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    Descriptive info: Tarkett group.. |.. english.. srpski.. română.. български.. SOLUTION FOR EACH SPACE.. Healthcare.. Clinic.. Hospital.. Psyhiatric hospital.. Rehab.. Vet clinic.. Education.. Day care.. Kindergarten.. Primary schools.. Secondary schools.. Universities.. Transport industry.. Electronics.. Pharmaceuticals.. Research.. Manufacturing.. Busses and coaches.. Trains.. Housing.. Collective.. Private.. Hospitality.. Fitnes and spa.. Hotels.. Museum.. Theatre.. Offices and public institutions.. barracs.. Prisons.. Offices.. Stores and shops.. Retail shops.. Chain stores.. Aged care.. Alzheimer facilities.. Nursing home.. Retirement facilities.. PRODUCTS.. COMPACT VINYL HOMOGENOUS.. IQ.. PREMIUM.. PLUS.. COMPACT ViNYL HETEROGENEOUS.. OPTIC COMPACT.. ACCZENT EXCELLENCE.. ACOUSTIC VINYL - HEAVY TRAFFIC.. IQ ACOUSTIC.. TAPIFLEX EXCELLENCE.. TAPIFLEX ESSENTIAL.. TAPIFLEX STAIRS.. ACOUSTIC VINYL - LIGHT MODERATE TRAFFIC.. TARKETT DESIGN.. TAPIFLEX.. LUXURY VYNIL TILES.. Luxury Vinyl Tiles.. LOOSE LAY VINYL TILES.. STATIC CONTROL.. Static Control.. WETROOM SYSTEMS.. WETROOM FLOORS.. WETROOM WALLS.. SAFETY FLOORS.. Safety Floors.. WALLCOVERINGS.. LINOLEUM.. All collections.. Linoleum  ...   Instalation and Maintenance.. Retail locator.. Documentation.. Our references.. Tarkett references.. CONTACT.. Tarkett Academy.. Tarkett Academy Training centre.. Training courses and pricing details.. Training courses per request and in-house training courses for partners.. Application for Tarkett Academy.. Partners.. Search.. Legal mentions.. Home.. For professionals.. PRODUCTS.. ACOUSTIC VINYL - LIGHT & MODERATE TRAFFIC.. Print.. Share.. Give your opinion.. LIGHT TRAFFIC ACOUSTIC.. Documents to download.. Acoustic vinyl Tapiflex - Brochure (pdf, 6.. 18Mb).. Heterogeneous floorcoverings.. High sound absorption.. Easy and low-cost maintenance.. TopClean/Topclean XP PUR.. TAPIFLEX LIVING PLUS.. Decorative, versatile designs and colours.. High sound absorption (20 dB) and comfort underfoot.. Improved indentation resistance.. New Topclean XP PUR: easy, low-cost maintenance.. Glass fibre non-woven reinforcement: unique dimensional stability.. TAPIFLEX LIVING.. TAPIFLEX CLASSIC PLUS.. High sound absorption: 17 dB.. P3 indentation.. Hygienic.. TAPIFLEX CLASSIC.. High sound absorption: 19 dB..

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  • Title: Luxury Vinyl Tiles | LUXURY VYNIL TILES | PRODUCTS | For professionals | Tarkett SEE
    Descriptive info: LUXURY VYNIL TILES.. LUXURY VINYL TILES.. Luxury vinyl tiles ID Living - Technical data (pdf, 82.. 48Kb).. Luxury vinyl tiles ID Premier - Technical data (pdf, 124.. 29Kb).. Luxury vinyl tiles -ID Vision Wood Technical data (pdf, 247.. 51Kb).. Luxury vinyl tiles -ID Essential Technical data (pdf, 83.. 64Kb).. Luxury vinyl tiles for heavy traffic -Brochure (pdf, 8.. 07Mb).. Luxury vinyl tiles for light and moderate traffic - Brochure (pdf, 2.. 25Mb).. With a vast range of over 90 designs drawn from the natural world and major design trends, Tarkett Luxury Vinyl Tiles provide excellent performance and flexibility with high-design appearance.. Available in tiles and  ...   resistant flooring for domestic and semicommercial use.. Authentic images inspired by natural materials.. Versatile tones and textures for creating any design ambiance.. Warm and quiet underfoot.. PUR-reinforced surface for easy cleaning.. ID PREMIER 0,55MM.. Ideal for stores, hotel and leisure environments.. Designer collection of authentic images and colours accurately reproduced in planks.. 0.. 55mm pure PVC transparent wear layer: exceptionally hardwearing and indentation resistant (also available with 0.. 7mm wear layer).. Excellent resistance to scratches and abrasion.. Excellent resistance to scuffing, soiling and staining.. ID PREMIER 0,7MM.. 7mm pure PVC transparent wear layer: exceptionally hardwearing and indentation resistant (also available with 0.. 55mm wear layer)..

    Original link path: /english/for-professionals/products/luxury-vynil-tiles/luxury-vinyl-tiles
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  • Title: LOOSE LAY VINYL TILES | LOOSE LAY VINYL TILES | PRODUCTS | For professionals | Tarkett SEE
    Descriptive info: LOOSE LAY VINYL TILES.. Loose lay vinyl tiles Square - Technical data (pdf, 7.. 32Mb).. Loose lay vinyl tiles - Brochure (pdf, 3.. 14Mb).. Flexible loose-lay vinyl tiles offering rapid installation, removal or replacement, easy access to under floor cables and pipes.. With a sophisticated design range, the collection offers superior wear resistance and exceptional maintenance properties ideal for heavy traffic applications such as offices, stores and shops and hospitality.. SQUARE.. Acoustic loose-lay tiles for offices and commercial interiors.. Contemporary designs in wide colour range..

    Original link path: /english/for-professionals/products/loose-lay-vinyl-tiles/loose-lay-vinyl-tiles
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  • Title: Static Control | STATIC CONTROL | PRODUCTS | For professionals | Tarkett SEE
    Descriptive info: STATIC CONTROL.. Electrostatic vinyl iQ Granit SD -Technical data (pdf, 42.. 92Kb).. Electrostatic vinyl iQ Toro SC -Technical data (pdf, 43.. 11Kb).. Electrostatic vinyl iQ Eclipse SD -Technical data (pdf, 226.. 28Kb).. Electrostatic vinyl - Brochure (pdf, 1.. 71Mb).. Colour-coordinated with compact homogeneous ranges, Tarkett static dissipative and static conductive flooring offers a flexible, high-performance solution to keep sensitive environments such as operating theatres, computer rooms and electronics safe..  ...   and outstanding durability.. iQ Toro SC.. For sensitive environments.. 10 colours available both in sheet and tiles.. 2 mm thickness.. Colour coordinated with iQ Granit.. Unique conductive iQ PUR.. iQ Unique Surface Restoration.. Market s best life cycle cost.. Iq Granit SD.. For greater safety in sensitive environments.. 9 colours available both in sheets and tiles.. Eclipse SD.. 6 colours available both in sheets and tiles.. Econimical ESD protection..

    Original link path: /english/for-professionals/products/static-control/static-control
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  • Title: WETROOM FLOORS | WETROOM SYSTEMS | PRODUCTS | For professionals | Tarkett SEE
    Descriptive info: WETROOM SYSTEMS.. WETROOM FLOORS.. Vinyl for wetroom Granit Multisafe - Technical data (pdf, 50.. 95Kb).. Vinyl for wetroom Optima Multisafe - Technical data (pdf, 48.. 16Kb).. Vinyl for wetrooms - Brochure (pdf, 5.. 87Mb).. Unique concept: floors, walls and accessories available.. Hygienic and easy to maintain.. GRANIT MULTISAFE.. Waterproof installation, ideal for wet commercial applications.. Studded surface for excellent slip resistance.. 3 colour atmospheres designed for well being.. Unique concept: walls, floors and accessories available (compatible with Granit Aquarelle Wall HFS).. IQ OPTIMA 1.. 5MM.. Elegant.. 10 colourways, allowing for great colour choice.. 1.. 5  ...   composition of the whole construction give superior cleaning characteristics.. Best life cycle cost.. SAFETRED AQUA.. R11 slip resistance for superb performance in wet areas.. Bare foot comfort in wet areas.. Safety Clean XP surface for ease of maintenance.. Improved flexibility for ease of installation in falls and drains.. Sustainable slip resistance throughout product life.. Incorporates Biostat to help prevent biological and fungal growth.. AQUARELLE FLOOR.. Waterproof installation, ideal for wet domestic applications.. Unique concept: floors, walls and accessories available (compatible with Granit and/or Aquarelle Wetwall).. Fresh colours and modern designs.. Easy, low-cost maintenance.. TopClean PUR-reinforced..

    Original link path: /english/for-professionals/products/wetroom-systems/wetroom-floors
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  • Title: WETROOM WALLS | WETROOM SYSTEMS | PRODUCTS | For professionals | Tarkett SEE
    Descriptive info: WETROOM WALLS.. Wallcoverings - Brochure (pdf, 1.. 84Mb).. Waterproof installation.. Unique concept: floors, walls, borders and accessories available.. AQUARELLE WALLS HFS.. Unique concept: walls, floors, borders and accessories available (compatible with Granit Multisafe).. Fire resistant: Bs2 d0.. AQUARELLE WALLS.. Unique concept: floors, walls, borders and accessories available (compatible with Granit and/or Aquarelle Floor).. AQUARELLE BORDERS..

    Original link path: /english/for-professionals/products/wetroom-systems/wetroom-walls
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  • Title: Safety Floors | SAFETY FLOORS | PRODUCTS | For professionals | Tarkett SEE
    Descriptive info: SAFETY FLOORS.. Safety vinyl Granit Safe T - Technical data (pdf, 181.. 76Kb).. Safety vinyl Safetred Dimension - Technical data (pdf, 76.. 96Kb).. Safety vinyl Safetred Spectrum - Technical data (pdf, 77.. 80Kb).. Safety vinyl Safetred Transport - Technical data (pdf, 72.. 50Kb).. Safety vinyl Safetred Universal - Technical data (pdf, 77.. 53Kb).. Safety vinyl Safetred Universal Plus - Technical data (pdf, 90.. 84Kb).. Sigurnosni vinil - Brošura (pdf, 9.. 36Mb).. Ideal for applications such as industry, stores and shops and transport, Tarkett Safety floorings offer high-performance with outstanding wet and dry slip-resistance for greater all-round safety.. In a range of modern designs and vibrant colours, the collection offers easier cleaning and maintenance than traditional  ...   reinforced surface for easy maintenance.. For demanding locations where toughness and safety are paramount.. SAFETRED DIMENSION.. R10 slip resistance.. Highly decorative design.. Flexible and easy to install.. SAFETRED EXCELLENCE WOOD.. Natural wood effect design.. SAFETRED SPECTRUM.. Attractive, modern design.. 9 colors available as Safetred Spectrum Tiles: major product breakthrough.. Product backing made from recycled flooring: reduced environmental impact.. SAFETRED TRANSPORT.. High level of slip resistance.. Fleece backing for improved adhesion bond.. Hardwearing and durable for demanding environments.. Safety Clean XP PUR reinforces surface.. SAFETRED UNIVERSAL.. Safety Clean PUR reinforced surface for easy maintenance.. GRANIT SAFE T.. Excellent slip resistance properties.. 2 mm wear layer for extreme durability.. Approved also for wetrooms.. Dokazan i u mokrim prostorijama..

    Original link path: /english/for-professionals/products/safety-floors/safety-floors
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  • Title: WALLCOVERINGS | WALLCOVERINGS | PRODUCTS | For professionals | Tarkett SEE
    Descriptive info: WALLCOVERINGS.. WALLGUARD BROCHURE (pdf, 490.. 43Kb).. Wallcoverings - Brochure (pdf, 449.. Whatever the wall conditions, Wallgard wall covering provides high performance protection from staining and mechanical damage, and from water and other fluids.. Watertight and hardwearing, the high quality homogeneous vinyl is easy to repair and meets all current fire regulations for walls.. Colour co-ordinated with Tarkett s top quality homogeneous vinyl floorings, Wallgard can be used as part of an overall design concept.. WALLGUARD.. Impervious surface with PU-Shield.. Hygienic and watertight.. Easy to install - vertically or horizontally.. Attractive and functional design..

    Original link path: /english/for-professionals/products/wallcoverings/wallcoverings
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  • Title: LINOLEUM | LINOLEUM | PRODUCTS | For professionals | Tarkett SEE
    Descriptive info: LINOLEUM.. LINOLEUM WHAT IS IT?.. is a popular name, although not a correct one, for vinyl flooring.. The real.. linoleum.. and vinyl flooring resemble each other to a large extent.. However, their compositions are considerably different.. is a completely natural, 100% biodegradable material.. It is made from linseed oil, pine resin, cork, wood, various pigments and limestone.. Due to its composition, it is an antistatic, antiallergic and antibacterial material.. When it is produced and used, no toxins hazardous to people or the environment are created, it is even useful for people with respiratory problems due to pine resin vapours.. THE ADVANTAGES OF LINOLEUM.. The advantages of linoleum are what makes it an extraordinary flooring solution.. It has the following characteristics:.. natural linoleum.. is a completely ecological, 100% biodegradable material;.. it is warm and comfortable.. flooring.. ;.. it is antistatic, antiallergic and antibacterial flooring, which makes it ideal for rooms in which people with respiratory problems;.. is extremely long-lasting it can last 20 to 30 years, and even longer if it is properly maintained;.. it is comfortable and relieves and absorbs joint pressure,.. it is suitable for rooms in which people are expected to stand for longer periods of time, such as offices, doctor s surgeries, kitchen;.. is an excellent acoustic and thermal insulator; due to the softness and the  ...   with a cloth wetted with water in which you added a few drops of a neutral cleaning product.. If your floor loses its shine and fresh look, all you need to do is go over it with a polishing product.. In that way it will regain its former appearance quickly and easily.. For further information read the manufacturer s instructions.. Linoleum installation.. Linoleum installation requires several preliminary actions:.. Before installing.. linoleum flooring.. , it is necessary to remove the existing flooring appropriately.. The underlay on which the.. linoleum.. is installed must be dry, clean and level.. If the surface is not level, use a floor levelling mass.. The floor must be kept in the room in which it will be installed for at least 24 hours, at room temperature, in order for the flooring to acclimate to the conditions in the room.. Unroll and measure the linoleum before you begin the installation.. In that way you will avoid the disappointment of not having enough material.. When cutting this type of flooring, always add 15-20 cm lengthwise.. can be installed by gluing it to the surface.. Tarkett linoleum.. will offer an unforgettable sense of comfort and beauty in your home.. In order to choose the collection which best suits you and your needs, take a look at the.. linoleum collectio.. ns..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: Linoleum Veneto xf.. ivory.. pebble.. smoke.. charcoal.. earth.. sisal.. corn.. coral.. camel.. plum.. eggshell.. taupe.. sand.. azurite.. silk.. sunflower.. citrine.. chocolate.. copper.. amber.. terracotta.. salmon.. carmine.. lila.. grass.. ink.. horizon.. aquamarine.. ocean.. lagoon.. denim.. lavender.. zinc.. aluminium.. steel.. slate.. turquoise.. cork.. platinium.. pewter.. concrete.. navy.. stone.. absinthe.. burgundy.. olive.. leaf.. khaki..  ...   Allegro xf.. red mix.. yellow mix.. beige mix.. orange mix.. grey mix.. anise mix.. indigo mix.. blue mix.. Veneto Soluzione xf.. Linoleum Etrusco xf.. beige.. yellow.. orange.. red.. purple.. green.. metal.. indigo.. anise.. black.. Linoleum STYLE ELLE.. Materia.. Sabbia.. Rosso.. Abisso.. Mokka.. Verde.. Velluto.. Ferro.. Linoleum STYLE EMME.. Cenere.. Vulcano.. Cemento.. Asfalto..

    Original link path: /english/for-professionals/products/linoleum/all-collections
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  • Title: Linoleum Veneto xf | Linoleum | Products | Tarkett SEE
    Descriptive info: Feature and benefits.. Marbled design with soft and strong pattern levels.. Wide range of 50 colors.. Superior xf protection for extreme toughness.. Easy cleaning and maintenance - no initial wax or polish needed.. Linoleum Veneto - CE Declaration (pdf, 85.. Linoleum- Brochure (pdf, 9.. 69Mb).. Linoleum- Technical data (pdf, 2.. 27Mb).. Linoleum- maintainance instructions (pdf, 65.. Linoleum - installation instructions (pdf, 232.. 99Kb).. Full description.. Fresh, dynamic and exciting, modern linoleum flooring uses age old techniques and the latest xf technology to add a whole new range of technical qualities.. An ideal combination of natural quality with resistance to heavy traffic it is ideal for sectors from education to healthcare.. With both compact and acoustic versions, modern linoleum can satisfy the most demanding requirements for appearance, function, cost and sustainability.. Gallery.. Choose your design.. Technical characteristics.. Sap code.. Design.. Thickness(mm).. 1871601.. 2.. 00.. 1872601.. 50.. General info.. Classification.. 23.. Format.. Roll.. Width(m).. 20.. Length(m).. Pattern.. veneto.. Color.. My calculator.. For.. Width.. m.. Length.. Enter floor dimensions.. Technical info.. TECHNICAL DATA.. Total thickness (EN428).. 2 / 2.. 5 / 3.. Classification (EN 685 Domestic).. Total weight (EN 430).. ca.. 2400 g/m2 / ca.. 3000 g/m3 / ca.. 3900 g/m4.. Fire classification (EN 23501-1).. Cfl s1.. Cigarette burns (EN 1399).. Resistant to cigarette burns.. Impact sound reduction (ISO 140-8 EN ISO 712-2).. 5dB / 6dB / 9dB.. Underfloor heating (EN 12524).. Suitable.. Form of delivery rolls (EN 426).. 20-30 lm x 2 m.. Form of delivery tiles (EN 427).. Installation.. CONDITIONS REQUIRED FOR INSTALLATION.. It is important that sheets/tiles are stored at least 24 hours before installation at a minimum room temperature of 18 C.. This temperature should be maintained throughout the installation.. The minimum temperature of the subfloor should be 15 C.. The recommended relative humidity in the room  ...   before installation, the material should be cut to the desired lengths; the cut sheets must be acclimatised where they are to be installed by laying them flat on subfloor (or, if this is not possible, in an upright position).. Plan the sheet direction for the area to be installed to ensure that whenever possible joins do not coincide with doorways, main traffic lanes, sinks or urinals.. If the room is reasonably square, the sheets should run parallel to the incoming light.. In long, narrow rooms it is best to install the sheets along the length of the room.. Cut the sheets to length.. If coving is necessary, the sheets should be cut longer than the room.. All consecutive sheets should be installed in the.. same direction.. IMPORTANT!.. Wait 48 to 72 hours before allowing any foot traffic or moving in furniture.. Održavanje.. General advice.. Clean the floorcovering regularly, as this is more cost-effective and hygienic than occasional heavy-duty cleaning.. Always follow dosage instructions carefully.. Wipe up any grease and spilt oil immediately, as they may damage the surface.. Resilient floors are damaged by solvents.. Black rubber wheels and rubber feet can discolour the floorcovering.. All chair and table legs should have good quality floor protectors.. Felt pads are not recommended in commercial interiors.. Hard plastic is preferred.. Remember that light colours need more frequent cleaning.. A surface revolution.. The greatest advance for Linoleum xf is the reduced cleaning and maintenance.. Compared with untreated linoleum flooring, several steps are no longer necessary, and the whole cleaning and maintenance process is simplified.. Always follow Tarkett s cleaning and maintenance instructions to be sure of getting the very best results.. D.. ry mopping.. Damp mopping.. Combined machine (for large areas).. Vacum cleaning.. If necessary - Wet mopping (for heavily soiled areas)..

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