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    Archived pages: 3 . Archive date: 2014-03.

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    Descriptive info: .. Hello world.. Visit my programming page:.. github.. com/agavrilovic.. Also, I love.. making games.. , will put more projects soon..

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    Descriptive info: My Computer Games.. I've never really done web-based games.. The one I did do was on the.. BEST Chisinau 2013 game development seminar in Moldova.. We used melonJS and made a nice little pacifistic spin on Space invaders.. We called it.. Space invaded.. !.. Currently I'm programming in several long-term game projects with friends and colleagues, which are listed below:.. Babylon, an isometric story-driven RPG set in the far future.. The Day the Fish Came, a humorous platformer.. Victor, a lighthearted point-and-click adventure game.. I'm also considering programming games based on some of my own ideas, but that's for later..

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  • Title: Space Invaded
    Descriptive info: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Dandemalekon, a peaceful planet, lived in harmony.. Then, one day, the EVIL human fleet attacked them!.. You have to go to space and stop the invasion, but you do NOT use weapons - your race is a peaceful one!.. If too many spaceships reach your planet, your defenses will not hold!.. You are their last hope.. May the force be with you!..

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