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  • Title: Sampled - The best of current croatian rock.
    Descriptive info: .. The Bands.. Sane.. Muscle Tribe of.. Danger and Excellence.. Scroll.. She Loves Pablo.. Them Moose Rush.. Killed a Fox.. The Songs.. 01.. Envy & Pride.. 02.. Tic Tac.. 03.. New school blood trial.. 04.. Ode to the Shameless one.. 05.. Soap.. 06.. Tales.. 07.. Gamblin'.. 08.. Miss deed.. 09.. Charlene.. 10.. Ravenholm.. 11.. Humble.. 12.. The prowl.. 3pm productions.. Sampled.. The best of current croatian rock production.. Contact us at.. dritokonj@gmail.. com.. +385 95 5312 572.. Hello.. This is the band’s drummer.. Yes, it shouldn’t be this way.. We drummers shouldn’t be left unattended while exploring the band’s page editor, but here it is.. All of the bands usually have professionally written biographies with lots of fancy data which represent the band and its members in most divine light possible.. Will I do that? Nah.. No point.. Since we come from Europe, there is a slight possibility that there is no need for dull political correctness, so I can freely say that we’re somewhat retarded.. Actually, what I want to do right now is to screw all the conventional bios where a band boasts how they were everywhere and did everything ever, even though we will have some of that, but this band did absolutely nothing so far in using the potential of the musical talent which it has, so we will start our biography there.. So that the people know we’re retarded.. Let us start in year ‘95, when Nikola, enticed by differing saibabaist moments in his life, decides to go to India with his buddy Velimir where they sung on a meadow, and a producer from Canada passed by and invited them to record an album in Canada.. Several months later, they left for Canada with two more friends, recorded the album, and then returned to Croatia, as their visa expired.. They practiced here, were great, had about 500-1000 die hard followers, the album is praised by critics, but the band fell apart as they had no idea what to do with themselves, as they sung in English.. And so, in ‘99 was the first collapse of the band and depression of horror takes place.. Let’s make a quick browse through the next 10 years.. 2001.. - The next lineup of the band was the one I was in.. I knew the guys from before, we got shitfaced together a couple of times and that was the base for making a new lineup, I guess.. That lineup of Sane played a weird fucked up complicated music our guitarist liked to call jazz-punque.. Noone liked jazz-punque except for musicians who thought we are the greatest band ever.. Unfortunately, musicians are a moneyless sorry bunch, and jazz-punque didn’t put bread on our tables, or made our girlfriends or families happy.. The bullcrap pursuit for art continued until ’08.. when Sane changed the lineup again, and for the first time after ’98.. tried to play normal music in which “c major” chord isn’t considered a cheap act of music satan.. This ultimately lead to singles being recorded, gigs being booked, and a happy band that actually makes money off their work.. The next phase of the band was playing covers, because that was the only way a still albumless band in Croatia could get somewhat steady gigs.. See, Croatia has 4.. 5 million people, most of which are peasant rednecks scattered around hills and valleys, raping sheep and wandering where their teeth are in hope of some war starting somewhere or something intellectual like that.. They have no interest in music whatsoever, so they aren’t exactly the audience that would listen to our songs.. We even recorded an album in Croatian, which was a great improvement, since we grew up listening to none of the domestic bands.. Anyways, since we already played covers on our gigs (and when I say covers, I mean COVERS, we sometimes change the song completely, giving it a unique Sane signature), we decided to record an album of covers.. And we did.. The crowd cheers, the labels are wild, it’s all awesome.. In Croatia.. We recorded a couple of live videos/videosongs and posted them on youtube.. Everyone loves ‘em.. Internationally even.. Because we’re a great band.. In a shitty country for this kind of music, though.. We’re looking for labels, investors, bookers, anyone that would listen to our music and do something that would benefit the progress of this band.. Send a mail.. Drop a  ...   festival as well as independent concerts throughout all of Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.. The band was always interested in all aspect of music since it first began, so they started looking into producing and recording their songs.. After a lot of recording in their garage, they have mastered the technique and managed to get their hands on a good deal of recording equipment and decided to record their first album on their own.. Following the "do it yourself" principal , in 2008.. their first album "Poultry" was released.. The album was published under the supervision of "Ephenty Records", which is now the bands main publisher and has helped record music videos for a few of their songs.. Scroll, led by the charismatic Mark Mrakovcic, got some serious acclaim with their debut album.. Eugene Foley, founder of Foley Entertainment, music consultant agency who represents clients who have earned nearly 40 Gold & Platinum Records & three GRAMMY® Awards for their overall career accomplishments, has given Scroll an average 4.. 5 / 5 mark and has shown interest in helping them develop their career on the U.. S.. market.. The music video for the single "Soap" has in its time reached #6 on the MTV Adria Rock Charts and has been there for several weeks.. They have been guests on Croatian National TV on several occasions, the most notable one was their appearance on the “Garaza” show where they given an interview and played live for 40 minutes.. Songs “Soap”, “Blue Trains” and “Broken Mirror” are getting U.. radio airplay.. "Poultry" has gotten great reviews with national and international sites:.. SoundGuardian.. Wildys World.. Terapija.. net.. Metro Portal.. Scroll’s nonspecific yet recognizable style was also noted by the critics: “Scroll is anachronistic and unique in a glutted market of alternative/post-punk rockers.. Musically covering everything from Folk-Punk to classic rock & op, Scroll is bound to please a lot of people along the way.. ” - (Wildy Haskell, Wildy’s World) No matter what they are trying to do, make people dance, entertain them, touch them or just stay unnoticed, they always keep their childish playfulness, curiosity and honesty that made those four individuals pick up their instruments in the first place.. She Loves Pablo is a four-piece groove rock band from Zagreb, Croatia.. Started in 2006, self-released their first album "Mother Of All" in 2009 which got great reviews in domestic and foreign media.. In 2013 the band recorded and produced their second album "Burn And Levitate" which they released on Geenger Records, again as a free download.. In the meantime they played a couple hundred shows and festivals in and around their country, some with great names such as Arctic Monkeys, Iggy And The Stooges, NOFX, Karma To Burn, Bloc Party, The Editors etc.. The band is currently working on new songs for an upcoming EP.. Them Moose Rush is the most special moose stampedo ever to occur on the face of Earth.. On their long journey from the bright side of universe, three Moose – Nikola, Branimir and Marinko have finally settled in Croatia and from 2011.. started to do jams together with occasional experimentation with marmelade and jelly.. Jams taste like rock, marmelade is very alternative and dynamic and jelly kind of progressive.. They really love their cooking – Nikola is using 6 wooden spoons , Branimir 4, and Marinko hits it with a thinner end of a baseball bat (sometimes two bats at the beggining of the process).. Nikola is such a ladybug and loves to sing when cooking.. Branimir and Marinko Moose think it's gay, but secretly enjoy it and occassionaly hum along.. You must try their recepies from their new coock book called „To Future Miss Sunshine“ being released at October 2013.. It will show you the future and purpose of meaning.. Stay cool and eat your jams.. Love,.. Momma Moose.. Check out our.. Bandcamp.. Facebook.. Killed A Fox started in the fall of 2006.. After a couple of years of playing live, they recorded their debut album "Fluorescence" in 2009 and shared the stage with great bands like "Orange Goblin" and "Karma To Burn".. Their musical identity lies somwhere between alternative metal and psychedelic rock, with a strong sense of rhythm and melody.. They are known as a great live band with a "sweat no matter what" attitude.. They are currently in the process of self-producing their second album, which will be out by the end of 2013..

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