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    Descriptive info: .. NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF.. PROFESSIONAL RECEPTIONISTS.. ®.. HOME.. Join Us!.. Employer Assistance.. Member Services.. Certification.. Certification Facts.. Receptionists Day.. Federal Holiday Calendar.. Public Health and Safety.. Career Management Links.. Book Store.. Classified Ads (Employment).. The Lounge.. Contact Us.. Privacy Statement.. Member Application.. *.. Email.. Password.. Remember me.. Forgot password.. RECEPTIONIST RANKS #22.. US News and World Report Best Jobs 2012.. READ FULL ARTICLE.. OUR MISSION.. This new initiative is designed to give the position of receptionist, representation of value, credibility and a significant role in the business world.. The National Association of Professional Receptionists is a professional association providing representation, education, valuation and accreditation to over 1 million receptionists, switchboard operators, information clerks, greeters, administrative professionals and various customer services representatives nationwide.. "By learning business etiquette, you become a model for others.. Your considerate behavior in the office and with clients is  ...   the Career Receptionist by:.. Promoting the value of a Professional Receptionist.. Setting standards for professionalism through certification.. Providing a voice in communication with management.. Providing opportunities for leadership.. Providing educational opportunities.. Job placement and career change assistance.. Become a member and enjoy the benefits!.. Read Article: From A Receptionist's Point Of View.. Wikipedia Definition of Receptionist.. CURRENT TOPIC.. "Managing.. YOUR.. Front Office".. {WHERE ATTITUDE MEANS EVERYTHING}.. For more information and sponsorship opportunities please contact our association management team.. NAPR Association Management Provided by:.. Reception Services, Inc.. - Association Management.. P.. O.. Box 104, College Park, Maryland 20741.. Telephone: 301-220-1613 or.. Toll Free 1-877-709-5051.. Web Address:.. WWW.. RECEPTIONSERVICES.. COM.. National Homeland Security Knowledgebase.. Send mail to.. admin2@receptionists.. us.. with questions or comments about this web site.. Copyright © 2003-2013 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL RECEPTIONISTS.. Last modified: 01/31/2013.. Powered by.. Wild Apricot.. Membership Software..

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    Descriptive info: Your Online Resource.. Information distribution.. for member communications and resources are all online.. We Go Green!.. The National Association of Professional Receptionists is the information resource for front line - first impression representatives of businesses in all industries.. As a member you will get the benefits of information regarding:.. Certification - Our top priority.. Becoming pro-active in your profession.. (We measure your involvement with NAPR by your logins) We.. will not.. remind you to read the newsletter or webpages.. 12 or more logins per year is recommended for certification purposes.. Your professionalism and what it means to your employer.. The importance of dress and grooming.. Tips for business etiquette.. Increase your knowledge of  ...   out what other professional receptionists are going through day to day.. Membership is available for individuals worldwide.. is available for individuals in the United States of America, Canada and those employed by USA and Canadian companies.. Memberships are personal, non-transferable and non-refundable after 30 days.. NAPR yearly membership dues are.. $120.. 00.. dollars.. Multiple (10 or more individuals) corporate memberships are available at a 20% discount.. Please call our association management at 1-877-709-5051 for details.. To print a membership application and pay by check or money order.. Click Here.. To pay for membership on a secure server using a major credit card or e-check, you have the following payment options.. Online Membership Application..

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    Descriptive info: EM.. PLOYER ASSISTANCE.. Which Image Represents Your First Person?.. The First Impression of Your Company?.. Need assistance with any of the following?.. Front Desk Presentation.. Image (Corporate Culture of Your Company).. Dress.. Grooming.. Hygeine.. Language.. Customer Service/Guest Management.. Sensitivity Training.. Stress Management.. Punctuality/Time Management.. Telephone Etiquette Skills.. Use of Proper Language.. Communicating Effectively.. Voice Mail Etiquette.. Call Screening.. Office Protocol.. Gate Keeping 101..  ...   Area Traffic Flow.. Reception Area/Waiting Room Functionality.. Security/Emegency Preparedness.. Reception Area Housekeeping.. Reception Area Layout.. Reception Signage.. Switchboard Equipment.. Reception Furniture.. Off.. ice Equipment/Supplies.. Communication Software.. The National Association of Professional Receptionists.. offers you and your staff the opportunity for self development with timely information that will transform your office environment and your employee's careers.. Click Here For A Free 30 Day Trial Membership..

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    Descriptive info: Certification - Our Top Priority.. Our certification processing is included for members who qualify for the designation.. It is based on your professionalism and judged by past and present employers.. The NAPR Newsletter.. Online newsletter informs members of what is happening in the world of receptionists.. Links to relevant articles for First Impression Representatives.. Features receptionists in different fields of employment, announces new members, announces new corporate partners, advertises related products, employment opportunities and NAPR events.. Discussion Boards.. Join our discussion boards for information and advise on human resources, stress management, and job related activities.. Networking Events.. Become a leader in your area! Join with countless others who take these occupations seriously and  ...   with other members in a selected destination for an annual convention with a gala, trade show, training seminars, motivational speakers, and networking sessions.. Receptionists Day.. It's time for your employer to show appreciation to the first person - first impression of the company.. You can do your part in promoting Receptionists Day, host a receptionist day event in your city.. Professional Improvement and Training Seminars.. In association with our corporate training partners qualify to become a certified professional receptionist.. B.. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS.. RECEPTIONISTS AND INFORMATION CLERKS.. SALARY SURVEY.. -----------------------.. SWITCHBOARD OPERATORS AND ANSWERING SERVICE.. CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES.. i.. information hotel, Motel and Resort Desk Clerks.. salary survey.. SECRETARIES AND ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS.. ----------------------..

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    Descriptive info: BECOME A.. C.. E.. RTIFIED.. ROFESSIONAL.. R.. ECEPTIONIST.. CPR - "the life of the company".. To qualify:.. A one page letter to the association stating why you should be considered as certified.. 1 year continuous member of the National Association of Professional Receptionists.. ( login 12 times or more for certification).. A resume with 5 years experience as a receptionist, switchboard operator, information clerk, customer service representative, secretary, administrative assistant or greeter.. 3 certificates of continued education from any accredited seminar provider with the curriculum of customer service, receptionist/front desk, human resources, management.. or.. a diploma or certificate of an accredited business or secretarial school.. A character reference letter from your employer (s) of the last 5 years (maximum of 3 employers), addressed to the  ...   Professional Receptionists.. Attn: CPR.. Upon meeting all qualifications you will be awarded a certificate and lapel pin from the National Association of Professional Receptionists and placed on our designation list on our web site.. You will be able to use the designation behind your name and on your resume.. You will also be eligible for discounts on selected items the association offers.. This designation will let all know that you are truly a professional and deserve more.. respect, commendation and compensation!.. ·.. A certification as a Professional Receptionist does not guarantee an increase in pay or job promotion.. However, do not hesitate to mention it during job interviews because it may give you the "extra edge" in a hiring decision.. For more information.. contact us..

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    Descriptive info: What is the.. Best Way.. for a Person to break into the Field of Professional Receptionist?.. The position of Professional Receptionist is a desirable occupation that requires a unique skill set.. If the job seeker is just breaking into the field it is imperative that they acquire the appropriate training to qualify for this position.. Top employers are looking for front office representatives with either proven experience in the field, professional certification or both.. What Certifications and Educational Requirements are needed for Those Desiring to be Receptionists?.. A solid candidate for the position of Professional Receptionist will have acquired all fundamental educational prerequisites, such as a high school diploma or equivalency; a strong command of the English language and above average grammatical skills.. The right person will also possess a working knowledge of the corporate culture regarding dress, grooming, business etiquette and adherence to the corporate chain of command.. Any individual possessing all the qualities mentioned above; along with an innate desire to furnish expert customer service would greatly benefit from the advantages they will gain from completing an advanced level professional service training course, such as the Certified Professional Receptionist (CPR) instruction available through the National Association of Professional Receptionists..  ...   of experience as a professional receptionist, certified bi/multi-lingual ability, certified ASL Sign Language ability, advanced business education and/or training seminar certifications and computer operational skills and certification in the use of the most up-to-date, widely used business software.. What is The Best Way.. for a Candidate to Gain Experience as a Receptionist?.. Many corporations, firms and government agencies offer internships to students; especially during spring and summer breaks.. This affords those new to the workforce to gain much needed experience, as well as on-the-job training.. Interns seldom work a full-time schedule and are usually assigned various duties; which allows them to get the variety of hands-on training needed to build a resume that reflects the candidate’s versatility.. Since several organizations adopt a split-shift policy for their front office personnel; dividing the front desk responsibilities into morning and afternoon shifts between two or more Professional Receptionists the intern or part-time employee can gain valuable front office instruction and experience working side-by-side with professionally trained reception personnel.. For more information on obtaining the status of Certified Professional Receptionist, we invite you to visit the website of the National Association of Professional Receptionists (NAPR), at www.. receptionists.. us, or contact us by phone at 1-877-709-5051..

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    Descriptive info: Receptionists Day is for the purpose of promoting public awareness of the value of Receptionists and the role played by Receptionists in business, industry, education, government and the professions.. Receptionists Day will be observed by our association, annually on a Tuesday in the last full week in April during Administrative Professionals Week.. Let's thank our friends at the International Association of Administrative Professionals for bringing attention to the role played by the professionals in  ...   Lunch, Flowers.. A Thank You Card or Note.. NAPR's Receptionists Day is Tuesday, April 23, 2013 during Administrative Professionals Week 2013: April 21-27.. 2013: April 23.. 2014: April 22.. 2015: April 21.. 2016: April 26.. 2017: April 25.. Administrative Professionals Week.. 2013: April 21-27.. 2014: April 20-26.. 2015: April 19-25.. 2016: April 24-30.. 2017: April 23-29.. Administrative Professionals Day.. 2013: April 24.. 2014: April 23.. 2015: April 22.. 2016: April 27.. 2017: April 26..

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    Descriptive info: Federal Holiday Calend.. ar..

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    Descriptive info: Public Health and Safety - Government Links.. BMI For Adults Widget.. BMI For Adults.. Flash Player 9 is required.. Smoking and Tobacco Use..

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    Descriptive info: Links for Career Management.. LINK DISCLAIMER.. Some of the links made available to you through our pages will allow you to leave our Web site.. Please be aware that the Internet sites available through these links, and the material that you may find there, are not under the control of NAPR.. Therefore, we cannot and do not make any representation to you about these sites or the materials available there, and the fact that we have made these links available to you is not an endorsement or recommendation to you by NAPR of  ...   of Personnel Management.. What Does an Administrative Office Manager Do?.. What Does a Front Desk Supervisor Do?.. What Does a Front Desk Receptionist Do?.. What Does a Front Desk Agent Do?.. What Is a Customer Service Representative?.. How Do I Become a Switchboard Operator?.. How Do I Become a Hotel Receptionist?.. How Do I Become a Virtual Receptionist?.. How Do I Become a Dental Office Receptionist?.. What Is a Front Office?.. What is a Concierge?.. What Is a Veterinary Receptionist?.. Where Can I Learn Basic Computer Skills?.. How Do I Get Customer Service Training?..

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    Descriptive info: Professional Development.. Telephone Skills from A to Z: The.. Beyond "Hello": A Practical Guide for.. Great Customer Service on the Telephone.. Customer Service Over the Phone:.. Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Service.. Milady's Salon Receptionist's Handbook:.. Ultimate Service: The Complete Handbook.. The First Thirty Seconds : A Guide to.. Hospitality for Greeters and Ushers.. Book.. Description.. Greeters and ushers are the "first contact" with the congregation for many people who visit on Sunday morning.. The number one question visitors want answered is:  ...   helpful the greeters and ushers of the church are.. This booklet provides clear training for these official representatives of the church, with an emphasis on hospitality.. Giving copies to all the greeters and ushers in your church can help widen your church's welcome.. Success Series.. The Promotable Woman.. Rising To The Top - A Guide To Success.. Speaking of Success by Experts.. Life's A Bitch And Then You Can Change Your Attitude.. VIDEOS.. The Employee's Guide to Superior.. Complete Training for Receptionist..

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