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    Descriptive info: Tarkett group.. |.. english.. srpski.. română.. български.. SPORTS FLOORS FOR INDOOR SPORTS.. SPORTS FLOORS FOR SCHOOLS.. SPORTS FLOORS FOR PROFESSIONAL SPORT.. SPORTS FLOORS FOR RECREATION HALLS.. PRODUCTS.. WOOD SPORTS SURFACES.. VINYL SPORTS SURFACES.. COMBINED SPORTS FLOORS.. ALL ABOUT SPORTS FLOORS.. EUROPEAN STANDARDS FOR SPORTS FLOORS.. PRODUCTS FOR PROTECTION OF SPORTS FLOORS.. CONTACT.. Search.. Legal mentions.. Home.. For sport surfaces.. ALL ABOUT SPORTS FLOORS.. Print.. Share.. Give your opinion.. EUROPEAN STANDARDS FOR SPORTS FLOORS.. should meet numerous standards, when it comes to the safety of sportsmen, reducing the risk of injuries and high quality of sporting activities.. One of the most important is the.. European standard EN 14904 for sports flooring.. , which provides features that every flooring which is installed in an indoor sports facility must comply with.. Sports surface solution.. which satisfies the European standard EN 14904 ensures safety, hygiene and health protection during sporting activities, as well as quality sports flooring for its users.. When the quality of.. sports flooring.. is in question, the most important requirements of the European standard EN 14904 are:.. Sports flooring shock absorption.. When a player touches a sports floor, the impact force splits  ...   the slipping of the player along the surface.. For.. sports flooring.. , surface friction must be high enough to prevent early and uncontrollable sliding of players on the surface, but also low enough to allow slipping at extremely high forces generated by the players during sports activities.. Sports floor vertical deformation.. Sports floor vertical deformation.. measures the degree of vertical motion of the floor during sports activities.. Sports floor should be the players feet support while running or jumping.. Too soft or too hard floors can be hazardous to health and safety of players.. Ball return on the sports floor.. Sports floor.. has to absorb the landing, but at the same time it must allow the ball bounce, which should be close to the ball bounce on a concrete base.. This feature of the sports floor is particularly important in sports parquet which is used for professional sports.. All Tarkett sports floors - sports parquet, sports vinyl and combined sports floor - meet the relevant standards for sports surfaces, such as the European standard EN 14 904.. For more information about.. Tarkett sports flooring.. , please contact us using our contact form..

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    Descriptive info: PRODUCTS FOR PROTECTIOPN OF SPORTS FLOORS.. You have installed a new.. sports surface.. solution and you want to protect it from damage during different events, such as concerts?.. The perfect solution for you are the.. products for sports surface protection.. , which allow quick and easy conversion of your sports halls into halls for non-sporting events.. Some of the products for sports surface protection which will provide first-class flooring protection are listed in the text below.. Giant Tiles textile tiles for sports surface protection.. Giantiles textile tiles for sports surface protection.. represent an excellent solution which makes it possible to convert sports halls quickly and easily into exhibition halls, concert halls, etc.. The dimensions of Giantiles textile tiles are 2x1m and have vinyl backing.. Due to the specially made trolley, the Giantiles are very easy to install, four people can cover 1000 m2 of a sports surface in  ...   textile tiles for sports surface protection are very easy to install, four people can cover 1000 m2 of a sports surface in only one hour.. Since they have been designed to protect your sports surface solution, Protectiles protection products represent an extremely efficient solution.. Touchdown vinyl flooring for sports surface protection.. If you need an economical solution for the.. protection of your sports surface.. from the damage due to the movement of people and light loads, such as chairs, Touchdown is the right solution.. The vinyl flooring in rolls which are two metres wide, provides excellent protection of your.. from damage.. is available in three colours - grey, green and beige.. Touchdown can be installed to protect your floors during construction work in your sports hall.. If you wish to have more information on.. products for your sports surface protection.. , please contact us through the company contact form..

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  • Title: CONTACT | Tarkett SEE
    Descriptive info: CONTACT.. If you would like to receive general information, or help regarding projects , please complete the form below and click “send”.. Note that the fields marked with * are required.. First name.. *.. Last name.. Address.. City.. Country.. Tel.. Email.. Your project details.. Project value.. Area of flooring required m.. 2.. Subject.. Message..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: COMPANY.. TARKETT AT A GLANCE.. BUSINESS PRINCIPLES.. INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS.. Our references.. Tarkett references.. Careers.. For media.. News.. Media Library..

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  • Title: O nama | Tarkett SEE
    Descriptive info: Tarkett grupa.. Podovi za kuću.. Podovi za profesionalce.. Podovi za sportske objekte.. Mapa sajta.. KOMPANIJA.. O NAMA.. POSLOVNI PRINCIPI.. MEDJUNARODNI STANDARDI.. Naše reference.. Tarkett reference.. Karijera.. Za medije.. Vesti.. Galerija Slika.. KONTAKT.. Pretraga.. Uslovi korišćenja.. O nama.. Reference.. Pogledajte naše reference..

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  • Title: Despre Tarkett | Tarkett SEE
    Descriptive info: Grupul Tarkett.. Pentru acasă.. Pentru profesionişti.. Pentru suprafeţe sportive.. Harta paginii web.. compania.. despre noi.. Principii de afaceri.. referinţele noastre.. referinţele Tarkett.. carieră.. pentru media.. ştiri.. biblioteca media.. Căutare.. Juridică menţionează.. Despre Tarkett..

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  • Title: За Tarkett | Tarkett SEE
    Descriptive info: Tarkett група.. За дома.. За професионалисти.. За спортни повърхности.. Мапа на сайта.. Tarkett.. KOHTAKT.. Търси според ключови думи.. Условия за ползване.. За Tarkett.. наши референци..

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  • Title: COMPANY | About us | Tarkett SEE
    Descriptive info: About us.. COMPANY..

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  • Title: TARKETT AT A GLANCE | COMPANY | About us | Tarkett SEE
    Descriptive info: TARKETT AT A GLANCE.. Tarkett at a glance.. With annual sales of 1,7 billion euros in 2009, Tarkett is a world wide leader in terms of innovative and sustainable flooring and sports surface solutions.. Tarkett provides integrated flooring-, wall based- and sports surface solutions to professionals and end-users that measurably enhance both people s quality of life and building facilities life-time return.. Each of our integrated flooring and surface solutions caters to a very specific customer need.. The space, how it s used, design choices, building norms and safety regulations, as well as budgets are all different because every customer is unique and has highly individual needs.. Today, across the world and day after day, people experience their lives at home, in public buildings, schools, hospitals, offices, and during sports- or leisure activities through a Tarkett floor.. We believe that floors have a measurable impact on how people experience the places in which they live,work and play providing unique.. benefits  ...   shape.. No matter whether the project is public, commercial, residential or a sports facility installation, a new construction or a renovation project, it s the combination of our world wide expertise, our broad product portfolio across vinyl, linoleum, rubber, laminate, wood, accessories and sport surfaces, as well as our intimate understanding of customers needs that enables Tarkett to create those distinctive flooring experiences.. At Tarkett, about 8.. 000 people around the world service customers and clients every day through sales representations in 100 countries and through our 29 production sites, which produce an average of 1 million m2 of flooring every day.. Tarkett is organized in four Divisions Western Europe (including the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, South America), Eastern Europe, North America and Sports.. As a true service provider, we work with the majority of the leading architects and building professionals, making Tarkett s integrated flooring and sports surfaces solutions part of the most prestigious architectural references in the world..

    Original link path: /english/about-us/company/tarkett-at-a-glance
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  • Title: BUSINESS PRINCIPLES | COMPANY | About us | Tarkett SEE
    Descriptive info: BUSINESS PRINCIPLES.. Tarkett is committed to consistently provide an outstanding customer experience, to develop the talents of its employees and to provide a fair return for the shareholders.. While we adapt to the changing economy and the technology that drives it, our vision, mission and values, as well as a Group-wide code of ethics, guide the way we act.. Values.. Positive customer attitude.. - the professionalism and responsiveness that make up our service quality.. Team spirit.. - the way we engage with our customers, suppliers and employees.. Empowerment and accountability.. - the operational latitude we give our  ...   of us and in dealing with customers, facts and figures.. Commitment to the environment.. - the determination to respect the planet and to the ambition to improve our environmental performance.. Code of ethics.. Tarkett s ethical commitment is based on our five core Group values.. These are expressed through a certain number of business principles that motivate and guide our day-to-day undertakings.. Our Code of Ethics, covering our worldwide business practices and procedures, ensure that Tarkett continues to work fairly and honestly with its customers, employees, suppliers and partners and the local communities in which we operate..

    Original link path: /english/about-us/company/business-principles
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    Descriptive info: INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS.. Documents to download.. Quality politics (pdf, 217.. 12Kb).. Politics of health and safety (pdf, 190.. 58Kb).. Politics of envirromental protection (pdf, 190.. 83Kb).. Tarkett maintains a strong focus on producing environmentally sound products as well as constantly seeking green manufacturing systems and new recycling methods in all phases of a product's life.. Tarkett products are in accordance with international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 i OHSAS 18001.. You can find Politics of Quality, Health and Safety and Environmental Policy here..

    Original link path: /english/about-us/company/international-standards
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  • Archived pages: 217