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  • Title: Raging Penguin - Home
    Descriptive info: .. The random ramblings of a Linux geek.. Home.. About Me.. My Computers.. Contact.. Tags.. apps (7).. art (1).. conky (1).. diy (1).. hardware (1).. linux (13).. news (12).. nixstubs (5).. puppy (1).. rants (5).. ratpoison (1).. security (1).. suspend (1).. tutorials (4).. usb (1).. vector (9).. web (1).. webdev (4).. Archive.. March 2014 (1).. January 2014 (2).. November 2013 (3).. October 2013 (3).. September 2013 (3).. August 2013 (3).. July 2013 (4).. June 2013 (7).. May 2013 (3).. April 2013 (2).. March 2013 (3).. February 2013 (4).. January 2013 (3).. December 2012 (4).. November 2012 (3).. October 2012 (3).. September 2012 (1).. July 2012 (4).. June 2012 (2).. Links.. BlazeBlogger.. Puppy Linux.. Arch Linux.. Free Software Foundation.. Distrowatch.. Electronic Frontier Foundation.. W3Schools.. A D V E R T I S E M E N T.. Precise Puppy on an emergency USB.. 2014-03-06.. by.. TuxRag3r.. , tagged as.. conky.. ,.. linux.. puppy.. ratpoison.. suspend.. usb.. As many of you may or may not know, my distro of choice when hopping between machines is CrunchBang, but I decided to take another whack at Puppy Linux.. The goal here was to setup something that I could use as an emergency replacement for my CrunchBang dev drive.. That meant setting up a tiling window manager (ratpoison), dealing with Puppy weirdness, and separating the OS from my data.. This article covers what I ve done so far, what I ve learned, and what I plan to do with Puppy in the future.. Read more.. Switching back to i3.. 2014-01-31.. nixstubs.. When I started using Ratpoison (the.. window manager.. , not the toxic rodent food), I thought I was done with practically every other WM and desktop environment out there.. Unfortunately, it seems that Ratpoison either doesn t like multiple monitors, Ubuntu 13.. 10, or both.. Ever since I started using the beat up S10 as my primary machine, I have experienced random lockups and crashes regardless of what I m doing at the time.. It only happens when I m logged in with Ratpoison.. Openbox and.. XFCE.. run without any problems.. Year's End 2013.. 2014-01-17.. rants.. Things usually get a little crazy at my house during December, and that s why I haven t updated in so long.. The two younger members of the household broke the only good camera we had, so this post won t have any pictures as  ...   list of several other e-mail providers that offer similar features.. Please keep in mind that while many of these also offer extra services (instant messaging, file storage, etc), I will only focus on e-mail.. Fixing site problems and dropping AdSense.. 2013-11-11.. news.. I haven t updated in a while and with good reason.. If you ve visited this site within the past few weeks and experienced rendering problems, it s partially my fault.. The rest of the fault goes to BlazeBlogger s split file management scheme.. I tried using a.. sed.. command to replace one snippet of code site-wide, but something went wrong.. I had to spend a few days fixing things by hand.. That wasn t the only thing I tried to replace either, so there are probably more errors that I haven t discovered yet.. As a side note, I m going to start writing about various Google alternatives soon.. New mobile sidebar!.. 2013-10-17.. The new mobile sidebar is finally ready for testing.. From now on, every time this site renders in a window (or screen) that s less than 700px wide, the sidebar will be replaced by a small button towards the center of the screen on the right side.. I m not entirely sure if it works right because I don t have a smartphone or a tablet.. I urge everyone to try it and let me know on Reddit, Twitter, or Disqus (the comments below) if you have.. any.. problems.. Vector rewrite, mobile site coming soon.. 2013-10-11.. I am now in the process of rewriting Vector using.. IIFE.. containers and a global namespace object.. I m also updating the stylesheets to make this site work better on mobile devices.. Making Solarized finally work.. 2013-10-01.. I like the Solarized color palette, but it is a real pain to set up.. First you need to load the Xresources file for the theme to work, then you have to configure applications and commands to use the new colors.. I ve made some progress with Midnight Commander, the.. ls.. command, and WeeChat.. Use webfs to preview static sites.. 2013-09-26.. Got a static site? preview those pages with webfs! Install webfs using your system s package manager, then.. cd.. into the directory where your static pages reside and run this command:.. Built with.. Vim.. The GIMP.. , and.. Copyright 2012-2013 TuxRag3r All rights reserved.. TOS.. |.. Copying..

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  • Title: Raging Penguin - About Me
    Descriptive info: I recently changed my name to TuxRag3r.. I primarily use free (as in.. freedom.. , not price) and open source software (and you should too!).. I began using OpenOffice back in high school out of necessity, as I could not afford a copy of M$ Office.. Then I started using Mozilla Firefox and eventually worked my way towards using.. GNU.. /Linux full time.. I haven t bought a piece of proprietary software in years, with the rare exception of a good used game.. I like the Internet, programming, playing.. FPS.. games, testing new software, fixing and maintaining computers, messing with electronics, and on rare occasions, I may even play Sudoku.. Computing preferences.. Every computer I own has.. /Linux installed.. I never knowingly buy computers that don t support.. /Linux, or that are otherwise locked in such a way that the operating system can t be completely replaced.. This especially includes smart phones and tablets.. I don t use these locked machines unless I really need to, and only in ways that some level of anonymity can be maintained.. If I receive such a machine as a gift, I will take it provided that I can immediately sell it, strip it for parts, or recycle it in an environmentally responsible way.. I m not joking here.. I seriously will not even touch the power button.. The same holds true for nonfree software (minus the stripping of parts).. Though I love.. FOSS.. , I must admit that not all of the  ...   out incompatible videos, so every click is a surprise.. On other sites with pages featuring embedded video, Flash is still required.. That said, I do my best to use as much free software as possible, but I can t switch to an entirely free distribution at this time.. Keyboard driven.. For software, I generally prefer something that s well thought out and keyboard driven, rather than something with a bunch of special effects that requires the mouse.. My desktop environment , if you could even call it that, is comprised of a tiling window manager,.. Dzen.. Conky.. dmenu.. , a few small programs, and a bunch of custom scripts.. The window manager I use typically depends on whether or not I can compile.. DWM.. If for some reason.. fails to work, my second choice is often.. i3wm.. or.. Xmonad.. I am currently in the middle of a personal quest to remove the need for a mouse (or other pointing device).. Some people ask me what I have against the mouse.. The answer is nothing.. In fact, I use the mouse all the time when working with graphics and playing games.. For everything else, however, it s just faster to use the 80+ keys that are already in front of me, rather than reaching for the rodent.. I also don t like touch screens that much, as I find them hard to type with.. Like desktop pointing devices, they re great for graphics and games, but not so much for work..

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  • Title: Raging Penguin - My Computers
    Descriptive info: This page is dedicated to the computers and other gadgets I ve built or aquired so far, and is primarily meant to serve a reference to be linked to from other pages.. This is my main desktop system.. I bought all the parts and put it together myself.. I built it specifically for college, but when funding dried up, it became the family computer.. I also use it as a test server for Raging Penguin and other development work.. Specifications.. Make/model:.. Whitebox, custom build.. Processor:.. AMD.. Athlon64x2 2.. 46GHz.. RAM.. :..  ...   programming.. TableTop.. This is my current laptop, a Dell Latitude D520.. I first wrote about this machine.. here.. When the rest of the family is fighting over Thor, I m usually on TableTop (or asleep).. It was billed as a business class laptop , and while the expansion options may be attractive to businesses, I find it to be a good, versative, everyday machine.. The Dell Latitude D520.. Dell Latitude D520.. Intel Celeron M.. CPU.. running at 1.. 6GHz.. 1GB.. Intel Mobile 945GM/.. GMS.. CrunchBang 11.. Web development, general programming, backup system..

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  • Title: Raging Penguin - Contact
    Descriptive info: If you would like to reach me, my e-mail address is.. I m also on Twitter and GitHub.. Feel free to send in your questions, comments, concerns, ideas for future posts, etc.. If I use your suggestions, code, comments, or other materials in an upcoming post, you will receive credit for your contribution and (optionally) a link to your homepage (must not contain inappropriate content, read the.. Terms of Service.. ).. I may not always respond to your messages, but I will eventually read them.. Also, I must ask everyone not to waste  ...   subject line will improve my chances of reading your message.. I also only speak English and work only in the U.. S.. If you send me any mail, electronic or otherwise, you agree to forfeit all rights to the entire contents of the mail (any text, containers, and/or any attachments or non-text items) and grant me (TuxRag3r) permission to use the mail for any purpose, including but not limited to reproducing/displaying the contents in part or in full on RagingPenguin, and/or forwarding the message to law enforcement, government agencies, and/or other groups or individuals..

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  • Title: Raging Penguin - Posts tagged as apps
    Descriptive info: Posts tagged as apps.. Top 10 Terminal Apps.. 2013-06-24.. apps.. Even though the year is 2013, text-only console applications are still widely used by power users and seasoned administrators alike.. There are several reasons for this.. In some cases, text is faster and more intuitive than using a mouse and a bunch of menus and buttons.. Text is also light on resources, and may sometimes be the only way to interact and communicate with a machine.. Today, I present my Top Ten list of essential terminal apps.. My new meanGreen Conky config.. 2013-06-08.. I recently got tired of my desktop being a huge, lifeless, utilitarian box with nothing to look at other than wallpaper that never changes (until I change it that is).. I decided to do something about it, and what I thought would only take ten minutes of me time blew up into a full day of scripting, restarting, and arranging.. Once again, I had been bitten by the.. Conky Config Bug.. Mouseless browsing roundup.. 2013-02-13.. Purge your web experience of the rodent! Here s a look at several keyboard-driven browsing options, and none of them run in a terminal.. I already wrote about.. Uzbl.. , but that s just scratching the surface.. There are several browser extensions and even stand-alone browsers that can help you go mouseless on the  ...   a look at another web browser called.. Uzbl is in the same category as.. Surf.. , which I wrote about.. last week.. While Uzbl is minimal, it has more features than a stock build of Surf (uzbl-browser flavor), and it can be extensively customized without recompiling.. Also this week, I fixed a battery meter problem in my Conky/Dzen configuration that was driving me nuts.. The battery meter is now handled by a simple shell script.. Surf, a simple browser.. 2012-07-15.. This week, I played with.. , a simple browser brought to you by the makers of.. ! Like.. , Surf is configured primarily by editing a file called config.. h, which means every time you change something, you need to recompile.. That s not really a bad thing however, and you can also customize Surf with JavaScript,.. CSS.. , and shell scripts.. This is also the first post to feature.. SHJS.. , which provides some slick syntax highlighting for code samples!.. I have deleted.. due to rendering/scripting issues.. Dzen+Conky status box.. 2012-07-08.. This week, I added Dzen to my.. statusbar, complete with icons and a sub-window! I also replaced NetworkManager with Wicd, killed the system tray, and mutilated the output of the.. cal.. command and my Conky config file.. I had a lot of fun hacking Dzen, and here are the results..

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  • Title: Raging Penguin - Posts tagged as art
    Descriptive info: Posts tagged as art.. Two wallpapers, one of which was forgotten.. 2013-06-26.. art.. Here are two wallpapers I made with Gimp and Inkscape, one of which was seemingly forgotten (or rather, had nothing linked to it)..

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  • Title: Raging Penguin - Posts tagged as conky
    Descriptive info: Posts tagged as conky..

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  • Title: Raging Penguin - Posts tagged as diy
    Descriptive info: Posts tagged as diy.. Turning my netbook into a mini desktop.. 2012-06-11.. diy.. After being dropped twice, all the internal components still work.. The plastic shell however has taken quite a beating.. As is typical for laptops and netbooks, the hinge was the first thing to break, and.. keep  ...   the bus hit a pothole.. To fix it, I used a combination of super glue and duct tape, but it would only hold for a few days at a time.. The second time it fell, someone knocked it out of my hands, and I decided to try something else..

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  • Title: Raging Penguin - Posts tagged as hardware
    Descriptive info: Posts tagged as hardware.. Review of a Refurb: Dell Latitude D520.. 2012-11-08.. hardware.. Since the tablet didn t work out (and neither did Android), I went shopping for a new laptop on NewEgg.. I found a Dell Latitude D520 for the unbelievable price of about $170.. The good news: large 14 inch screen, spacious  ...   news: wireless card from Broadcom and grabby.. USB.. ports.. Of course I didn t know about the Broadcom card, it was one of those nasty surprises that you don t discover until after an item arrives.. And of course, it came with a copy of Windows that needed to be erased.. They all do..

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  • Title: Raging Penguin - Posts tagged as linux
    Descriptive info: Posts tagged as linux.. Using Nanoc, trying Solarized.. 2013-07-15.. vector.. Well, I finally decided to use Nanoc to build the.. VECTOR.. section of this site (a sub-site?).. Jekyll and Octopress are good, but they are mostly geared towards blogging and make a lot of assumptions about what you want to use them for.. I found it easier to get up and running with Nanoc, as it only assumes that you want to generate a web site from a bunch of files.. You get to decide everything else.. I have also changed my Vim and terminal setup to use the light version of.. Solarized.. Returning to Arch.. 2013-07-08.. Arch.. has been on my watch list for quite a while.. I tried it back in 2010 (2011?) when I had a crappy HP netbook.. Problems with a buggy b43 driver eventually ruined my install, but up to that point Arch was fantastic.. Fresh software, simple configuration, and a cruft-free no-frills installation procedure were just a few of the reasons why I enjoyed Arch.. Since then, Arch has changed a lot.. The menu-driven installer is gone, systemd is now installed by default,.. netctl.. is slated to replace netcfg, and /usr/bin is now a unified binary directory.. With all these changes, I thought it was time to try Arch again, this time with the goal of sticking with it.. Getting Tiny with Tiny Core 4.. 7.. 2013-06-03.. There are several mini distributions out there, but Tiny Core stands out as the only one (in my opinion) that tries to provide a.. just works.. experience while offering a high level of customization.. The goal of the project is to create a tiny nomadic OS that can boot from practically any storage device (flash drives, hard drives, CDs, etc.. ).. Weighing in at around 12MB for the.. Xvesa.. version, it  ...   with.. Markdown.. for faster posting, Fedora 18 review borked because of crappy installer, and development of dedicated site section for.. in full swing! Also, post header images have been reduced in size to 70 70.. I didn t realize just how big they were on displays with resolutions of 1024 768 or lower.. Sabayon 10 Review.. 2013-01-17.. Sabayon 10.. is the second stop on my distro hopping tour.. Sabayon is based on Gentoo, a ridiculously configurable source-based distribution.. The developers focus on providing a stable, fast, and versatile distribution with the best out of the box experience available.. The software in Sabayon is described as bleeding edge , and according to the official wiki, it seems that most of the software comes directly from Gentoo s testing branch.. The last time I used Sabayon, it was version 4, and I was trying to use it on my netbook.. I used it for a few days, then a problem with Xorg forced me to switch to something else.. Now I m ready to try again, and I expect things to go a lot smoother this time.. ArchBang Linux review.. 2012-12-16.. The first stop on my quest to replace Xubuntu (and Ubuntu in general) is ArchBang.. ArchBang is a version of Arch Linux that ships with Xorg, an easy installer, and a custom desktop in the style of Crunchbang Linux.. Once installed, the resulting system behaves just like a typical Arch Linux installation.. I used Arch a while ago, back when daemons and other settings were controlled by /etc/rc.. conf.. I enjoyed using it until an update broke the wireless drivers for my Lenovo S10, at which point I had to switch to something else.. Now I m hoping ArchBang can provide a suitable gateway back to Arch, without having to start literally from scratch.. Previous..

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  • Title: Raging Penguin - Posts tagged as news
    Descriptive info: Posts tagged as news.. A bad weekend.. 2013-08-14.. This past weekend was a pretty bad, so I may have to retract my previous statement about releasing a playable version of Vector this week.. I had to switch distros because Arch was becoming increasingly unstable.. My hosting account was also rendered unusable, so I had to upload the site to a new host and change the name servers.. Fortunately, static sites are easy to move around, but it took a while for the name servers to sync.. I ve also decided to use.. Milkytracker.. to make the sound effects and music for Vector.. BlazeBlogger-mod officially uploaded, an update on VECTOR.. 2013-05-08.. I finally decided to upload my modified version of BlazeBlogger to GitHub.. For now, I m just calling it BlazeBlogger-mod.. Please note that it s not a complete fork, just the scripts I modified.. To use them, backup the scripts from the official package and drop in the modified versions.. I had to modify BlazeBlogger so that it would generate valid HTML5 documents, as the.. canvas.. tag is apparently not supported in the.. XHTML.. 1.. 0 Strict specification (won t validate).. Changing my nick and installing Trisquel 6.. 0.. 2013-04-01.. This month, I decided  ...   of Mint on the D520, which I have decided to call TableTop.. I also decided to kick Puppy Linux and Tiny Core to the curb and install.. CrunchBang.. 11 Waldorf on my Cruzer Fit flash drive.. Puppy Linux and Tiny Core are great for their intended purposes, but for making a dedicated dev drive , I found them both to have too many limits.. In the end, it was easier to just use a normal desktop distribution as a base and go from there.. New Year's update.. 2012-12-30.. The holidays have been a bit crazier than usual and I haven t had time to work on.. but I m not dropping it.. Also, I will need to upgrade, reconfigure, and possibly modify some of the software I use to manage the site.. That primarily means looking for Vim extensions and getting BlazeBlogger to run posts through Markdown for easier editing.. I like typing.. HTML.. tags as much as the next guy, but even with tab completion (yes, in Vim!), it does slow me down a bit.. Still on my To Do list is finding a suitable distribution to replace Ubuntu, which.. as you recall.. is starting down the path to becoming another linux-based train wreck..

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