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  • Title: 3rd Opinion Functional Medicine Clinic - Willmar, MN
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. About Us.. Services.. Functional Medicine.. Chelation Therapy.. What is Prolotherapy?.. FirstLine Therapy.. Complete Varicose Vein Treatment.. In office Ultrasound.. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.. Fibromyalgia and Functional Medicine.. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.. Lyme Disease.. Heart Disease.. Medical Detectives.. Patient Info.. Blog.. Locate Us.. Contact Us.. FLT.. FirstLine Therapy (FLT).. is a personalized therapeutic diet and lifestyle program that accelerates weight loss while improving chronic illness.. Read More.. Prolotherapy.. is a method of improving the strength and integrity of tendons and ligaments.. It is very helpful for all types of musculoskeletal pain.. Fibromyalgia.. We use a wide variety of tools to diagnose the underlying causes of.. fibromyalgia.. including Functional Medicine and specialized labs.. Varicose Vein.. A total approach to.. Varicose Vein therapy.. , including the minimally invasive VNUS system.. We also do laser treatments and traditional surgical procedures.. Welcome to our Website.. At 3rd Opinion we treat people, not diseases.. As the father of modern medicine, Dr.. William Osler, stated.. "It is much more important to know what sort of a patient has a disease than what sort of a disease a patient has.. ".. Each person presents to the clinic with his or her own diet, lifestyle, psychosocial issues, environmental factors and genetic influences.. At 3rd Opinion we try to understand these unique variables at  ...   diet resulting in less inflammation.. Understanding the influence your beliefs and thoughts, fears and wants combined with your diet, lifestyle and environmental issues have on your genetic expression is central to the work at 3rd Opinion.. Depending on environmental influences, completely different sets of genes are turned on and off.. These changes are generally adaptive.. But with chronic unhealthy influences such as stress, environmental toxins, poor dietary choices or any combination of other factors, these changes can become maladaptive.. It is these maladaptive changes that, over time, lead to disease.. By understanding the.. uniqueness within you,.. we are better able to optimize diet and lifestyle approaches for better health.. This type of medicine is called Functional Medicine.. Dr.. Sult is on faculty with the Institute of Functional Medicine located in Gig Harbor, Washington (.. www.. functionalmedicine.. org).. Testimonials.. ".. One of the most caring doctors I have experienced in MN.. He is caring and listens.. Cally.. The best doctor I have ever had.. He really cares about his patients.. John.. Thanks to you at 3rd Opinion for not overcharging for supplements, treatments and services!!.. Sherrie.. (320) 235-2101.. This email address is being protected from spambots.. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 3rd Opinion.. © 2013.. View Disclaimer.. Medical Website Design.. by Karma Marketing + Media..

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  • Title: About Us
    Descriptive info: About Our Clinic.. At 3rd Opinion we treat patients, not diseases.. Most patients have been trained to think that diagnosis is the most important thing.. It is health we are after.. Around the year 1900, William Osler (some call him the father of modern medicine) said, “It is much more important to know what sort of a patient has a disease than what sort of disease a patient has.. ”.. While the diagnosis is important, it is not the only consideration.. The diagnosis is often just a collection of symptoms.. If you have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue or even arthritis, none of these are any “thing” that can be cut out laid on a table and looked at.. They are concepts.. They are simply ways of categorizing and cataloging illness.. They have no independent reality.. However, understanding you, the patient, has independent reality.. If we can understand how you interact and adapt to the environment around you we can find new ways to intervene and restore balance and health.. Take the example of arthritis.. At 3rd Opinion we will be interested in making the correct diagnosis, not just of arthritis, but what exact subtype of arthritis.. Far more important to us is not that you have arthritis but rather why do you have arthritis.. By trying to understand why you have any particular disease we can understand how to mitigate, reduce or even resolve it.. 3rd Opinion is really about “Why?” rather than “What.. ”  ...   wondered about the modern biochemical implications of these therapies.. Sult transferred to the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).. There he met Mr.. Norman Cousins.. While not a doctor, Mr.. Cousins was the head of the department of psycho neuro-immunology.. This is a fancy scientific way of saying holistic medicine.. It was fascinating to find a group of scientists looking seriously at the interrelationship of mind, body and environment.. And it was reaffirming to the other lessons learned both in acupuncture school and by the indigenous healers of Grenada.. Mr.. Cousins remained an important mentor to Dr.. Sult until his death in 1990.. Sult is on faculty with the Institute of Functional Medicine and teaches doctors from around the world the principles of functional medicine.. At 3rd Opinion Dr.. Sult applies the principles of functional medicine to his patient’s medical conditions.. More can be learned about functional medicine at.. http://www.. org.. Articles of Interest.. Consumers Do Crave Healthy Foods!.. Why Cheap Food Is More Expensive.. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).. Chelation Research.. Food Allergies and Acupuncture.. What is Prolotherapy?.. History Of Meridian Stress.. Rational For Chelation Therapy.. Recipe For A Super Smoothie.. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.. Ask The Expert.. Listen to Ask the Expert featuring Dr.. Sult every Friday morning at 9:00 a.. m.. on News/Talk 1340 KWLM.. Type 2 Diabetes.. Aesthetics.. Colonoscopy.. Functional Medicine.. Why vs.. What in Functional Medicine.. Underlying Issues in Common Diseases.. The Truth About Diabetes.. Diet Lifestyle.. First Line Therapy..

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  • Title: Services
    Descriptive info: Our Services.. Please click on a service below to read more about it.. Chelation Therapy.. FirstLine Therapy.. Varicose Vein Therapy.. In office Ultrasound.. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapies.. Lyme Disease.. Heart Disease.. Medical Detectives.. A system to re-establish dynamic resilient balance in the body.. This helps re-establish health and wellness.. To learn more about functional medicine.. click here.. A system to improve circulation, enzyme function and detoxification.. Prolotherapy is a method of improving the strength and integrity of tendons and ligaments.. We use it to strengthen and stabilize the neck and back even pain unresponsive to surgery.. It is a wonderful adjunct to Chiropractic.. Your Chiropractor may have told you that your adjustments just won't stay… Prolo can improve your ligaments so that your Chiropractic treatments are more effective.. See also.. What Is Prolotherapy.. FirstLine Therapy (FLT) is a specialized therapeutic lifestyle change program unlike any other.. The FirstLine Therapy system targets the underlying causes of chronic illnesses by incorporating a.. sensible eating plan, exercise, nutritional supplementation.. and.. stress management.. Food as medicine: A therapeutic lifestyle change program is recommended by leading health organizations as a first-line treatment option for many conditions, including.. heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, obesity related illnesses, metabolic syndrom, osteoporosis, fatigue disorders.. and many more.. Click to.. READ MORE.. You may have noticed that there are many “new” clinics treating.. Varicose Veins.. Most of them are “one trick ponies”.. By that I mean they have purchased a laser or other treatment device and know how to use it.. The problem is, if your doctor only has one tool to treat Varicose Veins, they will “fit” you into that treatment.. Read More Here.. This is used for Diagnosis, and Treatment.. Unlike X-ray, CT or MRI, Ultrsound is dynamic.. As an example if you have shoulder pain, we can not only see your ligaments we can watch them in real time as you move your  ...   not been helped elsewhere.. That is why we are called 3rd Opinion.. Most of our patients have been to their primay care doctor, the local specialist, perhaps even a University Center and even the Mayo Clinic.. These institutions are great but generally ask the question "What".. We ask the qusestion "Why".. If you ask what and the answer is fibromyalgia your choices are limited.. Main stream medicine feels that fibromyalgia is treated with antidepressants.. If you ask "Why do you have fibromyalgia?", you have a whole new set of variable to treat.. See my introduction to.. Functional Medicine Power Point.. for an example of the complexity.. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.. (Chronic Fatigue Immune-Dysfunction Syndrome).. See Fibromyalgia.. While a different disease we use a similar strategy to diagnose the underlying imbalances that result in the disease.. By identifying these imbalances we are able to take steps to rebalance the physiology and restore health.. A tic born acute or chronic infection associated with sever disability.. Lyme disease is endemic in Minnesota and many parts of the US.. Its effects are underappreciated and many suffer for years or decades before finding a lyme literate doctor.. Lyme disease has been called the “Great Masquerader” in that it can “look” like Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, MS, Parkinson’s Disease, Lou Gehrig Disease, Myasthenia Gravis, Dementia and many others.. We use the combination of Life style, Diet, Nutrition, Herbs, and Medication were needed to improve cardiac function.. We provide comprehensive noninvasive out patient cardiac care.. This includes First Line Therapy™ (FLT) our state of the art lifestyle training program, Chelation Therapy along with nutritional supplements and herbs.. We at 3rd Opinion are Medical Detectives.. We are not a high throughput walk-in clinic.. We take the time to understand the details of your medical condition and from that relentlessly pursue not only the diagnosis but the underlying causes of your medial issues.. From there we design individual programs to restore health..

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  • Title: Functional Medicine
    Descriptive info: What is Functional Medicine?.. Thomas A.. Sult, MD is dedicated to identifying and addressing the root causes of chronic illness through a groundbreaking whole-systems medicine approach called Functional Medicine.. He is a family physician, and a leader in his field of Functional Medicine.. Through his private practice, education efforts, writing, research, and advocacy, he empowers others to stop managing symptoms and start treating the underlying causes of illness, thereby tackling our chronic-disease epidemic.. FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE.. is the future of conventional medicine–available now.. It seeks to identify and address the root causes of disease, and views the body as one integrated system, not a collection of independent organs divided up by medical specialties.. Functional Medicine uses new research that for the first time allows treatment of the underlying causes of disease, instead of managing or masking the symptoms as conventional medicine does, never treating the actual cause.. It’s the fastest growing field in medicine.. Functional Medicine will repair our broken healthcare system.. It’s a fundamental change in our thinking, a whole different paradigm, like the world-is-round-not-flat shift.. It changes our approach.. Now we can truly treat and cure disease.. Functional Medicine promises to be what most doctors will be practicing in 40 to 50 years.. Unlike conventional medicine, treatments are very personalized based on the patient’s unique needs.. We are all different, and our bodies react to conditions in different ways.. The name of a disease matters less as we understand the cause.. For example, heart attacks may be caused by too much insulin (metabolic syndrome), mercury toxicity, a deficiency of folic acid, a genetic cholesterol disorder, or even bad teeth.. Treatment must be matched to the cause, not the disease.. Functional Medicine uses the science of health to create and maintain health.. It  ...   underlying biological processes that determine whether we are healthy or sick—in my practice, we call them “.. The 7 Keys to Functional Medicine.. ” These processes account for more than 90 percent of our illnesses and disease.. The 7 Keys are: environmental factors (toxins), nutritional imbalances (poor diet), hormonal imbalances (too much insulin, a low thyroid or adrenal exhaustion etc), inflammation, impaired metabolism (any breakdown in the way our bodies make energy), oxidative stress (the “rusting,” broadly speaking, of our own tissues), impaired detoxification (any inability to rid our bodies of toxins), and the damage that comes from high levels of stress where the mind harms the body.. Most people don’t know how poorly they feel until they feel better.. In fact, most of us don’t recognize that fatigue, digestive problems, aches and pains, allergies, headaches, and more aren’t just annoying symptoms.. They are early clues to impending diseases that can disable and kill us.. Most heart disease starts in the womb.. You can detect brain changes in teenagers that can predict the development of Alzheimer’s disease.. Blood tests in children can predict who will develop diabetes later in life.. Most cancers take more than 30 years to grow to the size where they can be detected.. How can we address problems that we don’t even know we have? There is an answer.. It lies in the revolution that is happening in medicine today.. That revolution is called Functional Medicine.. This eight-article series will introduce you to its principles.. Introduction: My Philosophy of Functional Medicine.. Lesson 1: Envirommental Inputs.. Lesson 2: Inflammation and immune Balance.. Lesson 3: Hormones and neurotransmitters.. Lesson 4: Gut and Digestive Health.. Lesson 5: Detoxification.. Lesson 6: Energy, Mitochondria and Oxidative Stress.. Lesson 7: The Mind/Body and Body/Mind Effect..

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  • Title: Patient Info
    Descriptive info: Please click on the link below to be taken to a secure portal where you can input your medical history.. Please fill this out before your visit.. You may also download our financial policy and our policy on autism appointments below:.. Financial Policy.. Autism Policy.. Lab Policy.. *Please read our terms and click the button at the bottom of the page to advance.. to medical history.. 3.. rd.. Opinion - 1415 First St S Suite 5 • Willmar, MN 56201 • 320 235 2101 • toll free 877 824 2101.. Office / Financial Policy Agreement.. Office / Financial Policy Agreement.. Thank you for choosing 3.. rd.. Opinion for your specialty medical care.. We are committed to providing you with quality, personal health care, and appreciate your commitment to adhere to this.. Office/Financial Policy Agreement.. Agreement with this policy is required for all medical care.. Except as indicated below or arranged in.. ADVANCE.. ,.. payment is required at the time services are provided.. We accept cash, in-state personal checks,.. VISA.. and MasterCard credit cards.. There is a.. $40.. 00.. service charge for returned checks.. OFFICE HOURS are By Appointment Only.. As a courtesy to other patients, we request you.. arrive.. a minimum of 15 minutes ahead of your appointment.. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late, you may be asked to reschedule.. For.. emergencies.. , call 911 or go to the local emergency room.. For non-emergent issues that.. CANNOT.. wait until regular office hours, please call our office.. A message will guide you to the doctor on-call.. There will be a charge for after hour calls.. Please see below for office fees.. INSURANCE:.. We participate in most insurance plans and will bill your insurance plan as may be necessary.. If we do not participate with your managed care plan, payment in full is required at the time of service, unless other arrangements have been made in advance.. We may be able to bill your plan as a courtesy to you and credit your account if we receive any additional payment.. Knowing your insurance benefits including eligibility, covered benefits and medically necessary procedures is.. YOUR.. responsibility; please contact customer services at your insurance company for questions you may have regarding your coverage.. You are responsible for any charges not covered by your plan.. •.. Proof of Insurance.. All patients must confirm and/or update their patient information including insurance as well as a photo (per insurance fraud rules and HIPAA) at each office visit.. If you provide outdated insurance information, you will be responsible for the balance of.. the.. claim.. Please notify us of any changes in insurance coverage prior to time of service.. Insurance denials for termination of coverage will be automatically billed to you.. Co-payments and deductibles.. All co-payments must be  ...   In order to be respectful of the medical needs of our community, please be courteous and call our office promptly if you are unable to attend an appointment.. We require at least 3-working days (Monday-Thursday) notice, so that your appointment time can be reallocated to someone else.. As a courtesy, our staff will try and call you the working day (Monday-Thursday) before your next appointment to help remind you to attend.. However, this is a courtesy call only.. It is your responsibility to remember your appointment.. If you have any questions, please ask our receptionist.. New Patients.. We require credit card information for new patients (Visa or MasterCard) to ensure appointment time.. If a new patient fails to call or show for his/her scheduled appointment, his/her credit card will be charged $250.. Established Patients.. If an established patient fails to call or show for his/her scheduled appointment, he/she will be billed $75.. Please note a missed appointment fee will not be billed to your insurance as this is not a reimbursable service.. Prescription refills.. New prescriptions will not be issued without first seeing your physician.. Prescriptions for acute care or chronic conditions are written with an appropriate number of refills to complete the course of treatment or to last until your next scheduled appointment.. Therefore, refills should be accomplished at regularly scheduled appointments.. This is to assess the effect and assure the best and safest medication care possible.. All prescription requests are taken only during regular office hours and filled within 3-working days (Monday-Thursday).. Controlled medications are not refilled over the phone at any time.. Insurance Covered Medications.. If a prescribed medication is not covered by insurance, it is the patient’s responsibility to contact their insurance company to ask what “alternative medications” are covered.. Letters / Form completion.. Letters and forms requiring medical review and physician signature are subject to a fee.. After hours calls.. After hours calls for medical advice/treatment may be subject to a fee.. that is billed directly to you and is not covered by insurance.. This is billed at a minimum time of 15 minutes.. Requests for medical records.. We require written requests including the patient or legal guardian’s signature for the release of medical records to assure your privacy.. Blue Cross Blue Shield.. Insureds.. I understand that 3.. Opinion Co.. and Dr.. Thomas Sult is an.. out-of-network provider effective January 26, 2013.. , with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota.. I understand I am personally financially responsible for my office visit(s).. ,.. including any additional services Dr.. Sult provides during my appointment.. I also understand my office visit(s), including any additional services provided by Dr.. Sult will be submitted to my insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota (BCBS) and its affiliates by 3.. ’s billing department..

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  • Title: Recent blog posts - 3rd Opinion Blog
    Descriptive info: Subscribe to blog.. Subscribe via RSS.. 3rd Opinion Blog.. Stay in touch with the latest 3rd Opinion news by following our blog.. Home.. This is where you can find all the blog posts throughout the site.. Categories.. Displays a list of categories from this blog.. Tags.. Displays a list of tags that have been used in the blog.. Login.. Login form.. Username.. Register.. Password.. Forgot Password?.. Remember me.. Recent blog posts.. "Thank you for saving my daughter's life.. Posted.. by.. Sult.. on.. Thursday, 14 November 2013.. in.. Healthcare.. I'd like to share a letter from the mother of one of my younger patients that was treated for Lyme Disease:.. Dear Dr.. Sult,.. I would like to start out this letter by thanking you for saving my daughter’s life.. I have thought about you many times over the last 2 years and have felt I needed to write this letter for a long time.. I’m not sure if you remember Grace as one of your patients fighting Lyme disease.. She came to you when she was about 7 or 8.. That is when you were still at Williams Integracare.. I was never one for expressing my feelings openly to you about how much I appreciated you and the care you gave my family!.. I hope you realize you have a special gift for working with people.. You are the best listener I have ever met in my life.. I have referred many people to you over the last years and I am sure they had the greatest care, just as we did.. Tagged in:.. functional medicine.. Patient letter.. Testimonial.. Continue reading.. Hits: 356.. The Gluten Summit.. Sunday, 20 October 2013.. Immunity Matters.. Remarkable Experts.. Practical Details.. Free Global Online Gluten Summit.. This free online event hosted by a good friend, co-presenter at the Institute for Functional Medicine, and international expert.. Tom O’Bryan,.. will teach you details that many world experts know, in an understandable manner you can use with your family at dinner and in the grocery store.. This program is taught by those.. leading.. world.. experts!.. This.. complimentary on-line event.. is designed to raise the bar, change the game, and indeed quiet the repetitive nay-sayers who just don’t get the relevance of immunity in applied brain science.. Over time, undetected, untreated.. Gluten Sensitivity.. can result in repeated psychiatric medication treatment failures.. Denial.. is over;.. Science.. is in.. Science Matters – Gluten Effects.. Brain Function.. From.. Alzheimer’s.. to ADHD.. First: Sign up now.. ↓.. then look at the diseases/conditions aggravated by overlooked.. gluten sensitivity.. - just below.. We see these many conditions repeatedly written off as incurable everyday at 3rd Opinion.. digestion.. Gluten Summit.. Symtoms.. Hits: 586.. Are We Entitled to Healthcare?.. Monday, 14 October 2013.. This is a forum on ObamaCare, specifically raising the question, "Are we entitled to healthcare?" Great points are made from various perspectives in this discussion.. Here is a portion from the argument on.. meandmydoctor.. com.. that I found to be particularly informative and interesting!.. *Annonymous:.. Civics lesson:.. Independent of society and relationship to other people, no one has any rights whatsoever.. The individual in isolation has no restriction of action except that posed by the physical world.. When two or more people are in proximity and therefore have the opportunity for interaction, they still have no restrictions on their actions.. They retain complete freedom (but that includes actions such as stealing, maiming, tricking, and killing the other).. It is in order to mutually avoid these events that groups of people agree to actions which are to be prohibited and others which shall be allowed with or without limitation.. On a larger scale, the participation of every person in this type of agreement becomes technically impractical and unlikely.. In that setting, history has shown us the evil that men will do upon each other and from that, we have reflected on what actions are central to our identities as happy individuals.. These are things that have been found to be inherent to the human condition in relation to others, such as religious belief, the expression of ideas, and the pursuit of those things necessary for life (food, shelter, etc.. ).. Even these things face restriction when they impact their same expression in others.. Healthcare is a service that is provided through the cumulative knowledge, efforts, and technology only possible through centuries of collective human civilization and cooperation and is a service that only exists within the infrastructure that maintains that civilization today.. It is almost impossible in this era to live in isolation, meaning that no one is living apart from this societal web.. It is our collective imperative to decide, as a part of our societal contract, whether healthcare is a critical element that should be preserved for all, in some measure, as a "right.. I think it is terribly difficult to argue that a valuable benefit such as healthcare, which has been the product of a complex, interconnected society inherently dependent on the cooperation of its members in myriad ways, should be available in a pattern that excludes any significant numbers of people.. I am not alone in this and that is why almost universally ERs are required to service all persons who show up at their doors.. ER care, however, requires extensive technology and critical care level services that are highly resource intensive (measurable in the amount that it costs).. In contrast, preventative care services have been shown to accomplish a level of healthcare that prevents utilization of such resource-intensive services and results in overall decreased stress on overall societal healthcare resource utilization.. Chronic and acute health issues from preventable diseases/conditions attributable to low levels of healthcare resource provision result in significant amounts of lost productivity in society as well.. So no, healthcare might not be an inherent right (that is, if you're not religious, as many religious traditions endorse care for the sick).. But we'd be absolutely stupid to not wish to provide it to all.. You'd have to be completely ignorant of the fundamentals of human society, the political history of the world, the amount of healthcare capabilities today, and the dynamics of current healthcare provision.. The full article can be found here:.. com/2012/07/setting-record-straight-on-doctor-pay.. html?fwcc=1 fwcl=1 fwl=1 m=1.. Discussion.. Free Healthcare.. Health Insurance.. Obama Care.. Hits: 454.. Are Dangerous Pesticides Lurking in Your Food?.. Friday, 26 April 2013.. Uncategorized.. Important Message from the Environmental Working Group:.. Dear Friend,.. How do you fight back against a Goliath like Monsanto?.. For the last 20 years, the Environmental Working Group has empowered our community with the most important tool against agribusiness giants: information.. This information is what helps you avoid eating food with genetically engineered ingredients, unnecessary antibiotics and toxic chemicals like organophosphate pesticides - which you can find in almost any grocery store.. But we can only keep revealing what's actually lurking in your meat and produce - what Monsanto and Big Ag want to hide from you - if you step up to fund our crucial research efforts before the April 30 deadline.. We can't shine a light on Big Ag's dirty secrets without your support.. Click here.. to donate before the April 30 deadline to make sure our research can tell you how to avoid dangerous pesticides in your food.. Give $10 or more today and we'll send you our Dirty Dozen Plus and Clean 15 bag tag as a thank-you.. When you aren't armed with information that only EWG can provide, you don't know if you're buying food that the corporate mega-farms sprayed with toxic chemicals or meat from animals treated with unnecessary antibiotics that can create potentially deadly superbugs.. Agribusiness giants like Monsanto are producing genetically engineered ingredients used in most processed foods - nearly all field corn and soy  ...   Even electronics, once thought to be a "clean" industry, is now known to dump many toxic chemicals and heavy metals like cadmium, arsenic and others into the environment.. It has been documented that ashes from municipal incinerators are used as a source of mineral in commercial fertilizer.. Many times this ash contains heavy metal contamination from substances such as batteries.. Stressors ranging from the standard American diet and medicine (including use of NSAIDs) to toxic relationships, financial concerns, and the stress of chronic un-wellness are all known to inhibit our immune systems.. Even the "good stress" such as planning an exciting event (wetting, reunion, etc.. ) can have a negative effect if not handled with "love and graze" rather than "grit and determination.. My goal is to identify and minimize these contributors to the total load.. The minimization of distracting factors will let your immune system and repair mechanisms focus on the real problems, without the distraction of these annoying but less important contributors to un-wellness.. Hits: 1125.. 3 Simple Things You Can Do To Combat Cardiovascular Disease.. When it comes to our health, we often become so focused on medications, supplements, and the latest gizmos that we forget the basics.. Below is a 3 part comprehensive foundation and strategy for combating your (or a loved one’s) risk of cardiovascular disease.. 1).. Diet.. : A healthy and well-balanced diet is key!.. The best-studied diet that I recommend is the "true Mediterranean diet.. ” This diet consists of one-half vegetables and low glycemic-index fruits, one-quarter meat, poultry, fish, and legumes and one-quarter nuts, seeds and grains.. 2).. Activity.. :.. In terms of daily activity such as walking, gardening, or dancing, do what you love and love what you do.. It is simply a matter of mindset to find an activity you enjoy.. The basic idea is to achieve 10,000 steps per day in any way that you choose.. However, be sure to bring joy to your choice of activity.. 3).. Attitude.. : Anger is your enemy.. In our polarized society, the conversation often seems to be negative and focused on "all those idiots.. ” Importantly, compassion and forgiveness have been shown to reduce stress and help foster healthy relationships.. The right diet, activity level, and attitude are three simple but important things to incorporate into your daily life.. Sure, the important things are not always easy to do.. However, heading in the direction of more fruits and vegetables, increased movement, and a more compassionate attitude will help move you away from high blood pressure and stress as well as lower your risk of heart attack and stroke.. Hits: 1120.. A Guide to Healthy Cleaning.. Tuesday, 02 April 2013.. From Ken Cook of the.. Environmental Working Group.. Spring cleaning is enough of a chore.. It shouldn't be even harder to find a product that doesn't have ingredients that cause allergies, asthma or cancer.. It's important to note that the words "natural" and "green" don't mean less toxic.. Right now there is no federal law requring most cleaning products to disclose their ingredients on the labels.. Some ingredients that seem healthy, such as botanical oils, can trigger allergies.. The Environmental Working Group updated their Healthy Cleaning product database, so before you head to the laundry room or grab the mop, check out.. how your favorite cleaning products scored.. Hits: 1104.. The Healing Powers of Burgers and Fried Chicken.. Monday, 01 April 2013.. Can burgers and fried chicken really be good for you? Yes.. But not the Five Guys killer burger—not that kind.. It’s burgers and chicken you cook yourself.. And why do you need to cook them yourself? Here’s why.. Eating out can kill you, especially if you eat fast food or the addictive processed sugar and fats typically packed into almost every food that is made in a factory.. The average American eats 29 pounds of French fries, 23 pounds of pizza, 24 pounds of ice cream and consumes 53 gallons of soda, 24 pounds of artificial sweeteners, 2,736 pounds of salt, and 90,700 milligrams of caffeine per year.. Do we really think we can create health in that toxic food environment?.. Hyman's post, click.. here.. Hits: 1173.. Listen to Your (Leaky) Gut.. Tuesday, 26 March 2013.. We often offer the advice, “Listen to your gut,” meaning, follow your instincts and listen to the voice deep inside, because it really knows best.. Although that advice is figurative, you should also take it literally.. Your gut, or your intestines, can provide a surprising amount of information about what is happening in your body, and listening to it can sometimes reveal the source of a chronic illness.. Your intestines are also called the bowel.. Together the small and large intestines form a tube that carries food from the stomach, absorbs the useful nutrients, and forms waste to pass from the body through the anus.. Intestines have a unique job in the body.. Most barriers in the body have one job.. Skin and kidneys, for example, exist only to keep things out.. The intestines, however, selectively let nutrients and water in while also pumping waste out.. The entire time, your intestines are trying to understand what is friend or foe.. It has a very complicated job and is a very active organ, requiring a lot of energy.. In addition to this essential work, the gut also hosts 70% of all the immune system tissue in your body.. If something goes awry in your gut, you may eventually see seemingly unrelated problems, such as autoimmune diseases and arthritis.. If you go to your doctor because you are bothered by arthritis, you may get a prescription for a type of pain reliever and joint medicine but not one that addresses.. why.. your immune system is working against you.. And that answer is: leaky gut.. So, what is leaky gut? When your intestines become inflamed, you get something known as hyperpermeability.. That means the intestines' barrier system is not working properly; harmful bacteria may get into the intestines, while nutrients may not be absorbed well.. This crossing of the barrier confuses the immune system, and it sends out antibodies to fight the unwanted bacteria, resulting in inflammation.. Patients may notice symptoms such as gas, bloating, cramping, diarrhea, and irritable bowel syndrome.. If not addressed, the inflammation can cause fatigue, muscle aches, and/or joint pains, and it can lead to autoimmune diseases such as thyroiditis, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis.. But for those who listen to their gut, there is hope and treatment.. In functional medicine, we focus on treating not just the symptoms, but also on what went wrong in the first place.. For the person who comes in with arthritis, we look at how to ease his joint pain because that is what is hurting him from day to day.. But we also focus on the irritable bowel to see how we can heal the gut.. We'll check to see if the patient has an imbalance of bacteria, yeast, fungus, or other substances that are supposed to be in the gut.. Then, we will restore that balance.. We may use prescription medicines, along with cultured foods like yogurt or sauerkraut, to increase healthy bacteria.. We may give the patient a probiotic pill to help kill off the bad bacteria, along with additional nutrients to calm down the inflammation.. Understanding the origin of a chronic illness is absolutely necessary in developing an effective treatment plan.. Listening to your (leaky) gut and finding out what it is trying to say can help heal the body and not just manage the symptoms.. leaky gut.. Exciting News Coming From 3rd Opinion.. Administrator.. Friday, 08 March 2013.. Watch for exciting news coming from 3rd Opinion with the release of Dr.. Sults new book!.. Hits: 1215..

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  • Title: Locate Us
    Descriptive info: JavaScript must be enabled in order for you to use Google Maps.. However, it seems JavaScript is either disabled or not supported by your browser.. To view Google Maps, enable JavaScript by changing your browser options, and then try again..

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    Descriptive info: Fill out my.. online form..

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  • Title: 3rd Opinion Functional Medicine Clinic
    Descriptive info: Articles.. Better Lifestyle.. Better Life.. Illness is.. not.. a normal part of aging.. Did you know:.. -Most chronic diseases are caused by unhealthy lifestyle habits.. For example, 91% of Type 2 Diabetes is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle.. -Chronic diseases also account for one-third of the years of potential life lost before age 65.. -Chronic, disabling conditions cause major limitations in activity for more than one of every 10 Americans.. -The prolonged course of illness and disability from chronic diseases results in extended pain and suffering and decreased quality of life.. -Chronic diseases account for 78% of annual healthcare costs.. You can change your health with FirstLine Therapy.. Everybody wants good health, high energy, mental clarity, full function, and absence of disease well into old age! It's yours for the taking!.. What do you want?.. -.. More strength -More sex drive -More energy -Clearer thinking.. -More "good" days.. -Less stress -Weight loss -Better mood -Less pain.. -Better sleep quality.. -Better mobility -Greater control over health.. -More independence -More living!.. FirstLine Therapy can help you regain health.. The FLT system targets the underlying causes of chronic illnesses by incorporating a sensible eating plan, exercise, nutritional supplementation and stress management.. In fact, the following characteristics are unique  ...   time it takes for you to achieve risk reduction goals.. FLT has been demonstrated to be effective in human clinical studies.. -Most programs lack clinical evidence of effictiveness.. William Osler stated "It is much more important to know what sort of a patient has a disease than what sort of disease a patient has.. For us the question is not "What disease do you have?" but rather "Why would you have that disease? These are very different questions and they lead to very different opportunities.. If you ask the question "Why do you have arthritis?" it may lead to a fundamental understanding of your unique biochemistry.. As an example, if we discover that you have an imbalance of essential fatty acids that is inflammatory, we may be able to rebalance the fats in your diet resulting in less inflammation.. Understanding the influence of your beliefs and thoughts, fears, and wants combined with your diet, lifestyle and environmental issues have on your genetic expression is central to the work at 3rd Opinion.. By understanding the uniqueness within you, we are better able to optimize diet and lifestyle approaches for better health.. Sult is on faculty with the Institute of Functional Medicine located in Gig Harbor, Washington..

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  • Title: 3rd Opinion Functional Medicine Clinic
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  • Title: What is Prolotherapy?
    Descriptive info: Prolotherapy is a simple technique that stimulates the body to repair the painful area when the natural healing process needs a little assistance.. The way Prolotherapy works is simple.. A substance is injected into the affected areas, which leads to local healing response.. This "fools" the body into believing that a new injury has occured.. The body then mounts a healing response, resulting in new collagen deposition, which is the material that ligaments and tendons are made of.. This results in a stronger healthier tissue.. This treatment may significantly improve chronic pain.. Prolotherapy involves the treatment of two specific kinds of tissue: tendons and ligaments.. A tendon attaches a muscle to the bone and involves movement of the joint.. A ligament connects two bones and is involved in the stability of the joint.. A strain is defined as a stretched or injured tendon; a sprain, a stretched or injured ligament.. Once these structures are injured, the immune system is stimulated to repair the injured area.. Because ligaments and tendons generally have a poor blood supply, incomplete healing is common after injury.. This incomplete healing results in these normally taut, strong bands of fibrous or connective tissue becoming relaxed and weak.. The relaxed and inefficient ligament or tendon then becomes the source of chronic pain and weakness.. The greatest stresses to the ligaments and tendons are where they attach to the bone, the fibro-osseous junction.. The most sensitive structures that produce pain are the periosteum (covering of the bone) and the ligaments.. It is important to note that in the scale of pain sensitivity (which part of the body hurts more when injured), the periosteum ranks first, followed by ligaments, tendons, fascia (the connective tissue that surrounds muscle), and finally muscle.. Cartilage contains no sensory nerve endings.. If you are told that your cartilage is the cause of your pain, you have been misinformed; the cartilage cannot hurt because they contain no pain sensing nerves.. If there is cartilage damage, the ligaments are typically the structures that hurt.. Ligaments are weakest where they attach to bone.. The periosteum is the most sensitive area to pain and the ligaments second.. It is now easy to understand why this area hurts so much.. This is where the Prolotherapy injections occur, and thus eliminate the chronic pain of many conditions including arthritis, mechanical low back pain, degenerative disc disease, cartilage injury, and sports injuries.. How Does Prolotherapy Work?.. First we must understand what we're trying to treat.. The spine functions in a way very different than what you might think.. Traditional theory suggests that the spine is a series of blocks, one stacked upon the other with gravity just bearing down on it.. There are several bits of information that clearly refute this.. The first is the fact that the intervertebral discs in the back simply would not be able to withstand the pressure of having the entire body weight on it.. Recently the concepts of Tensegrity have been applied to not only the spine, but all aspects of biology.. In the Tensegrity model, forces are  ...   shows this intricate lattice structure of the connective tissue.. Knowing that it is the connective tissues and not the cartilage and disks that carry the weight it is now possible to design better treatment strategies.. Knowing that it is primarily injury to the ligaments that result in all of these joint problems, doesn't it make sense to treat the ligaments? Prolotherapy is the method used to treat ligaments and tendons to improve their strength and position.. So what is Prolotherapy?.. Prolotherapy is a technique used to strengthen ligaments and tendons.. By injecting specific substances into the ligaments and tendons, it is possible to convince the body that an injury exists.. This "fake" injury results in stimulation of the body’s healing response.. Often chronic injuries are ignored by the healing processes of the body.. By stimulating the healing processes of the body, chronic injuries can be cleared up.. How is prolotherapy accomplished?.. Prolotherapy is accomplished through a series of treatments.. Depending on how your body responds to the therapy, you may require one, two, or up to 10 or more treatments.. Each treatment consists of a series of injections into the tendons and ligaments of the affected area of your body.. This could mean just a few injections for a finger joint or it could be more than a dozen injections to treat low back pain.. Dose it hurt?.. Prolotherapy is started by first giving a medicine to numb the skin in the area to be treated.. However, even with this there is some discomfort.. Most people describe it as a dull aching sensation.. This can persist for some time.. Some people will experience an unpleasant discomfort for up to two weeks.. Most people will have pain relief within just a few days.. What is a typical session like?.. The patient will arrive at the clinic like he/she would for any other visit.. After checking in, the patient will be taken to the prolotherapy room.. The area to be treated will be examined and your history will be updated.. Any new issues will also be discussed.. The sites for prolotherapy will be selected.. Local anesthetic will be used to numb the skin in the areas to be treated.. Often ultrasound will be used to guide the needle into the proper position and the prolotherapy solution will be injected.. Injections will be repeated until the treatment is complete.. Is prolotherapy covered by insurance?.. Prolotherapy is not covered by most insurance companies.. The cost of prolotherapy varies by the area to be injected.. Obviously, a smaller area will cost less and a larger area will cost more.. A typical joint will cost about $250 per treatment.. The joint is typically treated once every 4-6 weeks for 3-10 visits.. Many pain therapies are quite expensive.. Prescription pain medications can be several hundred dollars per month and can be addictive and have side effects.. An EMG/NCV test can cost $1200.. MRI scans are typically $2500.. What about Arthroscopy? This can cost as much as $13,000 and surgery as much as $25,000.. By those examples prolotherapy is a bargain..

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