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  • Title: RAVCo Home
    Descriptive info: .. This site makes heavy use of JavaScript.. We have detected that you do not have it enabled, please take a look at your browser settings to enable a better user experience.. RAVCo.. Reference.. User Guides.. Service Manuals.. Ask A Question.. Our Selling Policy.. Audio.. Equipment.. Microphones.. Video.. Lamps.. Controls.. Remotes.. Systems.. others.. Cables.. Parts.. Devices.. Misc.. Welcome to RAVCo!.. RAVCo (Reference-Audio-Video-Control & others) is not a company.. We are a group of individuals who provide FREE support on AV solutions based on our technical expertise.. Our people consist of very experienced electronic engineers in the AV  ...   many interesting hard to find Remote Controls, Service, User Manuals, Cables, Projector Lamps, Video and Computer Interfaces.. New and used electronic devices that are available can be purchase from RAVCo directly.. Not sure what Lamp is right for your LCD or DLP Projector?.. Drop us an e-mail and we guarantee a prompt and professional response with no charge.. Looking for a specific Service Manual and can't find it anywhere else?.. Send us an e-mail to.. support@ravco.. us.. and we'll search it for you.. Please feel free to browse our inventory using the navigation above.. Thank you for visiting!..

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  • Title: RAVCo Home
    Descriptive info: Users Guides..

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  • Title: RAVCo User Guides
    Descriptive info: eBay.. Purchasing is not available anywhere on this website.. Please.. contact.. us for any inquiries.. Database last updated:.. 11/22/13.. We do not offer purchasing directly on our website and ask all participants to contact us instead.. The process of purchasing is very simple; the purchase amount we will calculate for you is based on selling price, package destination, and delivery service you prefer.. All payments will be accepted via PayPal to support@ravco.. Money orders or checks in mail are optional.. Many Service Manuals include User's Guides in the publication.. If you are looking for specific USER Manual and can't find your manual in our listing? - Send us a.. request.. , and we will research it for you!.. See also.. Use the buttons below to jump, or the column names to sort.. A.. B.. C.. E.. F.. G.. H.. I.. J..  ...   00.. Epson.. PowerLite 8000/9000.. $15.. Fisher.. FVH715.. VCR.. Used.. Goldstar.. Multisync TV.. CFT-9745.. Hitachi.. CMP307XU.. Plasma Monitor.. NEW.. Digital Storage Scope.. VC-6020.. $19.. Iinfocus.. LP-130.. DLP Projector.. JVC.. XL-M418BK.. CD changer.. PC-11JW/C.. Stereo.. Kenwood.. KVR-A50.. Mitsubishi.. HS-U69.. 3.. HS-U62.. AM4201R.. Multisync Monitor.. SR-HD400, 500.. HDTV Satellite Receiver.. NEC.. Multisync Converter.. IDC-3000.. Plasma 42MP2.. Panasonic.. PV-810.. VHS Camcorder.. COLOR TV.. AG-2570.. 4.. AG-1730.. Pioneer.. 12 CD changer.. CDX-FM121.. DVL-919.. LD & DVD Player.. 50.. PDP-502MX.. CT-X9.. CLD-V2800.. Laser Disc Player.. CLD-E2000.. Plenio.. GPS.. VXA-3000.. Proxima.. 9250+.. Sears.. 580.. 5332595.. Sharp.. WF-939Z.. XG-P20XU.. 2.. XG-NV3XB.. XG-NV1U.. XG-E3000U.. XG-650UB.. $7.. XG-E3500U.. XA-610A, XA-620A.. XG-E650U.. LC-20B2UA.. LCD TV.. LC-20A2U.. XG-E690U.. XG-E1200U.. Sony.. VID-P110.. SVO-1630.. VPL-FX50.. UVW-1200.. Beta Cam VCR.. SAT-A65, B65.. Satellite Receiver.. KV-20XBR/25XBR.. TV.. TOA.. P-1030D/1060/1090.. Amplifier (Specs flyer).. Thank you for your visit, feel FREE to contact RAVCo with any questions or comments at:..

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  • Title: RAVCo Service Manuals
    Descriptive info: We have a large selection of electronic manuals in.. ADOBE.. pdf.. format for major brands such as Sony and Phillips.. Can't find your manual in our listing? - Send us a.. Q.. R.. Y.. Z.. Akai.. VCR VHS.. VS-616U/UM.. reel-to-reel recorder, player.. M-10.. html.. cassette recorder, player.. GX-F66.. 95*.. Reel-to-reel recorder, player.. GX-77.. Color CRT TV.. A622.. Christie.. LCD Multimedia Projector.. LX55.. LX650.. LX33.. LX41.. Flat Panel.. FP40.. 3-chip DLP Multimedia Projector.. Vista x3 Roadster X4.. $24.. LW650.. LX505 / LX605.. LW555.. LWU420.. DLP Multimedia Projector.. M-series.. LW400.. LX50.. LX45.. LX40.. LW600.. LX20.. DS+650.. DS+25.. DS+30.. DS+405.. DS+655.. HD405.. LX26.. LX34.. LX380.. LX450.. LW300.. LX25A.. DS30.. LX32.. FP400.. DS+26.. Crosely.. CV1010AT01.. Emerson.. MS30R.. VCR755.. VCR951A.. FVH-906/907.. GE.. Color CRT TV (SAM's).. 20GT309A1.. AM/FM Stereo CD/Cassette Recorder.. PCD-N71.. CD player changer.. FH-R10R.. Microwave Oven.. MA-850M.. GHV-4500M.. GHV-8200M.. GHV-9000M.. GVR-A465.. VCR VHS (Video Mechanism).. D-09.. A6LXU.. $6.. VT-498EM.. CP-S220W.. XL-M701BK.. HR-J410U/VP 412U,416U, 54.. HR-FC100U.. HR-D730U, HR-D740U.. BR-S378U.. $31.. 14.. Color CRT TV (Multisystem).. C-210ME/HM.. $9.. Stereo Integrated Amplifier DC.. KA-9100.. Magnavox.. RJ5562CH02.. MGA.. CS-1995.. CS- 3525R, 3125R, 2725R.. HS-421UR.. HS-U100/200/250.. HS-U28, HS-U38.. HS-U31, HS-U51.. HS-U32.. HS-U52.. CS- 27MX1, 31MX1, 35MX1.. HS-430UR.. HS-410UR.. Projection TV.. VS-70VF2.. 90.. CS-1456R.. Projection TV (I PRELIMINARY).. WS-65903, 73903.. $20.. VCR S-VHS.. HS-U65.. $18.. Reserved.. BV-1000.. $29.. Turntable Record Player.. LT-5.. $8.. HS-328UR.. HS-337UR.. NAP.. Projection TV Magnavox.. RC8515/RD8518/RD8520.. VCR VHS (Mechanism Unit).. M320.. SX-4000.. PX-42XM1A.. LT-158.. PX-42M3A.. 99*.. PX-61XM1A.. PX-50XM2A.. PX-50XM1A.. PX-50VP2A.. SX-6000.. PX-42VP4A.. LT-245/265.. LT-85.. LT-84.. PX-50VP1A.. CRT Projector.. XG-852/1352.. $34.. CRT Video-Data Multisync Projector.. PG-6100/G PG-9100/G.. $35.. CRT Video-Data Multisync Monitor.. XM-2960.. XP-2990.. XG-1352.. XG-852.. LT-140.. LT-150.. LT-150Z.. LT-220.. LT-75Z.. PX-42M2A (G).. PX-42VP3A.. VT-465.. MT-1040.. MT-1035.. VT-560.. LT-157.. LT-156.. LT-155.. LT-154.. GT-6000.. GT-5000.. GT-2150.. GT-1150.. MT-1045.. MT-1050.. VT-460.. VT-45.. VT-440.. VT-540.. GT-950.. MT-850.. MT-840.. MT-1065.. MT-1060.. MT-1056.. MT-1055.. DT-20*.. DT-100.. PX-42VP2A.. PX-42VP1A.. VT-660.. XM-2950 4PG (w/o PG-2740.. 98.. XP-2990/G XM-2960/G.. XP-3790/G XM-3760/G.. XV-2930.. XV-2940.. PX-42VM1A.. PX-42VM2A.. XT-4100.. VT-650.. MT-810.. 97.. MT-1000.. DLP Projector HLO.. SX-10000.. DLP Projector (S/N?).. LT-260*.. DLP Multimedia Projector (S/N?).. LT-240*.. HT-1000*.. XT-9000.. On Sale!.. XT-5100.. XT-5000.. RT-50X.. PX-42VM3A.. Novabeam.. Projection TV Direct View (3 CRT).. 1A.. AG-1740P.. Color Monitor.. KMX-F410 A, B.. KMX-F413 A, B.. PV-2900/2940.. $11.. VCR / Monitor VHS Combination.. VV8220.. $17.. PV-2900, 2900-K.. AG-1720.. AG-1500.. AG-1300P.. VCR S-VHS (Editing) Volume 1.. AG-DS850P.. VCR S-VHS (Editing) simplified.. AG-DS840P.. PV-S4880.. AG-6750A.. Camcorder S-VHS.. AG-460.. AG-40U.. AG-190U.. VCR VHS (worldwide / multisystem).. AG-W1-P.. $27.. Camcorder VHS.. AG-180U.. Color Computer Display.. C1381i.. DIGITAL VHS Hi-FiÍ VCR.. AG-1820.. AG-1830.. DUBBING SYSTEM.. AG-DA100, AG-SW100.. EDITING CONTROLLER.. AG-A96-P.. AG-A770-P.. INTERFACE.. AG-IA180.. VIDEO DISTRIBUTOR.. AG-DA750.. Video Camera (w/supplements).. PV-320, 320-K.. Video Camera.. PV-900/910.. PV-4362, S4366, S4380.. Philips.. 13A305.. D5, D6.. VCR VHS (From: Sylvania).. VC4213AT01.. VCR VHS Philco.. VT2210AT01.. VCR VHS Magnavox.. VR 9912/3210/3235/9942 AT.. VR 9010/9035/9060 AT01.. CD Player Magnavox.. CDB 266/484/486 BK01.. VR3213AT01.. 13A30 3, 4.. CD Player.. PD-M 610, 510, 410.. AM/FM Cassette Car Stereo.. KE-3600QR.. DS2.. DS1.. AV-9410.. DP-9280.. DP-9250.. DX1.. DX2.. LS2.. LB10-20.. Ultralight LX.. PRO AV-9350.. X-350.. SV1.. DP-9400+.. DP-9400.. DP-5800.. DP-5900.. DP-5950..  ...   VPL-CS1.. VPL-FE100U.. VPL-FX200U.. VPL-PX1.. VPL-PX20.. VPL-SC60U.. VPL-VW10HT.. DSR-500WS.. DSC-770.. PCS-5100.. SSC-MX34.. SSM-Q177.. UP-D6300.. Digital Printing System.. UPX-2000.. Multiscan Projector.. VPH-G90U.. VPL-SC50U.. VPL-XC50U.. VPL-S600.. Color Digital Camera.. DFW-V500.. DSR-85.. Color Video Printer.. UP-2330P.. VPL-S900.. VPL-X1000U.. Audio Cassette Duplicator.. CCP-1100SF.. DKC-FP3.. XC-ST70.. UP-960, UP-980, UPD-70.. VCR VHS Hi-Fi.. SLV-478/678/688/L47/L48/X.. SVO-960.. SLV-P33UC.. SLV-P30HF.. SLV-677HF/678HF/688HF.. SLV-575UC/676UC.. SLV-555UC/559.. SLV-495/ 675,676,685,695H.. SLV-420/430.. SLV-400.. SLV-360/390/660HF/690HF.. SLV-353UC.. SLV-595HF/696HF.. SLV-620HF/710HF.. SLV-640,740,741,780,781,9.. SLV-393.. CRT Video Projector (w/Install manual).. VPH-1030Q/2030Q1.. used.. CRT Video Projector (Install manual only).. VPH-1272QM.. RVP-460.. $13.. CRT Video Monitor.. GVM-2020.. Camcorder, 8mm, (with Suppliment).. CCD-V3/V30.. $22.. Camcorder, 8mm.. CCD-F56/F450/F55.. SLV-71HF/585HF/589HF/686H.. SLV-AV100U.. SLV-340/380/440/441.. CD/Radio/Cassette Recorder.. CFD-454S/455S.. KV-20HFR.. KV-1730R.. Color CRT TV (Only Schematic Diagram).. KV-2648R.. KV-1943R.. KV-1741/1941.. KV-1354/1355.. KV-27V55, KV-29V55M.. KV-27TS29/32/36 32TS36/46.. KV-27HSR10.. KV-2645RS.. KV-25VXR.. KV-20XBR.. KV-46V15/V16 53V/15/V16/6.. SLV-373UC/X50G.. Color CRT TV (training Manual).. KV-26785R 2786R.. Color Video Monitor (w/supplement).. PVM-14M2U/4U/2E/4E.. Digital Scale Converter.. DSC-1024G.. PC-1270.. CRT Video Projector Rear.. KP-46V15/V16, 53V15/16, 6.. $36.. 27.. CRT Projection TV (w/adjustment) Rear.. KP-41T15, KP-46S15, KP-53.. Projector Auto Set-up System.. VPX-010.. LCD Video Projector (also in PDF).. VPL-PX20 Px30.. DSC-1024HD.. VPL-350Q.. LCD Ppojection Data Monitor.. KL-X9200M.. $39.. 47.. Stereo Cassette Deck.. TC-FX2.. Tascam.. 32.. $32.. Digital Audio Tape deck, DAT.. DA-30.. TEAC.. X-2000R.. Cassette, audioTape Deck.. X-300R.. MV-460.. X-1000R.. Toshiba.. Color TV.. 36AF60/61.. 36AFX61/62.. 36HF70/72.. 36HF81.. 36AF41.. 36A60.. 36A50.. 32AFX32.. 32AX60.. 32HFX71/73.. 34AS40.. 34HD82.. 34HF81.. 36A10.. 36A40.. 36HFX71/72/73.. W-717.. W-604.. W-55.. W-528.. W-525.. W-515.. W-512.. W-425.. W-415.. W-612.. W-614.. W-715.. W-714.. W-712.. W-707.. W-627.. W-625.. W-522.. W-622.. W-422.. 32AF60/62.. 20AS21/22/23.. 20AR31/32/33.. 20AR20/21/22/23.. 20A42/43.. 20A20/22/23.. 19A30.. 19A20/21.. 14AS20.. 14AR21/22/23.. 13A20/21/22/23.. CX2788, 2988C.. CV27D48.. CE910, 910C.. Audio (mini component system).. MEG50AS.. 14AF41/43.. 20A30.. 24AF43.. 32AF41/42.. 32A60/61/62.. 32A50.. 32A40.. 32A30/32.. 32A10/13.. 29AS41/42.. 29AS30.. 27AX61.. 27AF53.. 27A60.. 27A50/51.. 27A43C.. 27A40/41/42.. 27A30/32/33.. 27A10.. 61A60 A/R.. DVD.. SD-3900.. SD-1700.. SD-1600.. SD-100.. RD-X2.. DR1S.. DVD / VCR Combination.. SD-V395.. SD-V391.. SD-V291.. SD-V280.. SD-K730.. SD-K220U.. DVD TiVo combination.. SD-H400.. SD-4900.. TV / VCR / DVD Combination.. MW27FN1.. MW24FN1/3.. MW24FM1/3/5.. SD-1800.. SD-1810.. SD-3805.. SD-3800.. SD-3780.. SD-3750.. SD-320V.. SD-310V.. SD-300X.. SD-2900.. SD-2805.. SD-2715.. SD-2705.. SD-2700.. SD-2300.. SD-2150.. SD-200X.. SD-1950.. MW20FN1/3.. MW20FM1/3.. MV13L2/3/4.. MV13K1/2/3.. MV13DM2.. MV13DL2.. TV / DVD Combination.. MD9DN1R.. MD9DM1R.. MD9DM1/3.. MD9DL1.. MD20FN1/3.. MD20FM1R.. MD20FM1.. MD20FL1/3.. MD19N1/3.. MD14FN1.. MD13N1/3.. MD13M1.. MV13LS.. MV13M2/3/5.. MV9KD1.. MV9DM2.. MV9DL2.. MV20FM4C.. MV20FM3/4.. MV20FL4.. MV20FL3.. MV20FK3C.. MV19N2/3.. MV19M2W.. MV19M2/3/4/5.. MV19L2/3/4.. MV19K1/2/3.. MV14FL4.. MV13N2/3.. MV13M2W.. CF-2041J.. SD-3950.. W-412.. 57H83.. 56H80.. 55HX70.. 55H70.. 55A60 A/R.. 55A10A.. 51H83.. 50HX70.. 50H82.. 50H72.. 50AX60A.. 50A61.. 50A50R.. CF-2033J.. 61H70.. 61HX70.. M-X90M.. M-75.. M-460, 460C, 450, 450C.. M-456, 471/C, 461/C, 261.. M-444, 444C, 430C, 450L.. M120, 120C.. DX-400, 400C.. DX-3, 3C.. TW56D90.. 65HDX82.. 65H83.. 65H82.. 65H80.. 43H70/72.. 43AX60A.. 50HP82.. 26HL83.. Color LCD TV.. 15DL72.. Home Theater Projectors.. TLP-780/781.. MT-8.. MT-5.. Home Theater Audio.. TDP-MT500.. SDP-2000.. SDP-1000.. SDK-700.. SD-K615.. SD-K600.. SD-K510.. SD-9200.. SD-500XSS.. SD-43HT.. SD-430V.. SD-4205.. 32HL83.. Phone.. FT8001A.. 42HP83.. 42HP82.. SX2981.. SX2801.. SG1991.. SG1981.. SG1801.. SG1701.. FT8981A.. FT8981.. FT8901.. FT8801A.. SD-400V.. TOYOTA.. Car Minivan SIENNA.. Electrical.. Yamaha.. DAT.. DTR2.. Stereo Integrated Amplifier.. A-30D.. Zenith.. SJ2765S5.. Sealed.. SG2799Y.. *.. - Price for electronic (downloadable) copy.. Hardcopy (CD-R) via postal delivery is also available for a nominal fee..

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  • Title: Our Selling Policy
    Descriptive info: Selling Policy.. All products are original in NEW condition and free of defects unless it stated otherwise.. Satisfaction Guaranteed:.. Any Purchase is Risk FREE and money back guaranteed.. as long as it complies with our selling policy.. Ordering:.. We do not offer direct purchase from our website (do not look for any links) and we ask all participants to.. us.. within.. The ordering process is very simple: To purchase any of item from our website please send us e-mail first, requesting device (please include info: Brand, Model or P/N and Quantity) and your zip code along with your shipping service preferences.. We'll calculate total amount of purchase and we reply to you with final price for approval.. Returns:.. For your convenience and satisfaction we.. do.. accept merchandise return if for any reason it did not meet your expectation and as long as it complies with our return policy.. No returns on manuals or lamps.. Return Policy:.. If you decide to return your purchase, please notify us within 3 days from package arrival date and make the arrangement for shipping it back.. All returns must be ship back in same condition as they were sent out.. All returns must arrive within 7 days period from return approval date.. Any violation of these terms and conditions are subject to reject returns  ...   Orders in mail.. Checks.. in mail (subjected to 1 week shipping delay for bank clearance).. ,.. We do not process direct Credit Cards transactions.. Shipping.. :.. We guarantee shipment within 48 hours after receiving the fund.. We are offering following shipping services:.. USPS.. or.. FedEx.. The package will be traceable on-line:.. Tracking number will be provided via e-mail on same day of shipping.. We can arrange other shipping services, based on buyer preference (please contact us within).. Shipping Costs:.. We are offering flat rate S/H charge within 48 states (USPS First Class mail with delivery confirmation) for single RC and single paper book manual.. Insurance is optional at buyer discretion for extra charge.. Other purchases shipping cost will be calculated based on weight, destination address and shipping carrier.. We.. charge handing! (small charge depending on destination).. 5.. EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO PURCHASE ANY available ITEM(s) from our listing!.. Feel FREE to e-mail us with your request or inquiry:.. Some exceptions apply.. International shipping can be arranged.. No refund on shipping and handling charge.. Return�s shipping cost is the sender�s responsibility.. S/H for single RC is set to $8.. Single paper manual weight under 13 oz.. S/H is $6.. 00 otherwise $7.. *Insurance purchase is optional.. Handling fees are $3.. 00 for USA and $5.. 00 rest of the World..

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  • Title: RAVCo Audio
    Descriptive info: For more detailed information, links have been provided using the model number.. L.. Manufacture.. Model Number.. Part Number.. MSRP.. Comments.. Box.. 3M.. microphone.. for tape record.. $79.. Brand New.. educational tape recorder accessory.. No.. Anchor.. WL-1000.. WL100.. $395.. $159.. Like new.. Belt pack (transmitter) with Over-the-neck microph.. Ashley.. LX-308B.. LX308.. $799.. $349.. 8channels audio mixer.. GQX-1502.. GQX1502.. $1,149.. $499.. 2 channels stereo graphic EQ.. Audia Technica.. AT841UG.. $333.. $129.. Omnidirectional Condenser Boundary Microphone.. no.. Audio-Technica.. AT935QMRx.. $197.. $75.. Miniature Condenser Gooseneck Quick-mount Mic.. AT-8531.. AT8351.. $199.. $89.. Power Module with XLR Output, Mini-XLR Input, Phan.. ES-947.. ES947W.. $225.. $125.. white.. AT871R.. $350.. $150.. Unidirectional, conference series.. 9.. ClearOne.. XAP-TH2.. 190-151-310.. $1,195.. $399.. TELCO interface for ATC.. Yes.. Crown.. CTs-8200.. cts8200.. $3,500.. $1998.. Open Box.. D-75A.. D75A.. $925.. $300.. Fully functional.. Some scratches on case.. Fostex.. 5030.. 8 Inputs / 8-Outputs Balanced/Unbalanced Line Amp.. Le-Bo.. TA-326.. TA326.. $.. $60.. electret stereo headphone.. Lectrosonic..  ...   sound processor mixer with echo.. yes.. Sabine.. GRQ-3101.. GRQ3101.. Single Channel front panel EQ controls & two outpu.. FBX1200.. $699.. Dual Channels Feedback exterminator.. Samson.. SR-2.. ST-2.. Best Offer.. Body pack with Lapel Mic and Receiver with PS.. Sennheiser.. ME-80.. with K3U power and case.. AC2.. AC2/NT3.. $1,199.. Active Transmitter Combiner 4:1.. Shure.. ULXS4.. Fq.. 662-668MHz.. SM58 Dynamic.. Wireless.. $149.. Wireless: DOC/MOC-616 E9318.. MX391/0.. 28AL10320.. Microflex Boundary Omnidirectional Mic.. Black.. MX392/C.. 28AM1020.. $359.. Microflex Boundary Cordioid Mic.. 588SDX.. $69.. cardioid.. Beta 58A.. 58A.. with extra grille (black) and pouch.. L11-V.. L4.. receiver with Lapel mic.. M-900 MK2.. Power Amplifier-Mixer (Loaded with I/O cards).. HTR-5750.. HTR5750.. $495.. works perfectly, RC included.. Q-2031B.. Q2031.. $789.. DVD-C920.. DVDC920.. $245.. DVD-A, 5 disc changer with RC.. EQ-70.. EQ70.. $98.. 10 band EQ.. KX-W592.. KXW592.. autoreverse, Dolby HX Pro B & C N/R, Cassette Stab.. RX-V1070.. RXV1070.. $1799.. $400.. CDM-900.. CDM900.. $295.. 100+1 CD changer with RC..

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  • Title: RAVCo Microphones
    Descriptive info: If you can't find what you need from the pictures, or you're looking for a specific item, please contact us at..

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  • Title: RAVCo Video
    Descriptive info: Projector Lamp List.. D.. V.. Adtec.. Edje-4111.. EDJE4111-HD.. $2995.. digital media player.. AVC/H.. 264 & MPEG 2, IP strea.. Altinex.. DA1902SX.. Dual Input / Switchable Analog Computer Interface.. ISC2000-W.. $289.. White Interface.. VA6831FC.. $1499.. 2 Input Interface.. AMX.. NXA-AVB/ETHERNET.. FG2254-10.. $275.. Audio/Video Breakout Box with Composite, S-Video &.. AORSAT.. Pegasus.. 880-0292 Rev.. 1.. $50.. Satellite receiver with RC and PS.. Apex.. AD-7701.. AD7701.. DVD Audio, Super Audio, w/remote.. Atlona.. AT-HD420.. $230.. $179.. HDMI to VGA/Component + Stereo Audio Format Conver.. AT-PC530.. new.. DVI to VGA or components Scaler with DVI loop-out.. Audio Authority.. 9A60.. HD Video Converter VGA In Component Out.. Canon.. VC-C50iR.. $450.. comes with RC WL-V2 and power supply.. VC-C4R.. PT-V4NR.. Communication camera, PTZ.. 4671A001.. $249.. Clarity Planar.. Margay.. WN-5040-720.. $15,000.. $1,200.. local PU, new lamp & filter installed, w/o video.. Comcast.. DCT-3416 I.. Motorola.. 160GB DVR with remote control.. Comprehensive.. CVG-3C.. Kramer.. $189.. S-Video DA / Converter 1-IN, 2-OUT + 1CV out.. Contemporary Re.. 232-STS.. RS-232 controlled TV tuner S-Video, video & stereo.. Crestron.. TPS-IMPC.. Isys TPS-3000 and TPS-4000 touch panel interface.. TPMC-CH-IMC.. 6002771.. $95.. CAT5 Balanced AV Interface Module.. Datapath.. iH-4 PRO.. Vantage4-PRO.. $1299.. Quad Graphic card, Four analog VGA outputs upto 20.. 8.. Quad output Graphic card.. DishNet.. DP-301P.. comes with card and RC.. ISD-4000.. Electrosonic.. VN-Glimpse.. ES3610.. $2400.. $1,350.. Video RGB signal streaming across an IP network.. VN-2400.. ES3010.. $30,000.. Network Video Wall processor (Quad or Octal OUT).. MS-9101P.. MS9101P.. $4,500.. $999.. HD player, server, 1U.. PowerLite 710C.. EMP710.. LCD Projector: Lamp low hours.. RC, case,cables.. Extron.. MAV 1616 AV.. 60-240-04.. 16x16 Composite Video & Stereo Audio Matrix Switch.. MDA 3SV.. 60-444-01.. $210.. 1x3 S-Video DA.. MVX 88 VGA A.. 60-638-21.. $2,990.. Brand new switcher 8 IN 8 OUT VGA with Audio.. MDA 3A.. 60-440-01.. 1x3 Stereo Audio DA.. CVEQ1.. 60-360-02.. Equalizing Buffer.. RGB 202xi.. 60-173-02.. 2 Input  ...   control & cables.. Key Digital.. KD-CTCA2.. Scaler DA Component in 2 VGA Out.. VS-24XL.. Video Audio Switcher 2 In 1 Out.. Magenta Researc.. MultiView 500A.. 400R3540-01.. Video and Audio over CAT5 - Receiver only.. 6.. MultiView UTx.. 400R3212.. Video & Audio over CAT5 - Transmitter only.. 10.. HS-U54.. Hi-Fi VCR, working, clean, RC included.. 42VP1A.. 42PD1.. $8,995.. 42'' Plasma Monitor - for Parts (PS is good, PDP O.. LT-100.. LT100.. $4,999.. Travel case, RC, Cables.. Xtra Lamp available.. MT850.. $850.. Minor body ware.. Travel Case,RC,Cables.. xtra Lamp av.. CT-27SL14.. $599.. Best Offer: Flat screen, Remote control included.. AG-513C.. Best offer.. Combo VCR, Remote Control included.. PV-V4611.. Hi-Fi VCR, working, clean, RC extra $10.. AG-2570P.. Open box.. All accessories included.. WV-Q150C.. $45.. Wall or ceiling mount for WN series camera.. WV-BL204.. with Zoom Lens WL-LZ62/8 & Housing WV-7120D.. CLDV-2400.. Works great and comes with Remote control.. Power.. VS-10.. TXL-2767.. TV with Component IN, Front IN.. RC included.. SDP-6500DX.. V65D01.. $3,995.. $2,785.. open box.. Presentation Document Camera UXGA.. SyncMaster.. 910T.. 4X3 LCD monitor: 100% working with accessories, no.. PGC30XU.. 32J-400S.. TV with PIP, RC included.. VPL-CX11.. $945.. Best Offer: Travel case, Remote, Cables.. DVP-NS715P.. $65.. DVD Player.. ExwaveHAD.. SSC-DC330.. Camera with Lens Computar H6Z0812 8-48mm.. VPL-PX31.. $6,499.. Best Offer:Travel case,Remote,Cables.. Xtra Lamp ava.. VPL-PX15.. xtra Lamp ava.. DVP-NS400D.. Very Good.. DVD Player works great.. Has some marks on top cove.. Contact.. PCS-1500ME.. comes with RMT-V100 remote control & PS.. SLV-700HF.. $279.. Hi-Fi VHS recorder,Works great & comes with Remote.. SLV-R1000.. S-VHS, Hi-Fi, comes with RC.. EVI-D30.. SVO-150.. HiFi VCR comes with remote control.. Tandberg.. HD VTC camera.. TTC8-01.. Just HD camera, no cables.. Tektronix.. TSG-100.. $1,525.. NTSC TV Generator.. Works, scratched, 2 buttons miss.. Videotek.. VDA-16.. Video DA with EQ.. Viditek.. SDA140.. Stereo Video 1 by 4 DA.. ViewSonic.. VA1912wb.. $329.. LCD computer monitor with speakers.. C920..

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  • Title: RAVCo Lamps
    Descriptive info: Most Lamps are new (unopen box) or have been inspected before listed and some lamps were tested for functionality.. Some boxes were open for inspection and S/N recording.. We do not sell used Lamps.. If Lamp condition is differ from new, it will be noticed.. O.. Parts Number.. Sales Number.. Compatibility.. Dealer.. 003-100857-02.. US065777.. L2032.. DS + HD10K-M.. $849.. Brand new in the box, ASSY 350W.. 997-3705-xx.. old P/N 990-0439.. WN-5230.. Clarity.. Tiger, Tigress S/X, Vidicron, Synelec.. $920.. $816.. $459.. Brand New in the Box (BIN).. 750-0007-xx.. P/N 750-0007.. Cougar.. Jaguar.. $1830.. $1475.. $857.. Xenon 575W.. Lamp Assy Brand New.. 997-3727-xx.. old P/N 990-0732.. WN-6750 WN-6730.. Lion, Puma, Panther.. $715.. $527.. 78.. $465.. Brand New in the box (BIN).. 997-3799-xx.. old P/N 990-1407.. Planar.. RCA HD50LPW42, MargayWN-5040-720, Pelco PMCD750.. $536.. 67.. 100.. 1038131.. ELPLP05.. ELP-5300.. ELP-7200, ELP-7300.. $869.. $679.. $356.. WAELPLP06.. ELPLP06.. ELP-5500.. ELP-7500.. $486.. 68.. $235.. 6001982.. ELPLP07.. ELP-5550.. ELP-7550.. 6005199.. ELPLP14.. ELP-503.. ELP-505, 703, 713, 715.. $579.. $487.. $267.. S-PH50LA.. PH50 series.. VS-67XLW50.. Mitsbishi.. VS-50PH50U,VS-67PH50U,VS-50XL20U, VS-50XLF20U,VS-6.. $749.. 16.. Brand new in the box (BIN).. S-XT20LA.. DDP60.. VS-60XT20.. VideoWall rear Projection cube.. $875.. $689.. $473.. 89.. VLT-X400LP.. Image.. LVP-X309U..  ...   housing).. ET-LA701.. PTL-501.. PTL-701/ 511/ 1501/ 711/ 1701.. $390.. $348.. 856375001131.. PHI/260962.. Osram, Rev 1.. 3.. Clarity, Planar, Barco DLP projectors, video wall.. $414.. Brand new in the Box (BIN).. RCA DLP TV, Planar, Clarity, Pelco Displays.. $315.. Brand New in original box.. 90 warranty*.. U2.. 28640.. U2-150.. U2-1100.. PLUS.. Lightware & NEC LT-80.. LAMP-005.. DP-2000S.. ASK C40, InFocus LP-240.. $314.. LAMP-011.. DP-9250, 9295.. $374.. $312.. SP-LAMP016.. LAMP-031.. DP-6155.. DP-6105.. InFocus LP-690, ASK C150.. $419.. $341.. $297.. (150W) Brand New in the box (BIN) Gray & Green.. CLMPF0052CE01.. XG-NV2U.. XG-NV3XU/XB, PG-D210.. $386.. $344.. 72.. Brand New (Lamp Only).. BQC-XGNV6XU/1.. XG-NV2SB.. XG-NV6XU.. $470.. $428.. ANC55LP/1.. BQC-XGC55X//I.. XG-C55XU.. XG-C60XU.. $427.. 027242612747.. LMP-P260/90.. VLP-PX40.. VPL-PX35, VPL-PX41.. $550.. 265W, demo (63 hours usage).. LMP-P260.. VPL-PX35.. VPL-PX40, VPL-PX41.. $429.. $185.. Test lamp 321 Hrs (in the box).. LMP-P201.. VPL-PX21.. VPL-PX31, VPL-PX32.. $319.. BIN (Reserved for VPL-PX31).. 027242612730.. LMP-F300.. VPL-FX51.. VPL-FX52.. $445.. 027242579972.. LMP-F250.. VPL-FE110.. Test Lamp (about 20hrs run).. 027242589490.. LMP-P202.. VPL-PS10.. VPL-PX10, PX15.. $380.. $345.. BIN (1 Reserved for VPL-PX15).. 4074789-0001.. 997-3705 old 990-0439.. 4127500-LMV/R.. Synelec.. Vidikron, Clarity-Tiger, Tigress.. TLP-L7.. TLPLP7.. TLP-770U.. TLP-L771.. TLP-L3.. TLPLP3.. TLP-710U.. TLP-L711.. $285.. Brand New in the box (BIN) 150W..

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  • Title: RAVCo Controls
    Descriptive info: 4/6/14.. Prices listed below are for a single Remote Control unit and do not include shipping cost.. All prices are our selling prices, based on original RAVCo purchasing costs from suppliers and device physical condition.. We offer.. 15% - 50% discounts.. from MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) on any RC from our selection and encourage you to contact us for the most current price and availability via email at.. * Price is subject to change without notice and it.. is.. negotiable.. Please do not use these numbers for any references.. Please use links in table (.. Remote Model.. ) to view individual pictures.. Controllable Device.. Aiwa.. AV system.. RC-ZAS15.. $40.. RC-7AC04.. RC-AAT11.. Allegro.. Cable, VCR, TV, AUX (Universal).. 124-212-13.. MBC-4020.. $25.. RM-7000.. 8x2 HD Video Scaler w/ 2 Matrix OUT.. ENIRPA3877NB000.. PA3877NB.. $48.. 93.. Aurora.. TV tuner.. V-Tune PRO.. IRC-7.. Barco.. LCD DLP Projector or Video Wall Display.. R724075.. Multimedia Projector.. BoxLight.. RC.. Presentation Camera.. Pan/Tilt/Zoom.. WL-V5.. Tilt/Pan/Zoom.. WL-V2.. Hi8 Digital A1 Camera.. WL-600.. $38.. 65.. Chaparral.. Satellite UHF/IR.. 11-6945-1.. Monterey.. $33.. Chisholm.. G094701.. MXAB.. $52.. 34.. MicroTile.. 123-113106-01.. R100.. Multimedia projector.. 002-100005-03.. $53.. Cisco.. LCD Display.. 7406490-01.. BN59-00830A.. $49.. Cisco, Tandberg.. VideoConference.. 800-34911-01.. TRC-V.. $73.. Video Wall Display.. 952-0009.. 28.. Cable, TV, AUX.. 1067BG3-0001.. G085102.. $30.. Contemprorary Research.. 232 ATS + 1 HDTV Tuner.. T08260.. 71592502000.. $43.. 56.. COX.. Cable / TV / VCR / AUX.. Universal.. CyberHome.. N/A.. Daewoo.. DVDS151.. Denon.. DN-V300.. RC-963.. $47.. 63.. RC-553.. Direct TV.. Satellite, TV, AV.. 164869A T 2054705.. DTV RC16.. DTV RC32.. Satellite/ TV /AV1/AV2.. 313922851671.. RC1984705/00.. Satellite TV VCR AUX.. EchoStar.. 103602.. Satelite TV VCR AUX.. 103611.. 123479171-AA.. 113268.. Eiki.. LCD Projector LC-300.. 052JT0033.. LC300.. Electrohome.. Projector.. 10-257-03P.. ShowStar.. 10-247-02P.. 92PIR2BA00.. System 5 Plus.. IR 401.. VSC.. VSC-150.. IR-60.. TV VCR Universal.. TR0123-72PW.. $16.. FPS.. Video Processor, Scaler.. IA-200.. HQV.. Gentner.. Video Codec.. 460-170-100.. Rev.. $37.. 87.. VS-068 B.. SMK.. R008.. 76.. HP.. LCD Plasma Display.. 5188-6301.. RC1803504/06.. 31.. Hughes.. Satellite Receiver HIRD-E86 RF.. Antenna not included.. 719-0002080702.. 548-0002082098.. ilo.. DVD recorder.. InFocus.. Projector LP 720/420s.. 340-0240-01.. 590-0198-xx Executive.. LCD Projector "Buzzer".. 590-0379-00.. PA00155-01.. 10-21387- Executive.. Interlink.. Presentation Remote.. VP-4810.. RemotePoint RF.. Jumbo.. TV VCR DVD Satellite Cable.. TR-001.. Multi Brand.. LP20337-003.. MBR.. GUR64EC1086.. $23.. VCR/TV combo.. LP20878-001.. 51.. RM-SXVD723J.. UR64EC1623.. TV/VCR.. UR64EC1351 S-1.. 432M.. PQ-10956.. LP20303-015.. MBR1.. AV ( TV, VCR, Audio).. RM-SR554U.. AV  ...   TV VCR Cable DVD Satellite.. CL035A.. Universal Learning.. T214AG-MA02.. TV Service/Setup w/manual.. T374AH-GA03.. RG4172BK.. DVD player with TV control.. VXX2703.. Receiver.. CU-SX108.. Plasma PDP-502MX, PDV-3569.. AXD1446.. CU-V159.. CU-V158.. VXX2702.. Plasma Display.. AXD1459.. LCD Display, Matrix.. 952-0068.. Planar (former Clarity).. C50SP, C67SP, c70SPw, BobcatX, M40L & M46L, M52L, M57L, M70L, C50X, C67X, all Lion, Puma, Panther, Baycat, Bobcat, C50RP/RX & C67RP/RX.. C80.. Sound Station.. TCT0012.. ViewStation (videoconferencing).. 2215-08002-001.. VTC-RC.. VSX series video conferencing system.. 2215-61692-001.. VSX.. Ovation+.. VSQS1243.. New/used.. 6 Devices with PIP.. CRK76TK1.. RXE*247437.. Direct TV, 6 Devices RF.. CRK76SH3.. RXE*251934.. CRK17TC1.. RXE*244888.. 20100517.. BP59-00138A.. LCD Monitor TV.. BNAA5900630A.. AA59-00630A.. Direct TV receiver.. LCD display 400FT.. 00630A.. BN59-00489.. 00489.. BN59-01041A.. 3F14-00034-350.. RC (cover broke).. $21.. Plasma LCD TV/DVD/Cable/VCR.. BN59-00598A.. 00598A.. LCD TV advance.. 00138A.. 58.. BN59-00533A.. 00533A.. 3F14-00034-700.. S95.. Plasma LCD TV, DVD, VCR.. BN59-00061J.. 00061J.. MD59-00339A.. 00339A.. DVD/VCR.. BN59-00058K.. 00058K.. TV-VCR-CATV-DVD.. 1234567890AB.. A-99.. TV-VCR-DVD-Cable.. BP59-00071B.. 00071.. CXJY.. CXEJ.. FXTB.. LCD Projector PG-C30XU.. RRMCG1579CESA.. G1579CESA.. $83.. LCD Projector XG-P20XU (GyroPoint) RF.. RRMCG1631CESA.. G1631CESA.. Projection Panel QA-1750.. RRMCG2018YAZZ.. G2018YAZZ.. LCD Projector XG-P45XU.. RRMCGA176WJSA.. GA176WJSA.. LCD Projector XG-C50X.. RRMCGA029WJSA.. GA029WJSA.. $59.. LCD Projector XG-PH50.. RRMCGA335WJSA.. GA335WJSA.. $90.. RRMCG1003MPPZ.. G1003MPPZ.. LCD-TV Aquos.. RRMCGA600WJSA.. GA600WJSA.. RRMCGA960WJSA.. GA960WJSA.. LCD TV Aquos.. RRMCGB004WJSA.. GB004WJSA.. LCD Projector XG-NV5XU.. RRMCG1470CESA.. G1470CESA.. TV/DVD/VCR/CATV.. RRMCGA027SA.. GA027SA.. RRMCGA502WJSA.. GA502WJSA.. TV/VCR (Solar) Multisystem.. RRMCG0552CESA.. G0552CESA.. VCR ( TV, Cable/sat).. RRMCG0276AJSA.. G0276AJSA.. VCR/TV.. RRMCG0168AJSA.. G0168AJSA.. RRMCG0275AJSA.. G0275AJSA.. Monitor.. RM-921.. Laser Videodisc Recorder.. RM-W3000.. TV (+ VTR & DBS/Cable).. RM-Y136A.. Digital Video Camera.. RMT-502.. RMT-811.. Radio Cassette.. RMT-C550.. DVD/TV.. RMT-D111A.. TV Video DVD Combo.. RMT-V504A.. Video Camera, wired/wireless.. RM-770.. TV/VCR/MDP with Learning.. RM-762.. RM-729.. RM-606W.. RM-FW002.. 54.. 1-473-443-11.. RM-1292.. RM-1270.. RM-PJM610.. Presentation Video Camera.. RMT-D30.. CD, CDV, LD.. RMT-M23A.. VTR/TV.. RMT-V184A.. Barcode Remote Commander.. RM-B1700.. RM-W5000.. RM-Y116.. Satellite Receiver, TV, VCR.. RM-Y139.. RM-EV100.. RM-U301.. AV System2.. RM-U185.. DVD/VCR Combo.. RMT-V501A.. RMT-V501C.. RMT-V353.. RMT-D129A.. VTR.. RMT-V555A.. PM-PJM16.. VCR/DVD Combo.. RMT-V501E.. RMT-V191A.. AV System (flip top).. RM-PP404.. RMT-D116.. RMT-V190.. Sylvania.. Not sure if Sylvania.. N9381.. Video Presentation (addressable).. User.. Clicker.. $28.. 42.. Video Conferencing.. TRC4.. $86.. 25A07261.. TRC3.. $58.. 43.. VTC Video Conferencing.. D1AI14C00094.. TRC V.. $74.. S0801130.. RC-DO1U.. CD DVD player.. RC-CD200i.. 076D0LT030.. SE-R0305.. DVD / VHS.. 076D0KU030.. SE-R0262.. CT-819.. DVD player.. 20605A.. SE-R0070.. No Battery Cover.. CT-9368.. Vaddio.. VTC camera.. EZcamera HD.. ClearView.. AV Receiver.. RCX.. CDV.. VH76470.. Cassette Deck.. VL04820.. VP37320.. $87.. 66.. Plasma TV.. 6710V00092Q.. $76..

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  • Title: RAVCo Systems
    Descriptive info: Model Numbers may contain links to additional information and/or pictures.. TXC64.. Axcent3.. FG5955-20.. $1,899.. Integrated AXCESS System.. Axcent2.. FG900.. $1,599.. AXR-RF.. FG782-433.. RF Receiver (AxLink).. TXC16.. EA1050E.. PS 4.. 4.. FG423-44.. 13.. 5 VDC, 4.. 4 A PS with 2.. 1 mm Coaxial Barrel Connector.. AXT-CA10.. FG950-30.. $4,900.. 4" Color Active Touch Panel (PS included).. AXB-VOL3.. FG5756.. 3-Channel Volume Controller.. VSS2.. FG5916-10.. Video Sync Sensor.. PC1.. FG670.. Power Controller, 10 A (110 VAC only).. BlackBox.. SW725A-R5.. 724-746-5500.. ServSwitch 16-ports KVM switch.. EHN70023-0006.. ServSwitch Computer Cable, PS/2®, 6-ft.. (1.. 8-m).. ServSwitch X-KVM/P.. ACU5010A.. $529.. ServSwitch Wizard Extender Kit (Transmitter/Receiver).. TPS-VID-1.. C485520.. $900.. Video Card for Isys® Tilt Touchpanels for TPS-5000/6000.. $320.. PW-2410RU.. 6500186.. Regulated Universal Power Pack 24VDC,  ...   CNRFGWA.. C526321.. 434MHz 1-Way RF Gateway.. IRP2.. IR emitter probe.. TPS-XVGA.. C523638.. $1,400.. RGB Graphics Card for Isys® Tilt Touchpanels for TPS-5000/6000.. C2ENET-1.. C819158.. Single Port Ethernet Card.. CNXRM.. Dataprobe.. iBoot.. Remote, IP addressed, Web Controlled power switch.. Dell.. PowerConnect.. 3024.. 24-ports network switch.. Thin Clients.. t5710.. Microsoft Windows XPe-based, compact PC.. KVM/IP Adapter.. 262587-B21.. 8-pack sealed box.. Could separate for $69.. 95 each.. Lowell.. RPC-1.. $177.. Remote Power Control 15amp.. 1 duplex, 6 foot cord.. MediaSonic.. MS9026.. mini FrEND.. network interface module controller over TCP/IP: 2 RS232, 4 discrete relay, 4 digital and IR.. MS9025.. FrEND.. $1,999.. 16 channels RS-232 over network IP interface controller,with manual.. 16 channels RS-232 over network IP interface controller, tested, manual..

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