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    Archived pages: 144 . Archive date: 2014-09.

  • Title: Software | code coding coders
    Descriptive info: .. Software.. code coding coders.. Search.. Main menu.. Skip to primary content.. Skip to secondary content.. Home.. Blog.. Games.. Urth.. Redeye miniLD29.. Utility.. Dropbox.. Dropbox demo.. Educational.. Entertainment.. About.. Recent Posts.. Spaztastic plant spider.. Posted on.. June 23, 2012.. by.. Andrew.. Reply.. Born out of.. back pain, boredom, and lack of internet, I bring you.. Continue reading.. VN:F [1.. 9.. 22_1171].. Rating: 0.. 0/.. 10.. (0 votes cast).. Posted in.. ,.. Processing.. |.. Tagged.. audio.. video.. Leave a reply.. Ardunio L298  ...   for 2011.. Graphic novel engine test.. 2.. Replies.. 0h game.. Ephemera.. 0.. comments.. Got a Medion Akoya E2312 to replace my Acer Aspire 751h.. Technorati wants this code.. Internet rant.. Comments Off.. Urth facelift.. Dropbox plugin updated to 0.. 105.. 16.. Disqus testing.. 4.. Urth android update 0.. 5.. 1.. comment.. Site structure.. 4.. Tags.. android.. applet.. arduino.. dropbox.. graphics.. hardware.. html5.. java.. L298.. ld23.. ld48.. lens.. mechanism.. microcontroller.. minild32.. plugin.. simulation.. sketch.. spring.. twitter.. urth.. Wordpress.. Proudly powered by WordPress..

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  • Title: Game | Software
    Descriptive info: Category Archives:.. Game.. Post navigation.. Older posts.. May 3, 2012.. A simple game.. for modern browsers(html 5) and android, made in (slightly less than) 48 hours as part of the Ludum Dare competition.. The theme this year was Tiny Worlds, which took me by a small amount of surprise even though I ve voted for it.. You can tell by the way I use my walk.. A slightly lengthier.. block of text about it is.. here.. Play game in Browser.. Play game on Android.. Or on slower machines/Firefox11.. February 25, 2012.. A personal take on hidden object games and their vast complexity.. A meta platformer.. Jump on heads.. Don t fall to your death.. High score? Comments.. A bit of snake a bit of tag.. Play field warps.. You may leave any high scores in the comments.. A remake of  ...   challenge.. You move.. your.. Urth level editor.. October 17, 2011.. 1.. Welcome to the Urth level editor.. preview.. You should probably.. read this part before continuing, but then again you may skip it, and come back to it later after you realize that you should have indeed read it.. Rating: 10.. Redeye.. September 19, 2011.. 8.. Rating: 8.. (2 votes cast).. Ludum dare 21 Urth.. August 29, 2011.. What with all the excitement.. I ve neglected to mention Ludum Dare in the one place where my entry is stored.. Here.. Let s not get ahead.. of ourselves shall we? First, just what IS.. Ludum Dare.. ? A fine question.. It s.. Archives.. February 2013.. June 2012.. May 2012.. February 2012.. December 2011.. November 2011.. October 2011.. September 2011.. August 2011.. February 2010.. October 2009.. August 2009.. June 2009.. May 2009.. popular..

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  • Title: Redeye – miniLD29 | Software
    Descriptive info: Try the tweaked version, less typos and better controls.. This browser does not have a Java Plug-in.. Get the latest Java Plug-in here.. Arrow keys to move, z puts out/ lights the torch.. The torch is your only weapon, though it s hardly a weapon to begin with.. If the torch is on, they come for you, if  ...   Plants work as checkpoints as well as giving you fragments of the story.. Causing red eyes to disappear rewards additional story fragments.. Red symbols are generally bad, but sometimes good.. You have 3 lives, but sometimes just one.. __________.. *I hope I come up with a better name until someone reads this.. *** Like it? buy me a drink:..

    Original link path: /redeye-minild29/
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  • Title: Utility | Software
    Descriptive info: Another Processing Java Applet Plugin.. September 7, 2011.. 3.. As part of touching up the site.. I wanted to get rid of the old applet tags which held up some of the sketches, but I couldn t find a suitable plugin for my needs.. So I made one myself.. The dropbox plugin working version.. August 16, 2011.. 242.. Good news comes better late than never.. , and with that in mind the plugin should now be uploaded to wordpress.. com and be fully functional.. There have been several changes.. to.. (6 votes cast).. Update.. Twit-update.. October 4, 2009.. 77.. I found myself updating.. some posts somewhat frequently.. This isn t necessarily a good thing to do as the RSS feed doesn t show updates.. A more blog-type thing.. to do would be to constantly make new posts and link back and forth trough them in a weak attempt at SEO.. This isn t really my thing because one I like my information organised instead of scattered and two I m not a blogger.. Fiddlig with the built-in.. wordpress RSS seemed a bit daunting to me  ...   and next to no wordpress plugin knowledge I ve modified the code and made a plugin out of it.. Rating: 7.. 1/.. (12 votes cast).. L298 Hbridge meets Arduino mega.. May 29, 2009.. 16.. I ve recently purchased.. a.. L298 Hbridge.. to help me help arduino help a remote controlled car think by itself and move.. Does it work?.. Rating: 5.. 3/.. Article.. Lens system simulator.. May 19, 2009.. A fine start.. for this small inventory of software, a.. sketch done in too little time for a communications session at college.. Was fun to do.. , but only landed me 5th place.. Better luck next time I suppose.. Since the solving and calculating is done graphically and the numerical values were a last minute add-in they aren t exactly precise.. Features:.. What this little applet does is calculate and display the virtual(red) and real(green) images of an object, as seen trough up to 99 lenses.. It s all self explanatory really, except for the keys.. To help the curious and the eager to learn/ play, I ve provided a short list of keyboard and mouse shortcuts..

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  • Title: Dropbox | Software
    Descriptive info: Tag Archives:..

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  • Title: Dropbox demo | Software
    Descriptive info: This is the demo.. for the dropbox plugin.. Feel free to browse and downlaod these files, most of them are empty as this is just an example.. This may show incorrectly for a while while I m testing new features.. Thank you for your patience.. In this example.. I ve used home= /Photos in the shortcode.. Note: the home paramete.. r must be defined as.. home=”/pathto/folder”.. and.. NOT.. home=”pathto/folder”.. or.. home=”/pathto/folder/”.. home=”pathto/folder/”.. home.. ~.. Some other folder.. Tuesday 15th of September 2009 06:05:22 PM.. 0 bytes.. some folder.. Tuesday 15th of September 2009 06:05:16 PM.. test.. Friday 8th of January 2010 05:18:01 PM.. Boston City Flow.. randomextension.. Tuesday 29th of September 2009 07:02:21 PM.. 331.. 8 KB.. Costa Rican Frog.. jpg.. Friday 15th of February 2013 12:16:39 AM.. 346.. 3 KB.. New Text Document (5).. txt.. Sunday 13th of June 2010 04:51:55 PM.. New Text Document.. 7z.. Tuesday 8th of November 2011 11:26:38 AM.. 110 bytes.. New, @ % $Text Document.. Tuesday 7th of June 2011 01:43:38 PM.. 14 bytes.. PensiveParakeet.. 468.. README.. TXT.. Tuesday 7th of June 2011 03:02:13 PM.. 134 bytes.. avi.. Friday 15th of February 2013 02:03:02 AM.. 67 bytes.. txt-data.. Friday 15th of February 2013 02:50:38 AM.. 28 bytes.. filewithNOextension.. Tuesday 7th of June 2011 04:12:19 PM.. folder.. png.. 1 KB.. pie.. mp3.. Wednesday 23rd of November 2011 11:17:05 PM.. 250.. 6 KB.. riu.. Wednesday 23rd of November 2011 11:20:32 PM.. 2 MB.. Thursday 29th of September 2011 04:35:05 PM.. 4 bytes.. yoda.. 61.. 9 KB.. Support for multiple boxes is here.. , but please only use one with download/sorting/browsing per page.. 5/.. (70 votes cast).. 7.. out of.. based on.. 70.. ratings.. Pingback:.. The dropbox plugin working version | Software.. Dropbox plugin for wordpress | Software.. Jake.. When using allowupload= true , there is always an Invalid Response error thrown when a user tries to upload to any location other than the home directory (can t upload to any subfolders).. http://software.. o-o.. ro.. The problem may be solved by.. ro/the-dropbox-plugin-working-version/comment-page-1/#comment-6953.. Paso70.. great plug-in you can see the thumbnail of uploaded images?.. ro/.. Not at the moment.. I might add it.. Is there a specific reason you want this feature?.. I created a secure page, where you can download pictures in high, it would be nice to see a thumbnails.. I ll add it to the to do list and may implement it soon with caching and stuff to come at a later date.. Allenkiely.. Hi again, was this ever added, as it would be a perfect addition.. Anonymous.. Great plugin.. Easy way to integrate the desktop client with a custom site build.. Chris.. Looks really cool! Is it possible to access the files in the backend? I would like to use the photos saved at Dropbox to feed the media library.. You don t really need to use a plugin for that, just put the images in the public folder and grab the easy to share link and use it to embed them.. TyBF.. Andrew,.. I work with artists who are not very tech savvy but in many instances can be taught to use dropbox easier  ...   am supposed to do next?.. Thanks,.. mal.. Add [dropbox] to a post/page.. you add parameters like this:.. [dropbox parameter1="value1" parameter2="value2" ].. Great thanks.. I will give this a go.. mike.. Hi, thanks for a great plugin.. I wonder what might be the reason for ordering of files/directories not working at all: http://rex.. customagic.. net/sample-page/.. your demo works fine but my installation doesn t.. other parameters like home and columns work fine.. m.. That s odd.. Do you have the latest version?.. yep, I have the latest.. 105 version.. I tested the plugin on another hosting provider account and ordering works nicely.. so the problem must be related to my host provider, LAMP, WP installation or plugin combination.. oh well Murphy s laws at work.. There could be some interference from another plugin.. Try disabling them and enabling them one by one to find the culprit.. If that s the issue let me know which plugin it is.. timmay.. So far, so good (thanks to whoever posted the [dropbox] shortcode).. However, I m getting now getting an error when I navigate to the page intended to display the dropbox files:.. DropboxException: Full Dropbox access attempt failed.. because this app is not configured to have full Dropbox access.. Should.. your access type be app folder ( sandbox ) instead? in [.. url.. ]wp-contentpluginsdropbox-plugindropbox.. php on line.. 570.. I tried changing $sandbox=TRUE on both the filesGet and filesPost functions in dropbox.. php, but it s still not working.. What am I doing wrong? Dropbox won t let me request production status for my app until I ve tested it.. Thanks.. When you create the app on the dropbox site make sure you set it to full Dropbox and not folder restricted.. Thank you that worked! I assume then that I can use the parameters to restrict which folder is displayed?.. Yup, that s how I have it set up here.. Kaitlyn.. I am wondering if this can be used with passwords.. For example, if we want to embed a drop box on our website and a folder for each client.. Is there an easy way to password protect the folder so only that specific client can access their folder?.. Not sure if it s waht you re looking for but password protecting pages is built into wordpress, you can use that to secure the pages the plugin is on.. That might work if I can include only 1 specific folder on each page.. That way I can create a unique page for each client with access to only one folder.. As long as the folders are inside the same Dropbox account you can.. cvc1968.. I just tried this out and it works very well.. One question The date/time that gets displayed is UTC, even though my Dropbox settings are set to EST.. I haven t found any way to force the display of the time in a specific timezone using the PHP date formats, but I may be overlooking it.. Any ideas how to display the time in any timezone other than UTC? Thanks.. Andrewsaccount.. Will be added in next patch, sometime next week..

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  • Title: Educational | Software
    Descriptive info: May 18, 2012.. I m sharing part of.. the code used in a sumo robot.. Namely the functions used to control the directions of the motors.. For each motor you need.. Arduino mega.. May 22, 2009.. The Arduino Mega.. Cheap, capable and best of all easy to use.. Hopefully at the center of many projects to come.. While asking around.. for microcontrollers I  ...   I won t name names).. This.. was a nightmare to use and.. that.. was just plain ridiculously expensive.. And of course neither came even close to the specs of an Arduino board( let it be noted that my original intention was to purchase an Arduino Duemilanove).. As my way.. to give back to the community allow me to spread the word:.. A little information:..

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  • Title: Entertainment | Software
    Descriptive info: Invaders.. October 11, 2009.. Looks like.. I finally got a song for my last synch.. I m considering.. turning this one into a rhythm game just for laughs.. This idea is still in early development so it might take a while, or it might take very little depends on.. 4/.. (8 votes cast).. More visuals.. To tell the truth.. I wanted to post a set of the last 3, but the person who writes the songs has gotten  ...   Audio-video sync.. June 19, 2009.. I have opened up.. processing and made a simple video sync to some audio I ve been given.. It s fairly simple nothing too fancy, but doing it gave me the building blocks to make something even faster stronger harder and better.. While analog music.. gives better more smooth results, digital matches this little experiment s theme more.. The result is killed.. by youtube compression, but here it is anyway:.. (3 votes cast)..

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  • Title: About / contact | Software
    Descriptive info: About / contact.. This is/ wishes to be a collection of software and bits of code I scrounge up or have fun with.. It s been long delayed but I finally decided to get up and get something done, even if that something is just an index of stuff i m playing with.. As  ...   activities to any bits of software on this site unless I provide the source, a download link or permission.. It s mostly going to be free and open anyway.. Feel free to leave a comment anywhere on the site or use the form below.. Cheers,.. Your Name (required).. Your Email (required).. Subject.. Your Message..

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  • Title: Spaztastic plant spider | Software
    Descriptive info: Previous.. Next.. the one, the only, spaztastic plant spider audio visualisztion.. This entry was posted in.. and tagged.. Bookmark the.. permalink..

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  • Title: Andrew | Software
    Descriptive info: Author Archives:.. About Andrew.. G+.. Status.. I ran some updates on the site, if anything breaks, comments and/or the contact form should still work.. February 2, 2013.. Due to technical difficulties.. I had to buy a new laptop.. So I did.. Here s a sort video of the unboxing, followed by.. June 11, 2012.. Aside.. 7EHXG5ACDAB3.. May 8, 2012.. The Internet is a good thing.. May 5, 2012..

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    Archived pages: 144