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  • Title: Home - SANGRAD
    Descriptive info: .. SANGRAD HOME.. HR.. Projects.. Status.. Completed.. St.. Martin pool.. ES Tituš Brezovački.. Multipurpose hall Toplice St.. Martin.. Sports hall St.. Martin.. SPA hotel Golfer.. House 2P.. GV-17 house.. SWIMMING CENTER VIJUŠ.. Competitions.. Sport center Grana Klaka.. ES Horvati.. Educational complex Kajzerica.. Miramare tower.. University library Zadar.. Pier Vrulje - Šibenik.. Craft Center Zagreb.. NUK II_public and university library Ljubljana.. Current.. Indoor swimming pool Adamovec.. Qatar Crystal Ball.. Belišće multipurpose complex.. Type.. Business.. Housing.. Education.. Sport.. Industry.. Tourism.. Year.. 2003.. 2005.. 2007.. 2009.. 2012.. 2013.. Studio.. About us.. Employees.. Contact.. Our location.. E-mail..

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  • Title: St. Martin pool / Completed / Status / Projects / Home - SANGRAD
    Descriptive info: Blueprints.. Photos & renders.. Credits.. Martin Pool.. Sv.. Martin na Muri, Croatia.. Architectural office.. SANGRAD d.. o.. Authors.. VEDRAN PEDIŠIĆ, MARTINA JUKIĆ, TANJA GOLEŠ, EMIL ŠPIRIĆ.. Structure.. TANJA BALJKAS, BORIS BALJKAS.. Client.. TOPLICE SV.. MARTIN D.. D.. Site area.. 4,322.. 00 m.. 2.. Built up area.. 1,050.. Project.. Photographer.. SANDRO LENDLER..

    Original link path: /Projects/Status/Completed/St.-Martin-pool
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  • Title: ES Tituš Brezovački / Completed / Status / Projects / Home - SANGRAD
    Descriptive info: ES Tituš Brezovački | reconstruction.. Hrvatska, Zagreb, Špansko.. VEDRAN PEDIŠIĆ, EMIL ŠPIRIĆ.. Associates.. HRVOJE DAVIDOVSK, MLADEN HOFMANN, GORDANA GREGURIĆ, DRAGANA KNEZOVIĆ.. TANJA BALJKAS, BORIS BALJKAS.. 19,777.. 3,655.. 80 m.. 2005-2006.. 2006.. Building costs.. 3 mil.. €..

    Original link path: /Projects/Status/Completed/ES-Titus-Brezovacki
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  • Title: Multipurpose hall Toplice St. Martin / Completed / Status / Projects / Home - SANGRAD
    Descriptive info: info.. Multipurpose Hall Toplice St.. VEDRAN PEDIŠIĆ, EMIL ŠPIRIĆ, MARTINA JUKIĆ, TANJA GOLEŠ, MLADEN HOFMANN, DRAGANA KNEZOVIĆ.. Interior.. DRAGANA KNEZOVIĆ.. 9,333.. 2,734.. Net area.. 2,456..

    Original link path: /Projects/Status/Completed/Multipurpose-hall-Toplice-St.-Martin
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  • Title: Sports hall St. Martin / Completed / Status / Projects / Home - SANGRAD
    Descriptive info: Info.. purpose and the location of the project.. New two-part sports arena is located in the immediate close of outer sporting courts (tennis, football, basketball, table tennis, volleyball) and it is integral part of sports facilities named Spa and Golf resort Saint Martin.. Spa and Golf resort Saint Martin is a planned complex which contains number of sports, recreatonal and resting facilities.. Apartments, sports arena, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, golf courses with SPA GOLFR HOTEL compose natural and eventful development with tendency of expansion and meloriation.. Due to the plan and charcteristics of natural enviroment the arena comprises the western part of the development marking the continuous strip of resort parts.. Position of the spors hall generates well natural lighting for inner courts.. Main hall is situated in east-west direction which enables dispersive lighting through continuous window stripes of northern and southern facade.. Smaller gym hall oriented southern with its volume on the upper level ensures covered  ...   access gallery for telescope stands and technical spaces of hall precide the upper level.. shape and the skin.. The natural enviroment offers various choices of movement and recreation depending on wishes of a individual.. This enviroment is a ambiental scenario for pedestrians using the spaces between the sports arena and the hotel and golf courses on the other end of the development.. The organic landscape is challenged by simple building forms which by means of used facade materials reflect the nature encompass it.. The arena is a landcabile in its enviromet due to the functional needs and dedication of its users for sports in question.. Facade panels compose the elevations with regards to the changing seasons of the year.. These panels corresponding to the natural brown colour of the earth vary in texture and reflection with the flow of the day and its seasonal characteristics.. SPORTS HALL SVETI MARTIN.. VEDRAN PEDIŠIĆ, MLADEN HOFMANN.. 16,339.. 1,328.. 1,578.. 2008.. 1,5 mil..

    Original link path: /Projects/Status/Completed/Sports-hall-St.-Martin
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  • Title: SPA hotel Golfer / Completed / Status / Projects / Home - SANGRAD
    Descriptive info: Hotel was built as part of Spa and Golf resort Saint Martin.. Building is located on North-western hill-side between outer pools and golf coueses.. Divided on two wings, wich of one part is oriented toward outher pools of resort on Northwest, the other part is conected with golf courses on North-east.. Both dispersive shaped wings are assambled in a way to provide wide views for front elevations, though on inner side, towards to the forest on South apaear intimately courtyard with pool, sun platou and terraces.. This linear volumes forms an open courtyard, maximising exposure of the ground floor public activities trough the glass screens which are fully glazed and open on to a wintergarden space.. Hotel consists total 157 accomodation units, which  ...   groundfloor and mezzanine.. Under the access road there is big space reserved for service part of hotel, garage and technical spaces.. Horticulturaly aranged garage roof forms grand and emphasise path toward the hotel entrance.. Conference hall, and indoor pool on groundfloor, and part of big restaurant in mezzanine, are added on main volume of hotel on south and partly in ground.. Those three separeted volumes offers big roofgardens and enclosed outdoor pool well fitted in natural sourrounding.. With it's linear snake-like shape, streched volume and facade coating building is corresponding with a enviroment.. Spa Hotel Golfer.. SANGAD d.. VEDRAN PEDIŠIĆ, HRVOJE DAVIDOVSKI, MLADEN HOFMANN, GORDANA GREGURIĆ, DRAGANA KNEZOVIĆ.. IVA MATANIĆ, ANA VRAČARIĆ, SARA ŠEGEDIN, ALEKSANDRA DUKA, IVAN CAPAN, IVA MARJANČEVIĆ.. 20,352.. 11,866.. 49 m..

    Original link path: /Projects/Status/Completed/SPA-hotel-Golfer
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  • Title: House 2P / Completed / Status / Projects / Home - SANGRAD
    Descriptive info: Photos.. Program.. The task is to design a house for two families which will be located on a very valuable and exclusive city location.. This site challenges our approach by its own configuration: a very steep plot which is set between Ilica street (a historically important street) and the elite Hercegovačka street.. Current situation.. The house is designed on a narrow plot oriented north-south, within a cramped built perimeter, structured by buildings of diverse size and shapes.. The layout is determined by the site topography and the designer's approach to divide the house into two residential units.. Design.. The main idea is to conceive a house that can be read as a single object, despite its functional  ...   on different levels.. Thus, the interior spaces have their own privacy.. The house has different view angles according to the point of view.. From Hercegovačka street the project seems to be a low object that frames the panorama of the city of Zagreb.. On the other hand, the view of the house from the French Republic square gives the impression of a large object which meanders along the topography behind the historical facade of Ilica.. The house is a energy-efficient project.. The heating-cooling system is solved by inner-wall and floor conducts which function thanks to heat pumps located on the site.. 2P House.. Zagreb.. Tanja Goleš, Vedran Pedišić.. Alen Batista.. privatni.. 1,222.. 500.. Robert Leš, Sandro Lendler..

    Original link path: /Projects/Status/Completed/House-2P
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  • Title: GV-17 house / Completed / Status / Projects / Home - SANGRAD
    Descriptive info: Želja arhitekata je bila stvoriti jednostavan i praktičan obiteljski dom na konceptualnoj pretpostavci baziranoj na redefiniciji arhetipske kuće.. Osnovni likovni parametri izvučeni su iz bogatog krajolika i okolnih tradicionalnih objekata.. Kuća se u gornjem, katnom dijelu korpusa rotira nad prizemljem kreirajući s jedne strane natkriven ulaz, a s druge natkrivenu terasu namijenjenu blagovanju na otvorenom.. U tako nastalom „L“ presjeku pod katnom terasom formira se produženi boravak.. U  ...   kamin, stol za jelo s fokusom prema velikom prozoru i prirodi, te sanitarije uz ulazni vjetrobran.. Gornju etažu čine dvije spavaće sobe sa vlastitim sanitarijama i galerija s jasnim vizurama; prema velikoj terasi na zapadu, odnosno prema boravku u prizemlju.. Kroz dan, uzimajući u obzir strane svijeta, u unutrašnjem prostoru prisutna je stalna mijena prirodnog svjetla koje korisniku ponekad sasvim nesvjesnom obogaćuje prostorni ugođaj.. VEDRAN PEDIŠIĆ, ALEKSANDRA DUKA..

    Original link path: /Projects/Status/Completed/GV-17-house
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  • Title: SWIMMING CENTER VIJUŠ / Completed / Status / Projects / Home - SANGRAD
    Descriptive info: CONCEPT.. The architectural concept was adapted to the narrow qualities of the land and the proximity of the river Sava.. The volume has been treated as a closed element to the north and west, and completely open to the south and east by the glass facade which connects the building with the surrounding landscape.. The project is divided into two parts that work independently, but are connected in summer season, emphasizing greater flexibility in the use of the complex.. Great attention has been given to disabled people and the elderly in terms of accessibility.. The first part is the indoor pools to which is accessed by the new plaza on the west side of  ...   is divided into several pools: a pool for competitions (25x50m) on the access floor level, going upstairs through the stands that lead to the upper floor where the pool for children is located and another swimming pool which enjoys vistas towards the river Sava nearby.. Upstairs is also found the bar which can be accessed from the lobby and through the main stairs and lift.. Also there are the gym, sauna, solariums, etc.. All the inner bathing areas are communicated both visually and physically to the outdoor pools.. Slavonski Brod, Croatia.. Completed 2013.. , AVP_arhitekti d.. Vedran Pedišić, Mladen Hofmann, Erick Velasco Farrera.. Prof.. Boris Baljkas.. City of Slavonski Brod.. 5,219.. 55 m.. Sandro Lendler..

    Original link path: /Projects/Status/Completed/SWIMMING-CENTER-VIJUS
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  • Title: Sport center Grana Klaka / Competitions / Status / Projects / Home - SANGRAD
    Descriptive info: svrha i lokacija projekta.. U okvirima i uvjetima dane lokacije postavljene su u neposredan odnos dva arhitektonska korpusa različitih funkcija: sjeverno trodjelna sportska dvorana i južno dvorana bazena.. U longitudinalnom međuprostoru, u formi ulice organizirana je grupa zajedničkih ulaznih prostorija (ugostitelski prostori, prostori za prilagodbu i relaksaciju, blagajne, klupski prostori i drugi nužni servisni prostori.. Ova kompaktna, dvočlana arhitektonska kompozicija postavljena je na vodoravnoj, prostranoj, zelenoj površini parcele i čini kompaktnu cjelinu sa sportskim terenima na sjeveru i uređenim prostorima na jugu.. Zadana lokacija je arhitektonski prazna i u nedovršenom stadiju urbanizacije, tako da se  ...   aglomeracija Dubrave i generativnih urbanih potencijala koje sportski centar eventualno ima i koje u procesu projektiranja treba otkriti.. Glavni ulazni prostor za korisnike okrenut je Aleji Blaža Jurišića, ali je longitudinalnom formom ulaznog hala omogućena postava istočnog ulaza iz smjera Dankovečke ulice, koji služi pretežno za sportaše i službene osobe.. Pred glavnim ulazom iz Aleje Blaža Jurišića formiran je vanjski pristupni prostor – trg s parkirališnim površinama za autobuse, automobile i bicikle.. Kompaktno koncipiranom građevinom održani su svi odnosi prema površini parcele i prirodnom terenu, kako je to propisano urbanim pravilima.. Sport center Grana Klaka.. 6,670..

    Original link path: /Projects/Status/Competitions/Sport-center-Grana-Klaka
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  • Title: ES Horvati / Competitions / Status / Projects / Home - SANGRAD
    Descriptive info: Urbani kontekst u kojem se projektira osnovna škola “Horvati” je uređena gradska četvrt koju formiraju višestambene zgrade iz šezdesetih i sedamdesetih godina dvadesetog stoljeća, recentne višestambene jedinice velikih sažetih gabarita, te veća struktura obiteljskih zgrada u vrtovima koja je formirana sredinom dvadesetog stoljeća kao periferijska i prisavska zona Zagreba, tada dominantna, a sada tek relikvij, koji međutim sudjeluje u atmosferi i karakteru urbanog okoliša.. Dio te strukture je i derutna zgrada – studio “Ocean filma” iz 1926.. godine, koja se kao zaštićena, stilska cjelina nalazi u središtu geometrijski nepravilne parcele Škole, te ju treba rekonstruirati i upotrijebiti za potrebe Škole.. Projektnim programom  ...   zadatak arhitekta je:.. - odrediti poziciju različitih funkcionalnih jedinica i sklopova, njihove gabarite i površine, uvažavajući osobito položaj, oblik i mogućnost revitalizacije zaštićene zgrade.. - odrediti korektnu, jednostavnu i efikasnu funkcionalnu shemu.. - odrediti jednostavne i racionalne tektonske sisteme.. - odrediti skladnu kompoziciju volumena.. - odrediti primjereni likovni izraz.. Nova zgrada projektirana je kao jedinstvena cjelina, koja sa postoječom zgradom formira s južne strane školsko dvorište, a sa sjeverne strane centralni prostor za više namjena.. Na taj način moguća je jednostavna i racionalna rekonstrukcija postojeće zgrade, izvedba nove zgrade, oblikovna diferencijacija i estetska i funkcionalna sinergija stare i nove arhitekture.. 9,000.. 4,525..

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