fruk, Ljerka Metež, Branka Šulc, Jadranka Vinterhalter, Višnja Zgaga.. Muzeji i galerije Hrvatske.. ); Prosperov Novak, Slobodan (ur.. Zagreb : Ministry of Education and Culture, 1992.. 256 str.. Vodič kroz muzeje i galerije Zagreba za nastavnike osnovnih škola.. Metež, Ljerka (ur.. Muzejski dokumentacioni centar, 1989.. 25 str.. ; 25 cm.. Muzeji, galerije i zbirke u SR Hrvatskoj.. Muzejski dokumentacioni centar ; fotografije Marija Braut, arhiv MDC-a; grafički i tehnički urednik Marcel Bačić.. Zagreb : Muzejski dokumentacioni centar, 1981.. 124 str.. , [1] presavijen list sa zemljop.. crtežem : ilustr.. Kazalo..

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  • Title: MDC | Publications > Bibliography > Bibliography of New Aquisitions to MDC’s Library
    Descriptive info: Bibliography of New Aquisitions to MDC’s Library.. HR ISSN 1332-9839.. MDC s library began with publishing the.. Bibliography of New Acquisition to MDC library.. in 1994 with the aim of informing users about new titles continuously and in timely fashion.. From an annual inflow of some 800 new titles, individual volumes of the Bibliography of new additions represent an editorial selection with some 80 new titles from literature coming from Croatia and  ...   Bibliographic records are grouped into permanent thematic groups: Museology; Museums, Galleries and Collections; catalogues of permanent and temporary exhibitions; History, cultural history, history of art; Professional and scholarly conferences; Bibliographies; Periodicals.. These thematic groups reflect the contents of the library holdings and the acquisition policy of MDC s library.. The bibliography is published twice a year and in electronic form with the title.. New Acquisitions to MDC s Library.. Editor: Snježana Radovanlija Mileusnić..

    Original link path: /en/mdc/publications/bibliography/bibliography-of-new-aquisitions-to-mdc-library/
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  • Title: MDC | Publications > Informatica museologica > Back numbers
    Descriptive info: 42 (1/4) 2011.. 41 (1/4) 2010.. 40 (3/4) 2009.. 40 (1/2) 2009.. 39 (1/4) 2008.. 38 (3/4) 2007.. 38 (1/2) 2007.. 37 (1/4) 2006.. 36 (3/4) 2005.. 36 (1/2) 2005.. 35 (3/4) 2004.. 35 (1/2) 2004.. 34 (3/4) 2003.. 34 (1/2) 2003.. 33 (3/4) 2002.. 33 (1/2) 2002.. 32 (3/4) 2001.. 32 (1/2) 2001.. 31 (3/4) 2000.. 31 (1/2) 2000.. 30 (1/4) 1999.. 29 (3/4) 1998.. 29 (1/2) 1998.. 28 (1/4) 1997.. 27 (3/4) 1996.. 27 (1/2) 1996.. 26 (1/4) 1995..

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  • Title: MDC | Publications > Informatica museologica > Instructions to contributors
    Descriptive info: Instructions to contributors.. In order to make our editorial work easier, please follow the instructions.. A contribution should contain:.. information about the author.. Information about the author should include the name and surname of the author, the name of the institution, city, professional degree and email.. the text.. Texts in the sections Topic of this Volume and Museum Theory and Practice can contain between 7000 and 10 000 characters with spaces, and texts in other sections between 3000 and 5000 characters.. Shorter contributions are welcome in the Info section.. list of footnotes.. Footnotes should be numbered consecutively starting from 1, and written after the body of the article or on a separate page.. summary.. The text of the summary can contain a maximum of 1800 characters.. illustrations.. Photographs, slides and graphic illustrations can be used to illustrate texts.. They  ...   on A4-size paper.. We suggest you use the Times New Roman font.. The titles of books and periodicals in the text should be written in italics.. The selection of photographs (black and white or colour) or slides should also be enclosed in their original form or scanned (on diskette or CD-ROM) in tiff or jpeg format in 300 dpi resolution.. The Editors reserve the right to select articles for publication.. They also reserve the right to shorten texts with prior consultations with the author without infringing upon the sense and concept of the article.. Articles published in.. Informatica Museologica.. are not subject to remuneration.. Contributions should be sent by mail to MDC, handed in personally, sent by email to the address of the editor, Lada Dražin Trbuljak:.. or to the address of the editorial office:.. za časopis Informatica museologica..

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  • Title: MDC | Publications > Croatian Museums Annual Reports > Back numbers
    Descriptive info: 2006.. 2005.. 2004.. 2003.. 2002.. 2001.. 2000.. 1999..

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