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  • Title: laminate SMART PRO 832 | Laminate | Products | Tarkett SEE
    Descriptive info: Tarkett group.. |.. english.. srpski.. română.. български.. SOLUTION FOR EACH SPACE.. Healthcare.. Clinic.. Hospital.. Psyhiatric hospital.. Rehab.. Vet clinic.. Education.. Day care.. Kindergarten.. Primary schools.. Secondary schools.. Universities.. Transport industry.. Electronics.. Pharmaceuticals.. Research.. Manufacturing.. Busses and coaches.. Trains.. Housing.. Collective.. Private.. Hospitality.. Fitnes and spa.. Hotels.. Museum.. Theatre.. Offices and public institutions.. barracs.. Prisons.. Offices.. Stores and shops.. Retail shops.. Chain stores.. Aged care.. Alzheimer facilities.. Nursing home.. Retirement facilities.. PRODUCTS.. COMPACT VINYL HOMOGENOUS.. IQ.. PREMIUM.. PLUS.. COMPACT ViNYL HETEROGENEOUS.. OPTIC COMPACT.. ACCZENT EXCELLENCE.. ACOUSTIC VINYL - HEAVY TRAFFIC.. IQ ACOUSTIC.. TAPIFLEX EXCELLENCE.. TAPIFLEX ESSENTIAL.. TAPIFLEX STAIRS.. ACOUSTIC VINYL - LIGHT MODERATE TRAFFIC.. TARKETT DESIGN.. TAPIFLEX.. LUXURY VYNIL TILES.. Luxury Vinyl Tiles.. LOOSE LAY VINYL TILES.. STATIC CONTROL.. Static Control.. WETROOM SYSTEMS.. WETROOM FLOORS.. WETROOM WALLS.. SAFETY FLOORS.. Safety Floors.. WALLCOVERINGS.. LINOLEUM.. All collections.. Linoleum Veneto xf.. Silencio xf.. Linoleum Allegro xf.. Veneto Soluzione xf.. Linoleum Etrusco xf.. Linoleum STYLE ELLE.. Linoleum STYLE EMME.. WOOD.. SALSA.. Salsa Art.. TANGO.. LAMINATE.. laminate SMART PRO 832.. laminate SELECT 833.. SERVICES SUPPORT.. FLOORCRAFT.. Floorcraft design service.. LIFE CYCLE COST ANALYSIS.. Life cycle cost analysis.. Instalation and Maintenance.. Retail locator.. Documentation.. Our references.. Tarkett references.. CONTACT.. Tarkett Academy.. Tarkett Academy Training centre.. Training courses and pricing details.. Training courses per request and in-house training courses for partners.. Application for Tarkett Academy.. Partners.. Search.. Legal mentions.. Home.. Print.. Share.. Give your opinion.. laminate SMART PRO 832.. Feature and benefits.. Resistance to abrasion and scratches.. T-lock system: strongest locking system on the market.. MRTech edge treatment and fiberboards developed for excellent resistance to moisture and swelling.. Antistatic.. Easy installation: glue free mechanical locking system.. Documents to download.. Laminate Smart Pro 832 - Technical data (pdf, 126.. 56Kb).. CE The CE marking (also known as CE mark) is a mandatory conformance mark on many products placed on the single market in the European Economic Area (EEA).. The CE marking certifies that a product has met EU consumer safety, health or environmental requirements.. MRTech A unique formulation is spread over the joints of the board.. This treatment prevents water spills from pasing through the boards and minimises the risk of moisture.. T - Lock Angle system: angle-angle-angle: it is locked and will stay firmly clicked in place for many long years!.. Techwear The Techwear layer offers a durable, no-wax, scratch-and-impact resistan surface that cleans in a flick of a wrist.. Transparent, it insures a veritable protection of the decor without reducing its beauty.. Full description.. Laminate is the ideal combination of function with style, modern looks and hardwearing surfaces, making it a favourite choice for commercial applications from hotels to restaurants, offices, stores and housing.. Tarkett laminate floorings offer exceptional quality, and benefit from the latest technological innovations.. All our commercial laminate is made with reinforced boards for much higher resistance to shocks and impacts.. MRTech treatment provides superior protection against moisture, preventing swelling and distortion and prolonging the life of the product.. Gallery.. Choose your design.. Beech.. INDIAN HICKORY.. WHITE ASH.. DARK FUMES OAK.. TANZANIAN WENGE.. BLACK & WHITE.. GREY BLUE SHERWOOD OAK.. MOCHA STRIPE.. BLACK & HYPE.. GREY MOCHA SHERWOOD OAK.. DEEP HONEY SHERWOOD OAK.. TOBACCO SHERWOOD OAK.. MOCHA SHERWOOD OAK.. SUEDE SHERWOOD OAK.. BEIGE SHERWOOD OAK.. PRINCESS FONTAINEBLEAU OAK.. KING FONTAINEBLEAU OAK.. GREY BEIGE SHERWOOD OAK.. PAINTED GREY.. PAINTED WHITE.. PATCHWORK LATTE.. PATCHWORK CAPUCCIO.. Technical characteristics.. Sap code.. Design.. Beveling.. 8194013..  ...   sub- oor must be dry.. The sub- oor must be even.. Irregular ities 3 mm/m or.. 2 mm over 2m must be levelled out accordingly.. The sub- oor must be firm, robust and clean.. More info on the installation instructions inside your.. laminate boxes!.. What you need to know about under- floor heating laminate.. Laminate oor ing is suitable for installation above under- oor heating systems, provided that the heating element.. is embedded in concrete or another sub- oor.. Laminate oor ing is not suitable for installation above under- oor heating foil inst alled above concrete or any other sub- oor,.. unless other wise specified by the under- oor heating manufacturer.. Laminate oor ing surface temperature should never exceed 28 C.. Laminate oor ing can be inst alled on low-temperature water-based under- oor heating systems with a maximum 28 C sur face.. temperature.. Standard electrical under oor heating foil systems can generally reach a sur face temperature of more than 28 C when.. turned up to maximum operating temperature, which is not compatible with laminate oor ing.. If you are using.. an electr ical under- oor heating system, make sure you have a self-regulating system in order never to exceed 28 C.. How to check the moisture yourself?.. There is a very simple test that you can conduct yourself to give you a rough idea of the moisture content of your concrete slab.. Tape down a few pre cut 50 x 50 pieces of polyethylene.. Duck tape them to various areas of the sub floor.. Wait about 72 hours.. Then, lift up a corner of each test square.. Beads of condensation on the underside of any of them, on a dark moist sub-floor indicate a moisture problem.. Consult a profesional if this happened.. If the plastic is dry , go ahead install your laminate flooring! And dont forget to a lay down your barrier.. Održavanje.. Cleaning.. !.. So easy!.. Regular cleaning: vacuum and dry -mop.. Occasional cleaning: if needed, you can damp-mop your oor ing.. ever y 2 weeks.. Use a cleaning solution suited to laminates,.. rinse the mop thoroughly, and dry-mop your oor when finished.. Stains!.. Remove stains, spots, etc.. as they occur.. Rub the stain with a clean, dry mop moistened with a dedicated cleaning agent.. Never spr ay any cleaning agent directly onto the oor.. When using a solvent or concentrated cleaning solution, read the safety.. advice carefully!.. Rubber, plastic, heel marks.. Rub the mark with a dry cloth.. Use acetone if needed.. Once dry, brush it off with a white nylon pad.. Urine, blood.. Wipe the stain with a slightly damp cloth.. If dry, rub it down with a dry nylon pad.. Nail-varnish, shoe polish, paint, ink, felt pen, lipstick.. Remove with a cloth soaked in acetone, nail-tar varnish.. solvent, paint-thinner or vinegar essence.. Fruit, milk, beer.. Remove with an absorbent dry cloth.. If dry, wipe down.. with a dedicated cleaning solution, then wipe dry.. Candle wax, chewing gum.. Once hardened, these should be removed with a blunt.. plastic scraper.. Prevention always helps!.. Place door-mats and foot br ushes at all exterior door way entrances.. Fix felt protectors under furniture legs.. Disposal? Recycling?.. You can dispose of your laminate oor ing in normal household waste, or disposal waste for large quantities.. Laminate ooring can be reused or recycled as an energy source..

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  • Title: laminate SELECT 833 | Laminate | Products | Tarkett SEE
    Descriptive info: laminate SELECT 833.. Higher slip resistance, R10.. Laminate Select 833- Technical sheet (pdf, 130.. 41Kb).. Merbau.. OLD WORLD WALNUT.. Dark Fumes Oak.. Mocha Stripe.. WHITE BUZZ.. Peruvian Walnut.. Grey Blue Sherwood Oak.. Grey Beige Sherwood Oak.. Grey Mocha Sherwood Oak.. Mocha Sherwood Oak.. Beige Sherwood Oak.. Suede Sherwood Oak.. Tobacco Sherwood Oak.. Painted White.. Patchwork Latte.. Patchwork Capuccio.. Painted  ...   0,2mm.. Duck tape them to various areas of the sub floor.. Beads of condensation on the underside ofa ny of them, on a dark moist sub-floor indicate a moisture problem.. If the plastic is dry, go ahead install your laminate flooring! And dont forget toa lay down your barrier.. Never spray any cleaning agent directly onto the oor.. b..

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  • Title: Floorcraft design service | FLOORCRAFT | SERVICES & SUPPORT | For professionals | Tarkett SEE
    Descriptive info: For professionals.. SERVICES & SUPPORT.. FLOORCRAFT.. Floorcraft design service.. Imagine the reality!.. It can start with an idea and a desire to create a unique, special environment.. A personalised design that may be stylishly simple or could be impressively intricate.. Creating floors to help set the mood.. Dramatic and exciting, perhaps.. Or calming and encouraging.. Certainly, flooring with flair.. Working with the FLOORCRAFT Design Service, you can imagine, see and believe the reality.. For every building, the flooring can have a major influence on the look and feel of the total environment.. The FLOORCRAFT Design Service helps designers, architects, planners and building owners make the most of this creative opportunity.. This service offers almost unlimited scope for stunning  ...   offer such experience and reputation in flooring design.. The FLOORCRAFT Design Service has already helped to create countless individually customised flooring schemes for the Healthcare, Education, Retail and Housing sectors across the World.. Launched in 1993, FLOORCRAFT is a unique and increasingly versatile service facility.. Each idea is explored, and visualised.. Then, when the design is finalised and approved, it's translated into a computer program for precision cutting.. However simple or complex the original brief, the service offers clients proven versatility.. There's an experienced team waiting to apply their FLOORCRAFT skills to your brief.. Ready to build on your initial ideas and help bring them to reality.. Contact your local Tarkett representative and enquiring about the FLOORCRAFT design service..

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  • Title: Life cycle cost analysis | LIFE CYCLE COST ANALYSIS | SERVICES & SUPPORT | For professionals | Tarkett SEE
    Descriptive info: LIFE CYCLE COST ANALYSIS.. Life cycle cost analysis.. We are leaders in surface treatment, as well as in finding materials and constructions that give the best maintenance properties, and hence also the best life cycle cost.. In 1975, Tarkett invented the PUR surface treatment, which is a milestone in the flooring industry.. Our innovation has been copied by many ever since.. Life Cycle Cost.. The real cost of a flooring must include purchase, installation, cleaning and maintenance during the whole life cycle of the product.. The Life Cycle Cost Software (LCC) is a program developed by Tarkett that integrates all these parameters and assesses the true cost of the flooring over its entire life cycle.. The 8/92 concept.. The LCC program has proven that over a 20-year period, cleaning and maintenance represent on average 92% of the flooring s total cost.. Purchase and installation only account for 8%.. A good reason to buy Tarkett.. Up to 30% savings.. When you choose Tarkett s floor covering developed with high-quality raw materials and outstanding PUR reinforcement, the LCC has proved that the cost of maintenance and cleaning may be reduced by up to 30%.. Another good reason to buy Tarkett.. R.. O.. I.. Return on  ...   a life cycle perspective, for a sustainable environment.. And we intend to continue this way we see it as a necessity and a responsibility.. The basis for all environmental work is a life cycle perspective.. We always strive to minimise our products environmental effects over their entire lifetime.. Several aspects must be taken into account: raw materials, product, construction and production, transportation, installation, cleaning and maintenance and, ultimately, recycling and waste handling.. All our development efforts and improvement actions are based on all these aspects.. Tarkett is committed to a comprehensive LCA programme following ISO standards that aims to:.. Utilise an eco-design tool to strive towards fully environmentally friendly products.. Keep customers informed of the environmental impacts of Tarkett s products and processes through a regularly updated document (the EPD) showing our commitment to continuous and substantial improvement.. Allow people involved in a sustainable approach to building (such as LEED GBC in the USA, HQE in France or BRE in the UK) to choose appropriate products.. The main criteria taken into consideration by the LCA are:.. Climate change from CO2 and other greenhouse gases.. Atmospheric acidification.. Emissions to air and water.. Consumption of energy resources.. Indoor air quality VOCs.. Waste reuse, recycling and disposal..

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  • Title: Instalation and Maintenance | Instalation and Maintenance | SERVICES & SUPPORT | For professionals | Tarkett SEE
    Descriptive info: Instalation and Maintenance.. Installation and Maintenance.. Installation guides.. All Tarkett products are composed of the highest quality raw materials available and are manufactured under strict production control.. They will meet the most exacting requirements of architects, contractors, owners and users.. Top quality material is only half of the story: a floor covering s beauty and serviceability  ...   instructions, it should be simple matter to make each project a job of which all can be proud and keep your flooring investment clean and good-looking year after year.. Maintenance guides.. Top quality material is only half of the story: a floor covering s beauty and serviceability is dependant first on proper installation over a suitable subfloor..

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  • Title: Retail locator | SERVICES & SUPPORT | For professionals | Tarkett SEE
    Descriptive info: Retail locator.. FIND THE NEAREST DISTRIBUTOR IN YOUR COUNTRY..

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  • Title: Dokumentacija | Ostalo | Tarkett SEE
    Descriptive info: Tarkett grupa.. Podovi za kuću.. O nama.. Podovi za sportske objekte.. Mapa sajta.. REŠENJE ZA SVE PROSTORE.. Zdravstvo.. Podovi za Klinike.. Podovi za Bolnice.. Podovi za Psihijatrijske bolnice.. Podovi za klinike za Rehabilitaciju.. Podovi za Veterinarske klinike.. Školstvo.. Podovi za Jaslice.. Podovi za Obdaništa.. Podovi za Osnovne škole.. Podovi za Srednje škole.. Podovi za Univerzitete.. Transport i industrija.. Podovi za Elektroindustriju.. Podovi za Farmaciju.. Podovi za Istraživačke institute.. Podovi za Proizvodnu industriju.. Podovi za Autobuse.. Podovi za Vozove.. Domaćinstvo.. Podovi za Stambene zgrade.. Podovi za Domaćinstva.. Ugostiteljstvo.. Podovi za Teretane i spa centre.. Podovi za Hotele.. Podovi za Muzeje.. Podovi za Pozorišta.. Kancelarije i javne ustanove.. Podovi za kasarne.. Podovi za Zatvore.. Podovi za Kancelarije.. Prodajni objekti.. Podovi za Maloprodajne objekte.. Podovi za Prodajne lance.. Gerontološke ustanove.. Podovi za Alzheimer klinike.. Podovi za Gerontološke klinike.. Podovi za Staračke domove.. PROIZVODI.. KOMPAKT VINIL HOMOGENI.. IQ KOMPAKT VINIL HOMOGENI.. PREMIUM KOMPAKT HOMOGENI VINIL.. PLUS kompakt vinil homogeni.. KOMPAKT VINIL HETEROGENI.. OPTIC COMPACT heterogeni vinil.. ACCZENT EXCELLENCE KOMPAKT HETEROGENI VINIL.. AKUSTIK VINIL  ...   Pregled kolekcija.. Linoleum Silencio xf.. Linoleum Veneto Soluzione xf.. PARKET.. PARKET SALSA.. PARKET Salsa Art.. PARKET TANGO.. LAMINAT.. laminat SMART PRO 832.. laminat SELECT 833.. USLUGE I PODRŠKA.. FLOORCRAFT DIZAJN.. Floorcraft dizajn.. ANALIZA TROŠKOVA ŽIVOTNOG CIKLUSA.. Analiza troškova životnog ciklusa.. Instalacija i održavanje.. Prodajna mesta.. Dokumentacija.. Naše reference.. Tarkett reference.. KONTAKT.. Tarkett Akademija.. Trening centar Tarkett Akademija.. Obuke i cene.. Treninzi po zahtevu i in house treninzi za partnere.. Prijava za Tarkett Akademiju.. Partneri.. Pretraga.. Uslovi korišćenja.. Početak.. Ostalo.. štampa.. Pošalji.. daj svoje mišljenje.. Dokumentacija.. Ukoliko želite da saznate više o Tarkett podovima , možete pogledati brošure, parketa, vinila ili linoleuma.. Pored toga možete skinuti Tarkett brošure sertifikate i tehničku dokumentaciju.. Ako su Vam potrebne dodatne informacije u vezi asortimana Tarkett parketa, laminata, vinila, linoleuma ili sportskih podova imate pitanja za službu nabavke, marketinga ili prodaje, obratite nam se preko.. kontakt forme.. Izborom odgovarajućeg dokumenta u padajućoj listi ispod dobićete mogućnost preuzimanja željenog materijala.. -- izaberite --.. Brošura.. EC Sertifikat.. Sertifikati o gorivosti.. Tehnički list.. Vodič o ugradnji i održavanju..

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  • Title: documentaţie | Other | Tarkett SEE
    Descriptive info: Grupul Tarkett.. Pentru acasă.. Despre Tarkett.. Pentru suprafeţe sportive.. Harta paginii web.. soluţii pentru fiecare spaţiu.. Spitale.. Clinici.. Spitale psihiatrice.. Centru de reabilitare.. Clinici veterinare.. Învăţământ.. Creşe.. Grădiniţa.. Şcoala primară.. Şcoala secundară.. Universitatea.. Industrie şi transport.. Electronica.. Industria farmaceutică.. Institute de cercetare.. Fabrici.. Autobuze şi autocare.. Trenuri.. locuinţe.. Locuinţe modulare.. Locuinţe private.. Hoteluri, spa, teatre, muzee.. Fitness Spa.. Hoteluri.. Muzee.. Teatre.. Birouri şi instituţii publice.. Barăci.. Închisori.. Birouri.. Magazine.. Magazine cu amănuntul.. Lanţuri de magazine.. Persoane în vârsta.. Spaţii pentru persoane cu Alzheimer.. Sanatorii.. Case de bătrâni.. produse.. Vinil compact omogen.. Vinil compact heterogen.. Vinil acustic - Trafic greu.. Vinil acustic - Trafic uşor şi moderat.. Plăci de vinil Luxury.. Plăci de vinil pentru instalare mobilă.. pardosele  ...   de viaţă.. Ghide de instalare şi întreţinere.. distribuitor local.. documentaţie.. referinţele noastre.. referinţele Tarkett.. Academia Tarkett.. Centrul de Formare al Academiei Tarkett.. Detalii privind cursurile de formare și prețurile.. Cursuri de formare la cerere și cursuri de formare interne pentru parteneri.. Formular de înscriere la Academia Tarkett.. Parteneri.. Căutare.. Juridică menţionează.. Pagina principală.. Other.. Imprimare.. Spune unui prieten.. Daţi părerea dvs.. documentaţie.. This page gathers all of Tarkett s downloadable documents.. You can choose among the product information or the general documentation you need.. For more information, please contact your local office on the page.. Your contacts.. or just send your e-mail on.. info.. trade@tarkett-ee.. com.. alegeţi.. Brochure.. EC Certificate.. Fire certificate.. Installation - Maintenance guide.. Technical datasheet..

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  • Title: документация | Other | Tarkett SEE
    Descriptive info: Tarkett група.. За дома.. За Tarkett.. За спортни повърхности.. Мапа на сайта.. e.. STYLE ELLE.. STYLE EMME.. SMART PRO 832.. SELECT 833.. floorcraft.. Tarkett.. KOHTAKT.. Партньори.. Търси според ключови думи.. Условия за ползване.. Начална страница.. документация.. Печатай.. Сподели.. Дайте свое мнение.. документация.. Тази страница събира всички за изтегляне документи Tarkett.. Можете да избирате между информацията за продукта или обща документация, от която се нуждаете.. За повече информация, моля свържете се с местния офис на страница контакти или просто да изпратите електронна поща на.. tarkettsee@tarkett.. --Избери--..

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  • Title: Documentation | Other | Tarkett SEE
    Descriptive info: Documentation.. -- choose --..

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  • Title: Tarkett references | Our references | For professionals | Tarkett SEE
    Descriptive info: Our references.. Tarkett offers all types of floors for residential use, especially multilayer parquet, laminate and vinyl, as well as almost all types of floors for commercial public use: homogeneous and heterogeneous vinyl flooring, natural linoleum, laminate and sports surfaces.. Flooring has a significant impact on the way people experience the space in which they live, work and play.. Tarkett provides unique advantages to its end users, the feeling of comfort, wellbeing and safety, and it inspires people to achieve better  ...   the field of construction, which makes our floors an integral part of the most prestigious architectural projects in the world.. Combining expertise and a wide range of products including vinyl flooring, natural linoleum, laminate, parquet, sports surfaces, special purpose flooring and accompanying products, Tarkett is creating a unique floor experience for all users.. Tarkett offers tangible and ecological solutions for any project, whether they are public, commercial, residential, sports facilities, new build or renovations.. You can see some of our.. references here..

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