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  • Title: Association "Play" | For providing rehabilitation, education, psycho-social and pedagogical assistance
    Descriptive info: .. Association Play.. For providing rehabilitation, education, psycho-social and pedagogical assistance.. Skip to content.. About Us.. Programs.. Good Better The Best.. Modification of behaviour through play.. School Workshops.. Students can do more.. Flyer.. Contact.. Family club Play.. Different Approach.. Association Play is a Croatian non-profit non-governmental and non-political organization registered on the 13.. th.. January 1999 in Zagreb.. The basic objective of the Association is providing rehabilitative, educational, psychosocial and pedagogical assistance and support to children, youth and adults in order to improve the quality of their lives and the quality of the social community in general.. Young enthusiastic students and graduated professionals of social work, social pedagogy, psychology, and pedagogue founded the Association.. They noticed that children and youth often do not know how to resolve their problems or they do not know how to satisfy their needs in an appropriate way.. Due to that, children and youth use unacceptable and inefficient ways of behavior like aggression, stealing, addiction, withdrawal, isolation etc.. Also, professionals noticed that parent and teachers have a hard time dealing with children and youth that start to show some of the behavioral disorders parents and teachers usually say that they are powerless.. Professionals that founded the Association wanted to make a change so the Association is dedicated to providing support and education to children, youth, parents and professionals in the humanitarian field.. In that way beneficiaries of the Association can competently overcome difficulties they face.. Basic determinants of the Association, all our actions, programs and projects are:.. ethic, professionalism and responsibility.. foundation on theory and practice.. multidisciplinary approach.. cooperation between sectors.. Through the last seven years the Association Play received a great number of support letters from primary schools, faculties, distinguished professionals, Institutes, ministries, institutions for children and youth.. In all of them the quality of our work and the whish for future cooperation is emphasized.. We are very proud of the fact that the Croatian State Department for Prevention of Behavioral Disorders together with the Croatian State Institute for Protection of Family, Motherhood and Youth included two of our programs (“Modification of behavior through play- program for prevention of behavioral disorders of primary school children “ and “Contact- program for improvement of life skills of children and youth in the institutions”) into the group of 14 programs that represent potential.. best-practice models.. for prevention and treatment of behavioral disorders of children and youth in Croatia.. Also we are very proud that the Croatian government-office for associations gave us the acknowledgment for the promotion and development of volunteering in Croatia.. Except  ...   and intergeneration solidarity, National Association for Civil society Development, Office for Human Rights, Institute open society, Levi’s and many other big and small donators and sponsors.. Till now we had mostly relied on donations from our national and local government (National/local government grants 68.. 4%, National/local foundations grants 17%, Self-financing 13.. 4%, Individual donations 0.. 01%, National/local corporate grants 1.. 18%) but we are now trying to get international funding.. In the last few years we have begun the development of self-financing activities in order to make our programs accessible to a greater number of beneficiaries and become sustainable.. Today the Association is implementing 4 programs, 4 subprograms and 2 projects for children in primary schools, children and youth in institutional treatment, parents, teachers, students, and professionals in the humanistic field and to other people that need psychological support.. The number of people that are involved in the Association is increasing every year.. In the school year 2009/2010 Association had 542 beneficiaries (745 children, 92 youth, 33 students, 264 parents, 164 teachers and professionals).. During that year the Association Play had one employed person and 53 honoraria associates (psychologist, social pedagogues, pedagogue, rehabilitators, and social workers) and 31 volunteers.. We see our self as a growing association in the sense of a growing budget, number of beneficiaries and number of professionals that work for us.. We developed a General strategic plan of Association and in accordance with it we developed a strategic plan for self-financing.. The most important criteria for the self-financing venture are: Stick to our mission and goals, Quality of venture and Expanding knowledge and skills.. Values that each activity should promote are Professionalism, Respect for human differences, Humanity, Tolerance, Ethics, and Reliability.. Both plans support the board game venture and the board game venture is in accordance with the Association’s values and important criteria.. We are happy that each day there is more and more people that work together with us on the realization of our mission “provide professional support to both individual and the society in developing their potentials, through the processes of cooperation and learning”.. We are grateful that with each day thanks to the committed joined efforts we are closer and closer to reaching our mission “society in which every individual recognizes, uses and develops his/hers own potentials to contribute to the life of social community as an active, productive and content participant”.. Comments are closed.. Search for:.. Recent Posts.. provjera.. Recent Comments.. Archives.. October 2013.. Categories.. Uncategorized.. Meta.. Log in.. Entries.. RSS.. Comments.. WordPress.. org.. Proudly powered by WordPress..

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  • Title: provjera | Association "Play"
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  • Title: October | 2013 | Association "Play"
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  • Title: Programs | Association "Play"
    Descriptive info: Association Play is conducting several programs:.. o The Preventive Program of group work with children and adolescents with behavioural disorders.. “Modification of behaviour though play-MPPI”.. – program for elemenrary-school-children and their parents = directed towards prevention of behavior disorders through individual and group work.. It is organized in cooperation with Welfare center Zagreb – Peščenica Office.. MPPI subprograms are:.. “MPPI – SCHOOL WORKSHOPS”.. – subprograms for teachers and professional school associates = based on education and supervision of teachers and professional associates who work with children, youth and families.. “MPPI – STUDENTS CAN DO MORE”.. – subprogram for students of psychosocial, pedagogical and similar areas of work = based on giving support and education to volunteers –leaders of individual work with children trough supervision.. “MPPI – FLYER”.. – program for children, youth, parents and teachers = based  ...   improvement of social skills and prevention of behavior disorders through psycho-socio-pedagogical workshops.. o Program for improvement of life skills of children and youth in institutional treatment.. “CONTACT”.. – program for children and youth in institutions = based on improvement of life skills, adjustment to life in institution, preparation for independent life and support after leaving the institution trough educational workshops.. o.. “FAMILY CLUB PLAY – OKI”.. – program for children who are in pediatric wing of Vinogradska Hospital and children of lower economical status who need help with their studies = based on improvement of children’s strong points, it includes creative, interactive and educational activities.. o Psycho-socio-pedagogical counseling for children, youth and family.. “DIFFERENT APPROACH”.. – for children, youth, families, partners and organizations = based on reinforcement of personal potentials and social and life skills through counseling..

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  • Title: Suncana | Association "Play"
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